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What am I grateful for today?

‘What am I grateful for today?’

I love asking this question as part of my daily practice. It amazes me, after asking that same question hundreds of times, how varied the answers can be. Isn’t it wonderful how it can help us to see all the treasures of our day? We remember obscure ones that may otherwise have passed us by and keep in mind the constant everyday gifts, too.  And, in asking that question every day, we take the time to give gratitude and appreciation a strong foothold in our lives.

So, we send our thanks to Anne Crossman for recommending another TED talk: Louie Schwartzberg’s Nature. Beauty. Gratitude. We’re sure you’ll love it, because it carries such beautiful messages of love and blessing. ‘This is not just another day!’

I’d like to recommend Maggy Whitehouse’s Soul Wisdom page on Facebook, where she and others share their appreciations each day.

You’ll also find a gratitude journal in Barbara Wilder’s Money is Love. She only asks you to choose one thing each day, but don’t feel restricted – let your gratitude run wild! You may like to share your appreciations on our Facebook page, or on a special page we’ve just created on the website: What am I grateful for today?

May everyone that you meet this day be blessed by you.

With our love,

Sarah, Ann, Geoff and the Cygnus Team

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