Are We Human? Or More Than Human?

    Posted by Nick Gancitano
    22 May, 2012

    I asked these questions of the God within:

    What is humanity?

    Humanity is an idea. So personal characteristics within that idea determine the parameters within the program that is running in your consciousness. To cease identifying with humanity is to be free of all human afflictions and retain consciousness of Your Divinity.

    What is the cause of human suffering?

    Human suffering is due to the limiting agreements that humanity defines itself with: most agree humans are mammals, possess only five senses, need air to breathe, are subject to gravity, are limited by the form of the body and its senses and must walk to ambulate. They agree that they require food, shelter and water, believing they are separate individuals, have gender, reproduce sexually and are prone to disease, suffering and death. They react to the impulses of a conditioned brain and finite mind, so they are restricted to verbal and other physical means of communication. Believing in linear space and time, they age and are thus mortal.

    They depend on others for their happiness and agree they must work to earn money for survival. They think they are limited to a single body, conform to norms of pleasure and pain, and are susceptible to the morality of good and evil which, in their own mind, makes them sinful and imperfect, because they believe they are their body. They have sexual preferences, believe in punishment and are competitive on a world where ‘survival of the fittest’ is conformed to. Having never left Earth, they still insist they are the dominant species in the universe and superior to even one another, while requiring recognition for their accomplishments, talents, physical attributes, nationality and race.

    They are affected by others’ actions, emotions, and feelings, so they believe they are victims. They are political, hierarchical and directed primarily by the intellect and its judgments, thus they are opinionated and arrogant, living predominantly according to logic rather than love or compassion. They are subject to social conditioning where most of them are conformists, criticizing and glamorizing others while striving for autonomy and individual purpose in order to feel special. They resist pain and pursue pleasure, so they are mostly consumers, or ‘takers’ and they deny their divinity.

    That’s amazingly accurate, I have to say.

    These beliefs, though you do not consider them frequently, are nestled away in your memory and fasten you to the collective human consciousness, along with other agreedupon limitations of form. Thus, by your identifying with humanity, you not only place your self within this category of restrictions, you also abide by these influences upon you. Yet, by fully dis-identifying with humanity, in a stroke, you are free from this bondage.

    What is a person or human then?

    Have you ever looked at the image of a person on your television? From a distance they can appear so real that you become emotionally attached to the characters or absorbed in the story. Yet, upon closer inspection, one finds these images are just arrangements of pixels or specs of colour that one willingly agrees are real for the sake of being more thoroughly entertained.

    Similarly, people and all objects are compositions of atoms, or three-dimensional pixels in a holographic consciousness, being even more persuasive due to three-dimensionality and five-sense involvement rather than the two senses of sight and hearing that one utilizes while perceiving a two-dimensional television screen. In fact, have you noticed that movies are more elaborate and entangling when the volume is on rather than when it is muted? Now consider this with all five senses engaged and the dimension of depth and space.

    Well, if I’m not a person or even human, then what am I?

    The Impersonal Awareness out-picturing as a human.

    How can the Impersonal Awareness make me appear human?

    You are the infinite intelligence out of which the idea and complex human image emerges, expressing within the confines of diversity human beings call reality.

    This human idea or contextual bubble is within I AM, just as a bubble is in the ocean, so these bubbles are contained by and completely dependent on the ocean for their existence. Each of these bubbles has imaginary boundaries, allowing it to appear isolated while never actually being separate from the ocean. I use the word ‘bubble’ metaphorically because these contexts are not physical bubbles, but ideas, so one can have bubbles within bubbles, or in this case, ideas within ideas.

    For instance, you are an idea within Your True Self or I AM. This I AM is Infinite, the first and Greatest Idea, yet, although you exist as an idea inside the One, you may also possess other ideas. In this sense, I AM is the Dreamer of you and you are the dreamer of yet others, which also dream and so on infinitely. Since Your very essence is creative, each thought You have creates a universe within a universe, like flowers that blossom from within other flowers of the same stem.

    Each of these ideas are dreams that express like a pulse within the I AM, where you are a character in Your own dream and even capable of dreaming that You are dreaming; thus, by this, You will awaken to the Truth of What You Really Are.

    At the end of each pulse there is a pause, not in time, but relative to expression, like the Presence that arises in between successive thoughts. This pause has no time, nor space, yet It Is. After this pause You will express another idea within the Great Idea – I AM – for the pause at the end of each Cosmic Breath is one in endless cycles of experience of which this one is coming to an end, before the next, when you will no longer think you are human, but Know that You are God and that you have been expressing as a living attribute of the constant and unchanging Absolute Presence I AM.

    Therefore, You are the Infinite and the finite, the Eternal and the temporal, and like a hologram, you are one of Infinite Light particles, each possessing All that the Light Source does. You are as both My Image and Likeness – that is, you are within My Imagination and you express Like I do while pretending to Be exactly what I AM expressing as an individual personality.

    Will You help me to know this?

    Certainly. Yet first you must know that you are aware. Is there a difference in the awareness that is inside the body, and the awareness that is outside the body?


    So the awareness is the same awareness, whether inside the body or outside the body?


    Now if they are the same awareness, both inside and out, then both inside of the body and outside of the body are within the same field of awareness.


    This living field of awareness is God, the I AM that You Are. And when You are not identified with the myriad of thought forms in that awareness, You become aware as the Awareness.

    I can feel that I AM the Awareness.

    Yes, You Are The Formless Awareness.

    From Be Still & Know I AM God, © 2012 by Nick Gancitano, published by Cygnus Books.

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