Silly Women

Posted by Claire Nahmad
18 July, 2012

I was on the phone to a writer who had published a book that made reference to the Holy Grail. I too had just finished a book about the Grail and was excited to tell him in brief outline something of its contents. Before I finished my first sentence he stopped me. ‘To be honest,’ he said, ‘I find it tedious.’

A mysterious blankness

Now whilst I’m sure I could bore for Britain (and probably win gold) on the subject of the Holy Grail and the strange mission involving it that began for me nineteen years ago, it couldn’t have been any long-windedness on my part that prompted this withering remark, because I had been given no chance whatsoever to get into gear. The author involved simply didn’t want to know, and that was that.

I had consulted with Margaret Bailey in writing the book, and both of us were wonder-struck with what we had discovered. But, uncannily, the same reaction occurred every time we tried to convey it. A glassy blankness descended over faces, eyes stared back at us mentally disconnected, polite frozen smiles fixed lips until the first pause came in our discourse, whereupon the subject was abruptly changed and the matter of the Grail firmly dropped. And this happened invariably, even though we just as invariably spoke to mind-body-spirit enthusiasts on the topic, and never to anyone whom we thought might not be predisposed to listen to us!

Back to the drawing board

The book was published. Hardly anyone bought it. I found myself needing to withdraw, to go into retreat and focus on what had happened. And it was throughout the next two years, during which time I was really only in touch with Ann Napier and Michael Revill (whom I’ve always termed ‘the Grail Knight’) and was otherwise a hermit, that a cycle of truly wondrous events occurred which I will not enlarge upon here, except to say that I received clear information that the book, although not exactly inaccurate, needed to be rewritten. There were certain mistakes, omissions and oversights that I needed to address.


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And so, with the invaluable aid of Michael Revill (Margaret was unable to help due to adverse circumstances and, sadly, died from cancer just as I was completing the second, revised book), the entire job was undertaken again. And, for the purposes of the title of this piece, Michael Revill has agreed to be an honorary woman in relation to it! It refers to Brian Sewell’s condemnation of ‘silly, silly women’ who believe that there might be something a little amiss with the traditional version of history!

Having finished the new book at last, I sent it to my publisher. He got back to me. ‘No-one will believe it,’ he said. ‘No-one will buy it.’ He turned it down.

I sat at home and puzzled. This new book, it seemed to me, told a compelling story well supported by facts, ancient documentation and research. The picture now revealed itself, I thought, very comprehensively indeed.

It included the tragic event that happened 70,000 years ago: the terrible and purposeful severing of the Grail from the Earth. It described the operation of current governments and other powerful bodies in seeking to conceal not only a vital truth that has been hidden for thousands of years but many others besides.

Lincoln Cathedral – the key to the mystery?

It told how Jesus and Mary Magdalene came to release us from the bondage of slavery to ‘powers and principals’ that we had been taught to understand as ‘God’ or, nowadays, ‘correct aspiration’. It told how they brought from mystical dimensions a collection of forgotten teachings called the Emerald Tablet (the genuine one) which will liberate us into an unprecedented soul freedom that will completely transform our suffering, war-torn world. It told how that infinitely precious document was hidden in the grounds of Lincoln cathedral, where it awaits retrieval today, in our own time. And how what must precede the coming of the Emerald Tablet, which will enable us to reconnect the Grail, is the dispensation of the Schethiyd, the Sapphire Tablet, whose magical teachings have been disseminated by Cygnus and many other centres of spiritual teaching and philosophy. It has created within us a state of preparedness.

I am happy to protrude my neck and proclaim that the Grail, the secret that lies buried just left of its gravestone marker and whose resting place was discovered by the intrepid Callum Jensen, is what we have all been waiting for: every mystic, visionary, new ager, light worker, ascensionist, contemporary prophet and spiritual philosopher, every last one of us. And Ann and Geoff have supported me and published this new rendition of the book under the Cygnus banner.

It is time. The winter is almost over and gone. And silly women might just have something to tell the world.

© 2012 by Claire Nahmad

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