An Interview with the God Within

Posted by Nick Gancitano,
27 March, 2012


“You can talk to God and listen to what She says back to you. Everyone has the innate ability to do this, even if they aren’t aware of it, and in times gone by it was a much more common practice, which is why those ancient spiritual texts in the form of dialogues between a deity and a mortal were written. You’ll find many in Be Still and Know I Am God, which Cygnus has just published.” Ann Napier

How can I be certain I’m communicating with God?

Does this feel like Love or resonate as Truth?

Yes. Yet how can I be sure?

When your mind is still, your heart opens and the indescribable fills you.

So if it doesn’t feel like Love, then it’s not God?

Not what you would call the highest expression of God; I AM appearing to you in every conceivable way; even now I AM being perceived as a mere thought.

So You really are God?

As you would have Me Be.

Why do I see so many people leaving organized religion?

Religions are training wheels for spiritual seekers, so they are falling off because people’s intelligence has evolved beyond the need for them. They are realizing the Truth without the dependency on outside organizations that preach borrowed beliefs rather than encourage one to trust one’s own experience when Truth can never be discovered in the former way.

What is all the repression about?

When feelings of guilt and being judged become too painful they are repressed, and the fear of being exposed manifests as rage, which when further repressed becomes depression. This is how depression has recently become pandemic in the world, because most religions have persuaded people that anger is wrong. This suppression has become a disease, and the prescribing of anti-depressants is likewise ignorant and founded in greed.

How is this related to religion?

Religious morality promotes shame and therefore repression, which consequently becomes depression. Preaching morality is unconscious arrogance. This arrogance implies I cannot express directly through those who are looking for direction. So, one need not use drugs or attempt to guide others; offer your loving presence instead.

If people felt they were being guided by You, maybe they wouldn’t need to look for guidance elsewhere.

This is the ego’s standard response, yet realize that one only turns to another for advice when one refuses to surrender. For if one surrenders, where is the need for guidance once it is realized there is no other?

It is best to forget about organized religions and the scriptures of the past. What I prescribe for you now is on a private basis. True-life spirituality is living life, not congregating like cattle to listen to pontification. So release yourself: play, dance, sing, make love, experience nature, laugh, cry, or even go for naked walks in the park with your dog.

Whatsoever, be creative and enthusiastic in all aspects of life. Live passionately – without holding back. Allow for emotional eruptions and sensual expression. Then feel the contrast of a new world untainted by fear or restrictions. Stop learning about morality from your preachers and go experience life.

Do you think people try to come to You through organized religion, rather than turning directly within, because they are intimidated by You?

Yes, religions have made it so. How can someone surrender if they are frightened? And why are you afraid? Because what is being shared in religions is not love at all, but behaviour control. Many even attend temples of worship to appear righteous, believing that I do not know the difference.

Why do You require my surrender if You’re egoless?

Who are you surrendering to but your Self? I AM You and You are All That Is. I AM that inner Presence within, felt as ‘I’. By loving Me, you love All That Is, including everyone and everything. Many have even been taught by religions to fear Me, yet I AM the mirror of one’s own Image and Likeness, so what one sees in one’s self, one will also see in Me. By loving All of one’s Self, surrender happens naturally.

Should one bypass God and go directly to this ‘I’?

They are the same, so whatever suits one is best.

The Bible says You are vengeful. Is this true?

Yes, I AM, yet you should understand the meaning of the word if you are to use it. To be vengeful is to respond with equal measure; it is the law of karma. When you hit something, do you not hurt your hand? So you learn not to hit. The hard surface is teaching you: Will you listen to its message or continue to inflict suffering upon your self? It is compassionate to respond, so you learn to love and not be aggressive. Would you expect anything different? How can you learn if I do not reflect behaviour? How will you experience Your Self if I AM not a mirror for You? I have said ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ Why? Because they are You. One attacks others only when one expects attack from others, even if the other is really one’s Self.

Once I felt that I was one with the entire universe, like I was enlightened, but after six months it disappeared. Why is that?

It was precisely as you imagined enlightenment would Be, correct?

That’s right.

If one is expecting enlightenment to be a phenomenal experience, then that is precisely what one will receive. This demonstrates how powerful intention is, and that one receives exactly what one imagines. This degree of knowingness without a shred of doubt, which is Faith, is what it is to Be God.

Would You explain?

Enlightenment is not an experience and there are no ‘enlightened masters’. No person can ever get enlightened because enlightenment is an Impersonal Happening that incorrectly gets labelled as a personal accomplishment when it is actually the meeting of consciousness with consciousness – God realizing it is God through the body. Love Thy Self and be free of worshiping ‘others’.

Isn’t loving my Self vanity or selfishness?

There is nothing wrong with loving Your Self. What leads to suffering is one’s self concept, yet if your sense of self extends to include all existence, then it is joyous to love one’s Self.

So what is the highest spiritual path?

All spiritual paths ultimately fail, thereby throwing one back upon oneself, so one may know the futility of seeking happiness elsewhere. The greatest obstacle to Self-realization is arrogance, which is the absence of humility. Your greatest failure humbly becomes your greatest victory, whereby You surrender to find out Who You Are and All divisions blur in the Light of Eternal Love.

So all paths are a waste of time?

There is no time and there are no paths ultimately. You are already what you are looking for.

From Be Still and Know I AM God, © 2012 by Nick Gancitano, published by Cygnus Books.

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