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Olympic Torch Intention

26 July, 2012 Vicky 0

We’d like to show you a letter that was recently shared with us. It was written by a gifted member of the New Vision Light Workers and we trust that it will gather a lot of […]

And They All Lived Happily Ever After

18 July, 2012 Vicky 0

Today we’d like to talk about something we’ve never really explained our thoughts on before: the problem of evil and suffering. Why do humans do such terrible things to each other sometimes? Why do so […]

The Wise Child Within

18 July, 2012 Vicky 0

When was the last time you stopped to remember life through the eyes of a child? A song, played on the radio today, reminded me of the gentler, carefree visions of childhood. I smiled as […]

Silly Women

18 July, 2012 Vicky 0

I was on the phone to a writer who had published a book that made reference to the Holy Grail. I too had just finished a book about the Grail and was excited to tell […]

Birth 2012: Your Invitation

18 July, 2012 Vicky 0

This invitation to participate in the Birth is the most important letter I have ever written. Its intent is to present you with the greatest opportunity that humanity has ever consciously faced together: the effort […]

Being Grateful, Even in Hell

18 July, 2012 Vicky 0

Imagine living in a 10 x 6 feet space, with no window but a 4 inch slit just below the ceiling, breakfast served at 3 a.m., lunch at 9 a.m. and dinner at 3-4 p.m. […]

The Love of the Natural World

18 July, 2012 Vicky 0

Always in difficult times, it is our connection with the essential goodness and miracle of creation that can give us comfort and encouragement. We find this comfort in the natural world, from a grain of […]

The Mystery of Being

18 July, 2012 Vicky 0

We experience the mystery of being as a deep love that unites all things as one. The New Testament puts this beautifully in religious language when it declares: ‘God is love and those that live […]

Child Mind – Zen Mind

18 July, 2012 Vicky 0

The mind of a child is vast and formless. It flows to whatever fascinates him or her at the moment. A child can concentrate on a game or a toy to the exclusion of all […]

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