Tools to Reach Your Potential

Posted by Phil Stutz
20 June, 2012

Peace of mind eludes almost everyone in the modern world, because we look for it in the wrong place. We think it will come from success and having enough money to retire on, but often we fall short of achieving these aims and even if we achieve this the satisfaction is short lived.

Most people are motivated by wanting more. This is hugely motivating but the price you pay is a sense that something is always missing. Eventually it sucks the energy and meaning out of your life. The flaw is believing you have to generate all the energy yourself.

For peace of mind to be lasting it needs to come from a place where you are always supported and nurtured. The true wellspring of energy is the Source.

Peace of mind comes from connection to this Source. Peace of mind is not the same as passivity. It requires constant awareness to stay connected to the Source. The more grateful you feel for what you already have, the more energy you get. Your gratitude opens the door to a new way of living in which the energy to move forward is based on happiness instead of a sense of lack.

Evolving with a sense of purpose

Everything that’s alive is evolving into the future with a sense of purpose. No matter how many times a child falls over, they’ll pick themselves and continue learning to walk. Their sense of purpose is amazing. They’re tapping into the Force of Forward Motion. This force is a universal presence that drives children to develop the basic skills they need to grow up.

In adults the central task is to find our purpose in the world. Most of us choose avoidance, preferring to live in a comfort zone that limits what we get out of life. So we don’t live up to our potential. Avoidance of pain is a powerful habit. You get immediate relief when you defer something uncomfortable. The penalty is helpless regret at a life you wasted.

There is a Tool to help you turn pain into possibilities, that helps you get your life moving again.

A world of limitless forces

There is a crucial difference between a Tool and an attitude. An attitude consists of thoughts happening inside your head  – even if you change the thought, you’re working within limitations you already have. The most profound value of a Tool is that it takes you beyond what happens inside your head. It connects you to a world infinitely bigger than you are; a world of limitless forces.

Once you’ve used the Tools to reconnect you to the Force of Forward Motion, to overcome your inner resistance, and to transform resentments into love and acceptance, your energy will be greater, the future seems more hopeful, and you can emerge from the limitations of your comfort zone to live your potential.

Creative potential

The Source sees in us the limitless potential to create new things. With this creative power, we can reshape the world. Our potential lies in co-creating with the Source.

The Source is relentless in forcing us to realise this potential. It does this by destroying the illusion that we are the masters of the universe. It doesn’t do this by logic, it does it with events. It brings events into our lives that we can’t control: events like illness, failure, rejection. The pain of these events forces us to admit that we’re not the most powerful force in the universe.

Finding meaning in adversity

This is a blessing. It opens us up to our higher potential – our partnership with the Source.

This reveals the hidden, higher meaning of adversity. Behind even the worst events, the Source is working for our welfare, even when it doesn’t feel that way.

Many people want to believe this; but as soon as things get tough, they lose any sense that their pain has meaning. They feel they’re being punished.

There are an endless number of human beings suffering adversity. Among them are some people who aren’t crushed by life, who remain buoyant and good-natured. These people have an extraordinary ability to enjoy life and radiate goodwill. Adversity hasn’t dimmed their inner life – it has made it stronger.

They sense the real purpose of adversity. Instead of resisting fate, they allow it to break down their ego. As things get worse, their connection to the Source gets stronger. They radiate light even in the darkest circumstances.

Live as a creator

Our existence has to be hard at times, or we’d never find our true potential. We have to rescue ourselves, but the reward for doing this is the chance to live as a creator.

Paracelsus, the Renaissance physician and mystic, said: ‘Happiness does not consist in laziness.’ Human beings are only happy when we are reaching toward our highest potential.

The Creator of our universe is portrayed as a self-expressive, creative being, who said: ‘Let there be light.’ The most immediate experience we can have of being a creator is when we use the Tool that allows us to create willpower out of nothing.

The ancients saw self-expression as the fundamental quality of the universe. When you are expressing yourself, you are most in tune with the universe.

Bring in the light

In our lives, darkness reigns when we are demoralised and feel we can’t act. When we use the Tools to create the spark of willpower, we bring light into our personal universe. This transforms failure, demoralisation and paralysis; they become opportunities to use our creative potential to bring in light.

When you do this you become independent, fearless. The future may bring darkness but it cannot take away your ability to create light.

Living within the Grateful Flow acknowledges the Source as a co-creator in all you achieve, and this enables you to reach your potential and remain creative, all your life.

From The Tools © 2012, by Phil Stutz and Barry Michels, published by Vermilion.

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