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Posted by Cygnus Team
6 August, 2012


By Eric Pearl, World’s Leading Expert on Healing

We’re on the cusp of a new era in our evolution, a very exciting time where we are accessing something that has always existed in the Universe – but not existed for us before, not existed here on Earth within the four dimensions of height, width, depth and time. It’s the perfect intelligence of the Universe telling the body how to heal.

This remarkable new form of scientifically measureable healing is far more than just energy healing. Research confirms that it is, instead, a more comprehensive spectrum of healing composed of energy, light and information that returns – or Reconnects – the person to their optimal state of balance and/or health. Interaction with these frequencies tends to bring about healings that can be fairly instantaneous and simultaneously lifelong, healings from physical illness, disease and emotional trauma, including recoveries from cancers, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, arthritis and more.

Anyone can learn to access these energies once you interact with them. Reconnective Healing is not something we do. It’s something we allow, something we facilitate. It works by itself, as well as greatly expands the results of the modalities that today’s healing and healthcare practitioners are already using! We can each learn to become the catalyst for others’ healings. [What can be better than that? Not much!]

How this extraordinary work came to be discovered is still astonishing to me—as it may sound to you. I had one of the two largest chiropractic practices in Los Angeles. And somewhere in my 12th year of practice a few strange things happened. I was awakened in the middle of the night by a bright light. I opened my eyes to see what it was. It wasn’t anything seemingly spiritual or metaphysical, it was just the lamp next to my bed turned itself on. And at the same time, it felt as if there were people in my home, which is a very uncomfortable feeling… So I got up bravely with a knife, a can of pepper spray and my Doberman pincher and I went hunting through the house. I couldn’t find anyone, so I went back to sleep telling myself it had to have been my imagination.

But that Monday when I went into my office, seven of my patients independently of each other told me that they felt somebody in the room with us, the same way I felt people in my home that night I was awakened. Patients were telling me they could feel my hands before I touched them. I obviously didn’t believe them, so I made them close their eyes and lie down on the chiropractic table and while they had their eyes closed I stood a few meters away from them and held my hands aimed in different directions. Amazingly they could tell me if I was aiming towards their ankles or their fingers or their head. As I did this, I would see tiny little muscles in their face move involuntarily, and then their fingers or feet move involuntarily. This was the beginning of recognizing that something different had occurred. In other words, I went home on a Friday thinking I was a chiropractor, I came in on a Monday and I was something else. My parents had always told me that I was something else, but I have a really good feeling this was probably not what they had in mind when they said it.

People continued to report healings without my touching them. People who hadn’t walked in years got up off the table. Others who had serious diseases reported them gone in a matter of a few sessions. And because this discovery was so important, I devoted my life to teaching it to others around the world. Nearly 75,000 people have now learned Reconnective Healing.

How do we know this is real?

Well, there’s evidence and there’s proof. The evidence is in the scientific studies showing the effects on heart waves, brain waves, gamma waves. The measurements in the rooms where Reconnective Healing takes place that show levels of energy that the researchers say couldn’t possibly be reproduced unless they heated the room to over 300 degrees Centigrade. The consistent physical responses of many tens of thousands of people that occur when they experience Reconnective Healing…There is a transformation that takes place once you interact with this new, all-encompassing spectrum of healing frequencies. Something changes in the tissues. The research programs around the world show that it changes and restructures our DNA. The most recent and exciting research programs are taking place now in St. Petersburg, Russia where they’ve discovered at the main university that it alters and affects the blood. They have demonstrated this on the Russian Olympic athletes we’ve been testing and they’ve shown it also on the doctors that we have been teaching. So it changes our blood, it changes our DNA and it even changes the gamma radiation that we emit as human beings.

And the proof is in the healings. The children with cerebral palsy who can walk, run, play and speak normally again. Those with epilepsy who no longer have seizures. The people who’ve regained their vision, their hearing, the use of their arms or legs, and the myriad other healings that occur on a daily basis.

Why is this new?

Reconnective Healing is a new level of healing that, according to the researches and scientists, may very well be here on the planet for the first time. Now, of course, scientists and researchers are the last people you would expect to make such a bold statement–and so I asked, “How can you say something this strongly?” And they said, “It really makes perfect sense if you just understand two basic concepts.” Concept One is that we are four-dimensional beings. We exist in a four-dimensional world of height, width, depth and time. And in Quantum Physics today they often illustrate that world as a bubble. They tell us to imagine that the wall, or the cell of the bubble, the outside of the bubble, is comprised of height, width, depth and time, and everything inside that bubble is energy. This has been our four-dimensional existence from the beginning. Throughout this huge, vast, endless multi-dimensional Universe, we’ve just existed in this little bubble and everything inside the bubble has been energy, just as we’ve been taught in school. The healing techniques we’ve have had here–Reiki, Johrei, Jin Shin, QiGong, Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma – whatever we want to call them – have been different portions, subsets or fractions of energy. You access Reiki through a different technique then you access QiGong. It feels different; they’re different parts of this energy.

It’s as if you’re looking at the heavens at night and studying the stars. You pickup a telescope and use it as a metaphor for one of these “techniques.” The more you fine-tune your view from that telescope, the more you fine-tune that technique, the better you might be able to see that one portion of the sky that is exposed to the planet at that moment in time. But what is the expense, what is the cost, what is the price that you pay when you fine-tune that telescope? Well, you lose the rest of the vista, the rest of the horizon, the rest of the picture. At some point it becomes wise to place the telescope down so that we can see everything. We can access the entirety of the energy that exists within our bubble.

But here comes Concept Two – which is – time is moving faster. Not just in a linear fashion from point A to point B…  but time is moving faster in all directions at once – in other words, time is expanding. Which means our bubble, our playground of existence is opening up, expanding further, further out in to the Universe encompassing more of what’s always existed in the Universe, but hasn’t been present on our planet before. In other words, it’s timeless in its existence, but once it enters into our bubble of height, width, depth and time it is new to us. And so what it is bringing us is levels of energy that haven’t been seen here before — and further expanding beyond energy into a spectrum of light and information that is present for the first time.

How is it different?

Reconnective Healing is different than the “techniques” of traditional energy healing because they access only a limited range of energy. In contrast, Reconnective Healing takes us beyond the techniques into the full spectrum of energy, light and information. Instead of looking for a problem and trying to fix it with a “technique,” we can totally transcend the diagnosis.

The gift of stepping into Reconnective Healing is that this allows us to facilitate healings that are far greater, that tend to last for the lifetime of the person and are often fairly instantaneous. But do we know why? No. When we say that we know the answer, then we stop learning right there on the spot. But when we’re willing to not know, suddenly all the possibilities and potential in the world open up to us. They’re simply the building blocks that allow us to ask better questions, because our growth comes here from the willingness to question.  As we allow ourselves to not know, we discover that we observe more and more. And by not knowing how the healings work, we simply discover and observe greater and greater healings then we’ve ever witnessed here on the planet before.

Furthermore, it is not the illness that has the healing. It is the individual. Three people can show up with the same diagnosis, the same sets of symptoms, and receive three different sets of results; depending on what is right for that person on their life course. Children with cerebral palsy and epilepsy – very many of them come in – and after just as little as one visit, suddenly can walk and play and speak normally, not have seizures any longer, not take their medications, not need them. And yet, for some children it might have only a partial response. Or that child might not show any response in that area, but might have a healing in another area. So, it’s not the disease process that has the healing, it’s the person. And we don’t always know the reason for these different health challenges in our lives.  What we do need to understand is that we take on these health challenges for many reasons; and we don’t understand the mind of God. We do know that some people may need their health challenges to give love, some to get love, and it is for us to grow to be willing to observe the wonders and the splendors of the healing process.

My experience is that Reconnective Healing always works. But sometimes it takes a form different than one you anticipate. I will give you an example. A woman came in to me once, she drove 3,000 miles across the United States, because she had had a pain on the left side of her face that was so sensitive, any little movement or breeze that would come by would hurt her. She had not one, but two, sessions with me, and the problem didn’t go away. So on the outside we could say, “Oh, Reconnective Healing didn’t work, because the problem didn’t go away.” But what did happen was that she had lost her hearing when she was a young girl – 7,8, or 9 years old. She had had a fever and an infection and her hearing in one ear had left. And at that point in time when she saw me she was in her mid-40’s. At the end of the first session, she regained her hearing. So did the healing work? Yes. Did she have the result that she thought she should have had? No, not necessarily.

True healing is about balance. There is no such thing as only a physical healing or a mental or an emotional healing. Healing brings everything into balance, but if the physical is the most obvious to us then that’s what we notice. If the mental or the emotional is the most obvious to us, that’s what we notice. When we try to focus on getting rid of a symptom, we are focusing on getting rid of only a part of the problem – the physical, the mental, the emotional – but in Reconnective Healing we learn that the less we know about why the person thinks they’ve come in to see us, the better off that person is, because the less likely we are to focus on one part of the problem or to limit the outcome of the healing according to what we believe may or may not be possible. In other words, a true Reconnective Healer brings about much greater results because they simply pay no attention to what the supposed problem or symptoms are. Instead they step in with a consciousness of allowing for the return to the perfect vibration of energy, light and information, which therefore allows for any of the imbalances to simply vibrate out of the picture and the person to return to their natural state of optimal health.

Everyone one of us experiences Reconnective Healing differently. We have different sensations. You may experience a pushing or a pulling, heat or coolness. You might experience hot, cold, wet and dry all at the same time – which I know sounds very strange, but once you experience it you recognize it. Little bubbles, large pulsations… it doesn’t matter what you feel. What matters is that we allow ourselves to feel, to listen, truly with a different sense. To listen with the essence of who and what we are.

In other words, our lesson is to recognize the perfection of healing is not to force or change a symptom. Let’s leave that to medicine with diagnosis, with drugs, with surgery. But healing is about returning to a state of balance. In other words, your role of perfection as the healer is to have the courage to open the door and leave it open. The other person’s responsibility is to have the courage to choose to step through that door.
What is so exciting about this is that everyone can learn how to do this. And our reward is oftentimes far more than just the amazing experience of helping someone else to heal. Reconnective Healing is a pathway to transformation for both the healer and the person receiving the healing. The evidence shows that the healer or practitioner also receives the gift of the healing frequencies.

Consider how a computer works. You have the computer hardware and you install a software program. The software allows you to access information from within the computer, and to access information from the internet field… out there… somewhere. Upgrade the software program and you get better access to the information in the computer, and better access to that internet field… out there… somewhere. What if our brains are our hardware? What if our DNA is our software? Then what we are doing with this new level of healing is, in a sense, facilitating a human software upgrade. This upgrade allows us to better access information from the brain, and to better access information from that Zero Point Field, that multi-dimensional “internet” field… out there…somewhere. And the healing we experience is often more than just physical.

Reconnective Healing allows us to more fully receive the Universe’s gifts because it allows us to fully reconnect to who we are. Not just as physical beings, but as spiritual beings during the time we experience life in this physical form.

So how does one become proficient as a Reconnective Healing catalyst to heal themselves or others?
The first thing that has to happen is you have to interact with the frequencies. There are various levels in which you can to do that. On the simple basic level, you can begin to access this by reading The Reconnection, Heal Others, Heal Yourself, now available in 36 languages.

But, the keyword here is that you can begin to access it from reading the book. Even though the last third of the book is a basic “How To,” it is especially valuable to attend Reconnective Healing seminars because there you are soaking in these frequencies and you are going through transformation throughout the weekend. On top of that, you are also learning the light and consciousness of this work and the philosophy, which is what allows it to come through.

We show you how to access, to find and to feel the frequencies. And as you do, you will most likely see the body of the person who is lying on the table begin to move involuntarily. Their fingers, their feet, their arms and/or legs. Their eyes will probably begin to rapidly dart back and forth. Even the tiny muscles on the forehead or the chin, muscles that we can’t easily move intentionally or independently, will go into involuntary movement. And you will begin to see and recognize that by your “tuning in” to certain sensations, the person responds physically. As you locate and access other sensations, you’ll see the person visibly respond in another way. This is how you start to recognize your mastery in the work. In your “seeing” lies your “knowingness.” And by the end of the weekend, I can pretty much make you two promises. One, you’ll be able to do anything and everything that I can do in the way of healing. And, two, you’ll be able to do anything and everything that any human being on this planet can do in the way of healing. People are always astonished at what they can accomplish after only a weekend’s worth of instruction.

What this means is that you and I are standing on the precipice of the next level of human evolution. And as we reconnect with the truth of who and what we are, we shine as the light that we are, we illuminate our own lives and we illuminate the lives of others. And as this work spreads, we raise the health, consciousness and vibration of everyone on the planet and, therefore, of the planet itself. All we have to do is open up and experience it and share it.

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