An Abundance of Help from the Angels

Posted by Lorna Byrne
22 March, 2012

I love walking and every chance I get I take some time and go for a walk. One day, a few years ago, I was out walking and passed a small church on the far side of the road. There were a few people coming out of the main door and some more walking slowly across the yard towards the gates of the church, chatting to each other. There were angels with them and, as always, I saw the light of their guardian angels right behind them. I wasn’t really taking much notice but suddenly an angel called my name. It was Angel Hosus, one of the angels who has been a part of my life since childhood. He was beside me and he said, ‘Stop and look over at the church again.’

As I stopped and looked I saw an angel walking out of the church. This angel was very tall and gave a female appearance. She was slender, radiant and translucent. This angel was much bigger than the arch and door of the church, and it was as if the arch and doorway weren’t  there for the angel. Instead, I saw something like a replica church in golden light that was much bigger than the physical church. The angel walked through the doorway of this bigger church. It may sound odd, but I could see this golden church at the same time as seeing the bricks and mortar of the physical church, but the golden church was more in proportion to the angel.

The angel stood in one spot in the yard in front of the church. Her clothing was made of what looked like lots of little mirrors of different sizes. The width of each panel of mirror varied but I could see such depth within each mirror. Her clothing was moving ever so gently as if there was a slight breeze around her. I could see the reverse side of some of the panels of mirror. It was like looking into another mirror full of life and depth. Taken all together the colour of the entire angel’s clothing was like a white mirror reflecting little sparks of silver light. It was so beautiful to see.

Her eyes were like stars, shining with a glorious light but no colour. As she turned around on the same spot, to look around, it was as if I could see every part of the angel glimmering with light. Her hair was silver and short in length. It looked very untidy, sticking out from her head. In some places it looked as if her hair was standing on end.

For me the most incredible thing about this angel was her wings. Her wings were long, slender and enormous and they constantly moved as if they were breathing the air around them. At first I thought they were made of feathers, in the sense that we know feathers, but then the angel looked in my direction and stretched her wings out a little so that I could see them better. Her wings resembled feathers but they were made of delicate strands of mirror. The central stem of each ‘feather’ was turning constantly, reflecting a mirror of light. The ‘feathers’ were all different sizes. Some were long and narrow, and others started long and narrow and then halfway up became wider and more rounded. As the angel moved her wings they were giving flashes of brilliant light, which were dazzling.

Then a beam of light seemed to come from above the trees that surrounded the little green to the left of the church. The beam of light hit the angel as she started to move upwards into the sky. When the angel and the beam of light were above the church they disappeared.

I stood there, across from the church, looking, and then turned to Hosus, who had been beside me all the time. ‘Hosus, who is that angel?’ I asked. Hosus smiled at me, but gave me to answer. He told me to enjoy my walk as he disappeared, touching my cheek and telling me to smile. I looked back at the little church and realised that all the people were gone. I walked away asking God who the angel was, but He gave me no answer either.

I believe, though, that this is an angel that I will meet again, that this is an angel who has come to help me with some aspect of my life in the future. I have often been introduced to angels in this way, and not been told how they wold help me, and then years later I have discovered the part they will play.

You may not see angels but I know God send special angels into certain people’s lives at certain times to help with extraordinary circumstances.

Angels are such a sign of hope. There is always an angel that can help us, regardless of what is going on in our lives. All we have to do is ask. You don’t need to know what angel to ask for; just ask and your guardian angel will call in the help you need. Isn’t it wonderful to know that there is such an abundance of help there?

From A Message of Hope from the Angels, ©2012 by Lorna Byrne, published by Coronet, an imprint of Hodder and Stoughton.

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