Your Pets’ Past Lives and How They Can Heal You

Posted by Madeline Walker
21 March, 2012

Have you ever thought that the only ‘person’ who truly understands you or knows exactly where you’re coming from is your pet? I had a miserable time at school, and I would come home and just cuddle my old corgi Rufus. He instinctively knew just what to do to cheer me up; as I sought solace in his company, he’d either play the court jester, or just let me sob into his fur. He’d daze deep into my eyes with such a knowing look, as though he understood exactly what I was feeling. So many people say to me that they feel their pet is their soulmate and that they have better relationships and feelings of unconditional love with them than with any human counterpart. Why is this? Why can we love our animals unreservedly and feel that love reciprocated on such deep levels? Why are they so important to us?

A few years ago I became interested in past-life trauma and how it might affect our present lives. I discovered issues buried deep within me that were explained by delving into my past. I also discovered that I could reclaim healing tools that I had used in previous lifetimes as a healer and shaman. I believe that our past shapes who we are today. Little did I realise then the deep significance of my discoveries, and how they would lead me into new territory as a therapist and how my new animal clients would educate me in the deeper concepts of past-life connections.

Much has been written about the human soul and that we may travel in soul ‘groups’, often meeting up again in another life, in another guise. Through my work as a horse-and-rider trauma consultant, animal intuitive, empowerment coach and emotional healer, I have been made aware of a much deeper concept. The animals have taught me that they too travel with us and because we have become so ‘westernised’ and materialistic, and distanced from our inner selves, they can be better equipped to tune in to what may be necessary to heal us on a soul level. I suppose I have been called an animal whisperer, but I believe the animals help me to go far deeper than that. I have been guided by the animals to connect with the soul essence of people and animals, and, in fact, in my travels, wild creatures like the cetaceans (whales) have helped me connect to the soul of the planet. Connecting and communicating with the animals flags up issues that need to be addressed, in both themselves and in their owners. I come across countless cases where animals are desperate to help, and through subsequent sessions with the owners, numerous issues are dealt with and cleared.

Your Pets’ Past Lives describes how animals can commit to reincarnating to help with their owners’ unresolved issues, or to continue supporting them on their soul journeys.

When working with animals in the wild, too, I am amazed at their messages of wisdom for mankind and the planet. My book contains many case studies, drawn from clients who have been able to address self-limiting and destructive issues and release chronic physical challenges with help from their animal companions. These amazing cases are of animals that are so in tune with their owners that they can flag up present and past-life traumas. These challenges are impactful and debilitating and often prevent the person from reaching their true potential and fulfilment.

Animals also give us the gift of emotional release through tears. In human relationships or emotions, we are often not able to cry; we can sometimes bury our emotions very deep within us, which can result in physical conditions and deteriorating health. Our animals somehow manage to help us access those emotion; so, although we may think that we are releasing and expressing emotions connected to the animal, we may in fact be expressing and relieving the emotional tension that we store within us from many differing causes.

So what gifts we are given by our animal friends, who commit to helping us again and again! Some of the concepts in Your Pets’ Past Lives may seem a little far-fetched – they did to me when I was first made aware of them. I feel as though I have been taken on a roller coaster of emotions and zoomed up through a vertical learning curve. The animals have taken me on a journey of discovery and teaching, supporting me along the way, bring in new techniques when I was ready to accept them. For example, horses have shown me techniques such as soul retrieval, which is a shamanic technique performed by ancient indigenous healers; a damaged part of a person, detached due to trauma, can be reclaimed and a person can be made whole again. The animals have taught me that this can happen with them too, in either past or current incarnations.

The animals have also taught me how to remove negative energy and entities that may be creating physical and emotional limitations. I have discovered so much about myself, and am so humbled by the wisdom of the animals and their ability to heal us. I am driven by them to get their message of love out there and to raise awareness of the power of their message, not only for us but also for our beautiful planet.

The first animal that ever ‘talked to me was a Jack Russell puppy called Sam. Not only did I hear him talking very clearly in my head, which was weird enough, the subject matter also blew my mind. He ‘told’ me that he was a reincarnation of his owner’s old dog and that he had returned to continue supporting her through the difficult life she had chosen. He then showed me what he had looked life in his past incarnation. At this stage I was ready to call in the men in the white coats. but when I checked with his owner, she verified everything that the puppy had told me and even showed me a photograph of her old dog, which looked exactly as the puppy had shown me.

As I began to understand more and more about the role of the animals, the right cases found me to help me to deepen my knowledge. The animals have guided me every step of the way, helping me work through the sometimes chronic emotional and physical issues that arise in both pets and their owners.

As I learn more and more, I am constantly amazed at the ability the animals have to help us move forwards in our lives. Little did I realise, when I used to cuddle Rufus, just how much animals would feature in my adult life, turning it upside down with strange new concepts that they have helped me assimilate and use for the benefit of others. Sometimes when I am shown a past-life trauma by an animal, I wonder how on earth I am going to explain or describe the scenario – they can be quite shocking. Somehow, though, the animals help me to find the right words that gently coax their human companion towards awareness. The person, although at times initially sceptical, will suddenly feel something resonating deep within them and begin to feel emotions or increased physical symptoms. The animals then guide us through a process of release and a regaining of empowerment. I believe my book will help to broaden and empower you and encourage you to look at your animal friends in a very different way, appreciating just how amazing they are and also just how special you must be for them to have chosen to work with you. We are all amazing sentient beings on a journey; thank goodness we have so much help along the way!

From Your Pets’ Past Lives, ©2012 by Madeline Walker, published by Findhorn.

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