Money is a Gift of Love

Posted by Barbara Wilder
20 February, 2012

Each of us came into this life with life themes, such as illness, death of loved ones, feelings of low self esteem, never having enough love, or money, or success. These life themes aren’t random occurrences, but what we chose to work with for our own soul’s growth and expansion and for the growth and expansion of humanity’s collective consciousness. We are not islands unto ourselves; we are part of the greater human beingness. But having said that, there are times when we must be alone to go inward to polish our mosaic tile – which is part of the great mosaic masterpiece all human beings are creating together. And this is one of those times.

If you find that one of your life themes is the pain around Money, you are not alone. All of us, from the poorest to the wealthiest, share in this theme, because in the old paradigm Money was imbued with the energies of fear, greed, lack, anger, poverty, extreme wealth (as opposed to comfortable wealth for all), power over others, war, hunger, and domination. This has caused spiritual people to disdain money, thinking of it as a necessary evil. Some believe that the only way to be free of painful money issues personally and globally is to get rid of Money altogether.

There is a lot of discussion and experimenting with ideas of going back to the barter system, or creating new currencies to replace Money. But though these are noble efforts, they aren’t practical or effective. Barter worked in earlier eras because we lived in small communities. Now seven billion people live on the planet, necessitating a more fluid currency. And not effective, because creating a new currency doesn’t address the root issue, which is the false belief that there is a limited amount of Money in the world, and we must fight and even die to get our share.

The frequency of abundance

One thing we do know about the new paradigm is that Money will vibrate at the frequency of Love and abundance for all. It will be understood that Money is a gift of Love from Source to support every one of us. We won’t have a new currency; Money will have a new consciousness. For this shift from Money based on the old paradigm of fear, greed, and power over others, into Money based on Love, abundance, and goodwill for all, we each must heal our own personal money issues, and transform Money into Love within ourselves so that it becomes part of the new mosaic. The knowledge that there is enough for all will help us let go of ego attachment to being better or worse than others because we have more or less Money, and allow ourselves to flow into our own life paths and our own divinity.

Truth is, Money is part of the holy universe. It is here to support us all, and all it takes for this truth to be made manifest is for us to heal the feelings of lack, fear, greed, and anger within ourselves. And each time we heal a tiny part of these feelings, we heal a part of the greater human consciousness around Money.

Each time we heal within ourselves a sliver of guilt, a modicum of greed, a small bit of low self-esteem, we are healing the World consciousness around Money. Because when we heal, we open up to the flow of Love and abundance and that Love and abundance then amplifies throughout the greater consciousness, which will in time shift the world’s economy from a fear based economy into a Love based economy.

As we polish the mosaic tile of our own money themes, the world banks will, without even knowing they’re doing it, shift up into the higher vibration of Love. And Love is limitless. All of this is being accomplished within our own hearts and minds. We are the magicians behind the scenes. We are creating the magic of the new paradigm.

Copyright © by Barbara Wilder 2012

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