Soul Re-Integration – The Process Begins

    Posted by Chris Thomas
    27 December, 2011


    New Energies

    Humanity is primed to undergo the greatest shift in consciousness that has ever been seen in the history of our Universe.

    Seven thousand years of human history  – ‘The Human Plan’  – is approaching its fruition and 2012 promises to be the year when all of our hard work, our aspirations and dreams finally come together to re-merge the whole of the soul back into the physical body.

    But how will this happen? How will we know when the time is tight? How will we be at the end of this change?

    The change we are undergoing has never been attempted anywhere in the whole of Creation and so we are having to feel our way into our new future; but there are some clues and signposts along the way.

    One such ‘signpost’ has just begun to emerge from the mists that shroud our future.

    The Present

    Over the past ten years, more and more people are waking up to the fact that all is not well in the world.

    Political posturing and lies are being uncovered; real conspiracies are being brought to light and the mood of the population is for clarity and the end of being subject to the whims of an ‘Elite’ (also known as Illuminati, Cabal, Bilderbergers).

    All of this uncovering is a part of our own awakening.

    For  almost 300 years we have been mislead by those who see themselves as being above the rest of humanity and these ‘Elite’ have forced themselves into positions of political power in order to create an agenda to which the rest of the world was subjected without our conscious knowledge.

    As we moved into the 21st century, cracks began to appear in the elitist’s plans and more and more people have become aware that an agenda is at work and that this agenda affects every man, woman and child on the planet.

    However, we have been largely powerless to do much about it. Any signs of discontent are stomped on immediately with increasing severity. The media is controlled to the point where the Elite can tell any lie without being questioned and any proof of the Elite’s agenda is ridiculed as a ‘conspiracy theory’.

    But, the energy is changing.

    Cosmic Forces

    The year 2012 has long been prophesised as the end of the world. Many have taken this statement literally and see this  year as being one of catastrophe and the end of all things to do with Earth.

    But this is not the case.

    It is the end of life as we have known it, for the past seven thousand years, and a change into a new way of being.

    This duality of endings and new beginnings is not accidental but has been planned for 7,000 years and planned in such a way that a number of different forces and energies all combine together at the same time to produce a new reality.


    In 1996, a new energy was connected to the Earth from deep within the Universe. This new energy is designed to provide us with all that we would need to bring about a change of consciousness.

    This new energy began by gradually changing the way in which we see ourselves, our place on Earth and our place within the Universe.

    In 2002, the Earth altered Her own energy patterns. This change on an Earth level was purely to help humans to move on.

    The traditional ‘base-note’ frequency of the Earth was 7.56 Hz. In 2002, this was raised to 3.5 kHz. This massive change in frequency was to accommodate the needs of people so that the higher self could be re-integrated back into the physical body.

    By 2005, we had reached the point where we humans could begin to move forwards.

    We had, to a certain extent, absorbed and come to terms with the ‘push’ generated by the 1996 energy but we were still far away from our goal.

    As we moved  through this period, the first people to re-integrate the soul back into the body began to so do. These re-integrations were very successful and virtually no problems were encountered.

    People undergoing this process is still underway today but only gradually.

    By the end of October 2010, we had raised our individual and collective energies to the point where we could begin a new acceleration.

    Between the start of November 2010 and the 28th of October 2011, humans raised their own base-note energy frequencies into full alignment with the Earth’s new frequency. By the end of October 2011, we had reached full frequency parity with the Earth at 3.5 kHz.

    Whilst a major step forwards, this was not the start of full soul re-integration  – a number of events need to occur before we can achieve that.

    During this period, there were numerous attempts to distract us and prevent us from fully understanding our potential.

    The two Gulf Wars,  Afghanistan,  the attack on New York’s twin towers on the 11th of September 2001, the bombing of London on the 7th of July 2005, the attack on Libya in 2011 were all engineered by the ‘Elite’ and carried out by secret services (CIA & MI6) as well as the military/industrial complex in order to create as much fear as possible in the population.

    Add to  these atrocities the deliberate manipulation of the banks and money markets and we have a population that is subdued and fearful and, more importantly, fearful of their futures. Adding to this level of fear is the total myth of man-made global warming.

    Instead of moving into our consciousness shift with an open heart and understanding, the Elite attempted to stop this change in its tracks by forcing people to see the world as one where they were unlikely to survive.

    Fortunately, we are not on our own.

    The Earth

    All too often we forget that this lump of rock we live on has a consciousness of Her own and despite this lack of  human  regard, the Earth still sees us as Her ‘Children’.

    The Earth, too, has been heavily involved in The Human Plan; in fact, nothing could have been planned and worked out without Her.

    Along with the new energy source that arrived in 1996, the orbit of the solar system brought  us into growing alignment with the centre of our galaxy.

    The energy arriving from the centre of the galaxy also added to the impetus for change.

    This galactic alignment has become more direct since 1996 and we are now, at the end of 2011, bathed in positive energy patterns never before seen.

    All of these new energy sources are acting together to help us.

    When we began to help ourselves and completed our base-note  frequency acceleration, the Earth could begin a new phase of development. This She began on the 13th of December 2011.

    This new source of energy brought about by the Earth is feeding into the human mass-consciousness and its purpose is to bring about a new wave of change.

    The level of dissatisfaction brought about by the activities of the Elite means that the human mass-consciousness has reached critical mass. This new Earth energy is there to gently push the human mass-consciousness to a point where we create a tsunami for change.

    The human mass-consciousness is a region where we are all connected together on a subtle level. If enough people believe the same thing, the knowledge or belief will switch over to a point where we all ‘know’ the same thing. In scientific terms it is known as ‘morphic resonance’ or more generally as ‘the hundredth monkey effect’.

    The mass-consciousness has also been manipulated by the Elite to make us all believe the same thing. If all of the media is awash with the same story, enough people will begin to believe that story and then everyone begins to believe it as the morphic resonance takes hold. It is by this means that so many people ‘believe’ that cholesterol and dietary fats are bad for us, or that global warming is man-made or that the planned attack on Iran is justified.

    The positive side of the mass-consciousness is that enough people have had enough of the manipulations of the Elite – a ground-swell of discontent has been building to a point where only a final nudge is needed to tilt the balance.

    This is what the Earth began to do on the 13th of December – to add that nudge.

    We will not see a major change immediately as too many people will be distracted by the Christmas holidays but, when  the holidays are over we should begin to see a rapid wave of change, although this wave of change could very  well begin sooner in non-Christian countries.

    Although we are used to seeing changes occur slowly, you only have to think about the events and time-scale that led up to the destruction of the Berlin Wall – from complete oppression to freedom in three days – and there was nothing the Elite could do to stop it.

    What is now beginning to build is the impetus to bring about rapid change on a scale that makes the tearing down of the Berlin Wall look like a child’s tea party.

    As people begin to return to work during January, and the reality of the workplace begins to take hold, we should see the building of a force for change that will see fruition in February.

    From February onwards we should begin to experience the destruction of the hold of the Elite over all aspects of our lives.

    These will not be minor changes  – you only have to think about the extent of the Elite’s activities to realise that every aspect of our lives will be affected. Politics, banking, schooling, the military will all begin to collapse and have to be re-structured.

    This does not mean that there will be chaos as all that is being done is to remove control and corruption and, potentially, the start of a true form of democracy  – something we have never really had.

    As this tidal wave of change moves through January and February, it marks one of the primary ‘trigger points’ for the final soul reintegration.

    This is not the final trigger point but will carry sufficient impetus to move us forwards, very rapidly, to other trigger points that will allow us to complete our soul’s wishes.

    By the Earth triggering this new energy, 2012 will begin with a fundamental change to the political landscape. In political terms, the ‘hundredth monkey effect’ is very appropriate although it might not be very flattering to monkeys it certainly applies to politicians.

    It will not do anyone any good to cause street demonstrations, although many probably will, as this will just lead to incarceration without charge in the many new detention centres that have been built in the last ten years.

    What we need to do is to add our thoughts and  intent to the Earth, adding to our own efforts for a rapid destruction of the despotism we have been subject to for so long. Instead of meditations for world peace – they just work into the hands of the Elite – we need meditations for change and the removal of the Elite’s control (we will never have world peace until the power of the Elite is removed as they will always lie their way into another war).

    February 2012 will mark the start of the final move towards soul re-integration and it is the Earth working on our behalf, together with our own efforts, that will bring this level of clearance about.

    The future is bright. The future is the Earth and those who inhabit Her.

    © 2011 Chris Thomas

    Chris Thomas has been working as a psychic and psychic surgeon for about 30 years. He was born ‘hard-wired’ into the Akashic, the record keeping aspect of the Universal mass-consciousness, which he can access at will without any form of meditation or intermediary.

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