The One Thing We Know For Sure

Posted by Neale Donald Walsch
18 October, 2011

The major disruptions in life as we know it will not be ending soon. Not before and not immediately after December 2012.

Yet – and I say this again, because it is important – things are not what they seem.

What is happening is not The End of History, but The Beginning of a New Era; not The Death of Modern Society, but The Birthing of a New Civilization.

Therefore, living in fear and apprehension, nervous caution and skittish timidity, warily searching for a safe place, hoarding food and hunkering down, preparing for a caveman survival mentality to overcome every human being on the earth as all the structures, conveniences, and technologies of our world simultaneously collapse, is not the answer.

The answer is to get into the game, not get outof the game by running from the playing field. And the game is not The Survival Game, the game is The Creation Game.

The answer is to join in the co-creation of magnificent days to come. I have something specific to suggest that we can all do, and it’s so easy we’ll wonder what took us so long to just jump in and do it.

My suggestion is that we all engage in a conversation with humanity – the part of humanity that we can personally touch.

That’s it? Have a conversation?
That’s the Big Solution to Everything?

That’s it. And yes, that can be the Big Solution to Everything. Not directly, of course. But indirectly.

Doesn’t seem like much of a solution to me.

It can be, I promise you. And I’ll talk a bit more about the power of all this later. Right now let me just say that you can start your end of this ‘conversation with humanity’ by simply telling everyone you know that if we do not play our part, some of those things could happen.

And so today, just as many years ago, it is exactly as American President Franklin Roosevelt said:

We have nothing to fear but fear itself.

What it’s all about – and what it’s not

How to proceed without fear will become clearer to all of us when we realize that what is taking place now all over our planet is not what it seems.

It has nothing to do at its basis with politics, so the upheavals in governance are misplaced and will do little or nothing to change things.

It has nothing to do at its basis with economics, so the protests about economic disparities are misdirected and will do little or nothing to change things.

It has nothing to do at its basis with military might, so the use of military power to quell dissent or resolve an issue will do little or nothing to change things.

What is needed here is not a revolution on the ground,
it is a revolution in the mind.

It may look as if it has to do with all of those things, and it has to do with none of those things. Yet if we do not know what it does have to do with, and if we’re unwilling to look at what it might have to do with, we’re lost. If we don’t know what the problem is, how can we get the problem solved?

The irony here is that we want to solve it! Not a single person I know wants this to go on forever. (It’s true that there are some folks out there who are actually welcoming these events – joyously proclaiming that these occurrences herald the coming of Armageddon, the last battle between good and evil before the Day of Judgment, when they imagine that only they will be ‘saved’ – but most human beings are yearning to see better times, not the end times.)

Indeed, what I observe everywhere I go is that the human race is losing patience with itself. We don’t want the kind of world we’ve created. Like a dissatisfied artist standing back from the canvas, we’ve decided that we’re not pleased with the picture we’ve painted.

We’ve also become very clear (finally) that we can’t paint a better picture by using the same brush strokes in the same places with the same colours we used before.

Something’s got to change.

It’s time to tear up the canvas and start over. It is this awareness that is producing the Overhaul of Humanity.

The solution to the problem

Let’s go to the dictionary and look up that word. Overhaul: a comprehensive examination and repair of something.

Ah, yes… the repair of something. Not the destruction of something, the repair of something. That’s what this time on our planet is all about. A lot of people are running around declaring that this is the end of everything. It’s not. It’s the beginning. This is about repair, not destruction, of our world and our way of life.

In order for those repairs to be made, we have to be clear about what is needed. What is needed here is not a revolution on the ground, it is a revolution in the mind.

It is our thinking we must change. In the past we kept trying to change conditions on the ground, and even when we did manage to do so (every so often we found a Band-aid that helped), the same old (age-old) problems eventually re-emerged – because nothing had been altered in our mindset.

All of that is changing. Large numbers of people are ‘getting’ this now. And so, we are going to weather this storm, you and I. We’re going to give our children, and theirs, a wonderful world in which to live. We’re about to turn a page in human history. Will you turn that page with me now?

From The Storm Before the Calm, ©2011 by Neale Donald Walsch, published by Hay House

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