Building A Care First World

    Posted by Louis Bohtlingk
    21 August, 2012

    What can we do to make a Care First World become reality? This question was put to me by Ann Napier recently. ‘What can an unemployed single mum, pensioner, teacher, housewife, business owner, any of us do?’

    My partner Sandra and I have worked for at least 15 years with the application of Care First. It started in 1996 in Northern Scotland where we ran a small healing centre. We received an experience of the existence of a spiritual threshold to money. We saw Care as that threshold and realised that when we let Care lead the way and let money serve Care, we can completely heal our financial world. But when we let money lead the way at the expense of care, of our well-being and values, we are creating the financial unhappiness, instability and unfairness that is so widespread.
    Since then, many people from all walks of life have heard about Care First and begun to apply it in their lives. I have seen that once the concept is clear, the application happens quite intuitively and people can distinguish very quickly between what a Care First and a Money First manifestation is in their personal lives, the community around them and in the greater world.
    It has led to people feeling freed and empowered inside, simply by seeing the concept of Care First. Many people have said to me: ‘I realise now that throughout my whole working life my brain had been operating in Money First mode. I now see that I can put Care First instead of Money First in all things. It is creating a completely new opening and gives me a lot of energy.’

    The power of Care

    What happens is that we begin to experience the power of Care, which really is a higher aspect of ourselves! In Care First we apply Care to all things and to all places where harm is done for money’s sake i.e. having a job we do not like just to make money, working too hard for money and not having time for ourselves and our loved ones, living in a state of tension and worry regarding money, etc, etc. In all these things, we are pursuing money at the expense of our well being.
    When you recognise a Money First manifestation like this, apply Care to it: make it conscious, ask yourself whether you want it differently. And if you want to change it, apply the power of Care to it.
    This means that the Care keeps you persistent in your desire to make the changes you want and fulfil the needs you have and the power of Care will guide you. We have seen that, inspired by Care, we often find answers we had not seen before and that is because our love opens those doors!
    I know that many people who have applied Care First have been able to find jobs they love, create more time for themselves and create a better money flow. We have seen many businesses flourish that apply Care First. (See my book Dare To Care)

    The premise of Care First is that Care holds the power and is the provider and we need to focus on Care for our well-being, survival, and money. The Care creates the money. The money serves the Care. The source provides. We can create all our finances by the action of love alone. (Dare To Care, chapter 17.)
    At the same I am aware of the fact that we all are deeply affected by the financial, economic world we live in: a dysfunctional monetary system, an unacceptable difference in income levels worldwide and the deep instability in the financial/ economic world.
    It is vital that we take our destiny in our own hands, work together and create the financial world we want. Example: Also that we make a change in our destructive debt-based monetary . My wife Sandra and I are preparing a new experiential one day workshop about working with Care First in practice and building a love based economy together:

    Ways to apply Care First

    Many of us have applied Care First in the following manner:
    To use the money we have, to care: create that special moment of showing care for someone and do something special for yourself with money! Make money a vehicle for your heart!
    To bring love and kindness into our financial exchanges: care for each other’s financial situation; make transactions more conscious, as a living and loving relationship with each other.
    To attend to our own and each other’s needs, aspirations and dreams, caring for them and fulfilling them. Care First is all about value, meaning and purpose. Care First is all about leading a fulfilled life and creating a financial world that serves the fulfilment of all.
    To find money, when it is needed: often even quite small amounts that can do a lot. In Care First we do not accept that things are not being cared for. If need be, we raise our voices politically to make the money available. To take and to be greedy is quite normal in our culture, but completely tears our culture to pieces. Everything that has been taken, can be put back and used to support all the needs we need to fulfil.
    To find others to work with, share our issues and find resolutions together!

    Removing fear and greed

    We can apply Care First to all political/social/economic situations, to the foundation of our accounting and monetary system. It will remove the fear and greed from the picture and give us a new confidence. That confidence lies in our hearts and is like the power of Christ. This means that our acts of Care First are supported by the Universe and we can achieve miracles! Apply this to our personal, community and world-wide financial problems and it will help us to make the changes that are so urgently needed.
    © 2012 by Louis Bohtlingk

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