Put Down The Gun

    Posted by Cygnus Team
    16 July, 2012

    We’re all being treated to some great music today! A Cygnus member, Michael Bossom, kindly sent us a song he wrote called ‘Put Down The Gun’, to share with you. While carrying an important message, this song is really fun and a good upbeat start to the day! It lifted our spirits at Cygnus Books and it has given me something to think about.

    You see, we all know that war isn’t the answer … but it’s not just out there that it needs to end. It’s here in our homes and in our hearts too. How often does something seem to be ‘against you’? It could be a career or financial challenge, a person or even an unseen force – anything. Our human instinct is to become defensive and entertain a battle scenario. Some of us fall into the role of victim, some of us charge at it guns blazing.

    With the kids coming home from school very soon, we’ve been paying a lot of attention to their attitude. I reckon there’s actually a lot to be learned from them – especially, those things they say and do that irritate us the most! ‘Whatever’ for example, I think, is a great approach to this whole battle complex. Next time something, anything, comes at us, presenting a problem that could potentially hold us down, how about we try shrugging our shoulders and saying “whatever”? Because it’s when we stop and engage in a fight that we give our energy, our time, and can even give up our principles to it, feeding the situation with negative energy. How wise then are these teens to understand that it’s better to just shrug and side-step it all. In fact, ‘whatever’ is now my affirmation of the day!

    Then there’s the cockyness that many teens master so well.  Whenever a force seems to hold us back or create unwanted feelings, I suggest we adopt some of this cockyness and laugh at the situation – turn it around to suit our needs or purpose. Let’s take whatever life throws at us and, instead of stressing about it or grappling with it, let’s defiantly work it into something that fits the good of all – whether you use it as a lesson learned or something positive to back your cause. Because if the teens can turn situations around just like that then so can we! We just have to believe in ourselves and learn to not take the opposition too seriously. This can be easier said than done so here are two extremely helpful books, to help you get there:

    Why Is God Laughing by Deepak Chopra shows us why laughter from the heart is the healthiest response to life.

    Shift Happens reminds us of something the teens still have fresh in their consciousness – our Unconditional Selves, our original potential.

    The Way of F**k It is a joyous mixture of wisdom and mischief that will have you giggling and plotting your new-found liberty in an instant.

    So, what do you say? If the weapons in our grown-up lives are our defensiveness, our stress and our worry, it’s about time we ‘put down the gun’!

    With love and smiles,

    Louisa, Ann, Geoff and the rest of the Cygnus Team xxx

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