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Crystal Oversoul Attunements

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For today’s Advent treat, I decided to select a card from the Crystal Oversoul Attunements. As I took the cards from the box, and thumbed through the deck, one caught my eye. ‘What a lovely name’, I thought, and something about the mandala leapt at me, too. Then, in preparation for choosing ‘properly’, I took time to shuffle the cards thoroughly. I closed my eyes, brought myself to a state of connection, and asked for a card to share with Cygnus members today. I held the deck, face down and worked through until I felt a familiar ‘kick’ in my hands. I drew the card, and…

Yes, the very same card appeared. I just love it when that happens!

So, here is our treat – a healing message of compassion. I hope something from this touches you today.


The Vivianite Oversoul attunes the heart chakra to a clear balanced place. It serves to help us release any burdens we are carrying in the heart, especially feelings of resentment and fear.

Its mandala is vast and appears to our eyes to be infused by a deep petrol green colour. Complex geometric patterns spin and draw one into its centre. Inside we are greeted by eight beings, the spirit of the Oversoul consciousness. They are delicate mossy green beings with vast wings, who invite us to follow them to a temple built from large pieces of Vivianite.

Around the temple glows a rich deep aura, and as we enter the temple we feel our heart stirred with a strong sense of equilibrium, and we start to remember resentments we have carried. The eight beings surround us with their wings and encourage us to feel deeply and allow them to transmute the burden. Their gossamer wings spread out joining each other in unison and together they make a sound which rises in an intensity. We add our voice to the sounds released by the Oversouls; this carries out of our heart any residue we have been storing.

All that we have been holding onto no longer seems im- portant; we allow it to drop away.

From Crystal Oversoul Attunements, © 2011 by Michael Eastwood, published by Findhorn.

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