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The Movement Towards Unity

EARTH WISDOM Glennie Kindred
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Many of us are now reclaiming a new relationship with the Earth, one that sees all of life as a unified whole.

This is creating an evolutionary shift in our consciousness that calls us to change our thinking patterns and see ourselves not as separate from nature but as part of the whole interconnected life-force of the Earth.

Once we become aware of the planet as a whole living eco-system we can no longer see ourselves as being separate from the rest of life on Earth, and yet we have centuries of conditioning to undo and unravel in order to bring this new perspective into the reality of our everyday lives.

How we are changing

Our shift into Unity consciousness is changing us. It encourages us to explore and develop parts of ourselves that have lain dormant such as our intuition and our hearts. There is so much more to our relationship with nature than we have been led to believe! Each time we love and appreciate the Earth, or a tree, a plant or bird, we expand into our heart and enter into relationship with the natural world. This will create different experiences for all of us. Through these experiences we become more aware of the united energy field that we are all part of. We develop an understanding that we are all a part of each other, connected through the infinite web of Life.

A new relationship with the Earth

I am interested in how we make this transition honestly, how we learn to grow with this new awareness and bring it into our everyday lives, so that it becomes part of our growing holistic understanding and the beginning of a new relationship with the Earth. As we each step out of the ego-centric view of humans being superior to the rest of life on Earth and into a holistic perspective, we become part of the solution and evolution of humankind.

We are all capable of changing ourselves, our situation, our circumstances, the way we live our lives. Change in the world begins with this basic and yet profound shift in our thinking pattern and with our growing awareness that everything we do, think and say, affects the web of life in ever expanding an subtle ways. We do nothing in isolation. We are the web.

Glennie Kindred  © May 2012

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