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Olympic Torch Intention

We’d like to show you a letter that was recently shared with us. It was written by a gifted member of the New Vision Light Workers and we trust that it will gather a lot of support, world wide. We will gladly and wholeheartedly join in … how about you?

Dear Sirs,

The Olympics and World Peace

I read an article recently (Chris Sangster in New Vision Magazine May/June 2012) related
to the forthcoming Olympics that I felt was sufficiently important to share with as many
people as possible. It suggested that the Olympics provided an opportunity for all who were
interested in promoting world peace

The article was written in the context of ‘The Power of Prayer’ but, for those with no
religious interest, it could equally apply to the power of thought. There is much scientific
rationale (and some evidence) these days for the power of concentrated thought and the
impact of mass intention

What the article actually contained was the following statement: ‘In common with any
build-up and explosion of energy, the greater the ignition of focused positive thought at a
given moment, the more impressive the effect can be towards change. What is needed is
a particular moment of focus, worldwide, when as many people as possible can meditate
and pray for world peace. Working out worldwide timings based on GMT is unrealistic.
However, there will be such a moment – an instant – in the near future when millions of
people around the globe will be focusing on one event on their TV screens. At precisely the
same time, worldwide. It’s the point of ignition of the Olympic flame on July 27 th’

The Olympic Charter contains the following statement in article 2 ‘The goal of Olympism is
to place sport at the service of the harmonious development of humankind, with a view to
promoting a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity’

I suggest that the International Olympic Committee have an opportunity to expand the work of the Olympics in supporting ‘the harmonious development of humankind’ by introducing some appropriate words at the time the Olympic Flame is ignited during the opening ceremony eg ‘At the point of ignition – THINK WORLD PEACE’ or THINK LOVE AND HARMONY FOR THE WORLD – whatever is acceptable to the Committee.

I do hope you will be able to give this opportunity serious consideration

Yours faithfully,

Noel Raine

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