The Freedom to be Human

    Posted by Cygnus Team
    21 August, 2012

    Today I feel defiant. I choose where my thoughts and my heart go in this moment and I simply will not be herded nor follow any path that is not my own.

    There seems to be a lot of rubber necking going on these days – with so many cynical doom and gloom perceptions and prophecies for people to stop and take notice of. Well I for one am not sitting around in any traffic jam. I have moments to fill, life to live, blessings to count! I am running wild – a rebel with a cause.

    Thinking Tree

    That’s why I am here in the thinking tree. Actually, a more apt name for this big old oak would be the ‘No Thinking Tree’ because every time I climb, as my limbs become entwined with its branches, my thoughts are hushed away so that all there is, is me and my tree. So here I sit, in my familiar barky nook, my mind and my heart exactly where I mean them to be, at one with the stretching leafy branches and the china blue sky beyond. This is where it’s at! Contentment dwells in the natural – it’s only human.

    Only Human

    What does that mean? It comes across as a bit of a downer, as if we are not rating ourselves very highly. I have an alternative perception of this phrase. To me, ‘only human’ means to be human without all the fuss. When we strip away all the over-complicating, all our conditions and rules, our forced idealisms and grandeurs, all we are left with is only human. And it’s okay to enjoy that!!! We liberate the best of ourselves when we celebrate the pure human being we were born to be – all of it. Every single aspect of who you are is in tune with your divine purpose – it’s your unique musical score and it plays it’s part in the universal orchestra of life. When we are open to our truth, and we allow every single part of ourselves to be untamed, loved and accepted then we are playing harmoniously and making the infinite symphony all the more loud and lovely. When we try to be what we think we ought to be, when we subdue any side of ourselves, we are not open and so the song of our truth is not released. My spirit chose this instrument that lives and breathes with all its passion, love, rage and peace, that dreams, that aspires, that feels… it would be a real shame to take my place in the sacred auditorium of the heavens and Earth, and to just be silent.

    All Together Now

    So what would happen if humanity stopped looking desperately out to the stars, the angels, the Otherworld (take your pick) for something better? Instead of waiting expectantly for some grand hoopla to come, singing and dancing, to change everything, what if we were to stand in the spotlight, and graciously sing out ‘let me entertain you’?! In our magnificently true forms, the chorale of our harmonised voices could be that one big ‘something special’ that changes everything! A new brighter composition would sound out into the future and get only louder, clearer and more beautiful with every generation that grows in the light of truth.

    To Be In Awe

    ‘If you look into a tiny world of the nucleus of a cell, perhaps even one of your own, and gaze into those incredible spiralling chains of DNA upon which our whole physical make-up is held…
    If you look into those astonishing swirling telescope pictures of the vast galaxy spirals, out there now, so far away that the distance is inconceivable – so bright, so light, so teeming with life it is un imaginable and unknown …
    If you take a moment just to look at your hand and its intricate moving design and versatility and dexterity – absolutely not reproducible by any robot or all the computers in the world, now or ever …
    If you stop to wonder how one tiny, tiny fertilised human egg, smaller than a dot on a page, could have turned into yourself, as you read this now …
    When these things really stagger us, feelings of awe and wonder and reverence for life flow naturally and deeply, with the longing for it never to end. In which just to be yourself, and give of yourself, would be everything.’

    These words are from Why Is The Human On Earth? and I wanted to share them with you because they really do make you stop and reflect upon your self in awe. I found a sense of kinship with Mark Ballabon on reading his words, as he too has a rebellious resistance to that which might hush the wild and wonder-full truth of man and womankind. Reading his passionate ode to humanity made me want to shake the rattle drum of my heart, to sound my thunder and flash my spirit lightning through the sky to declare that I am here and I love it! I hope you love it too!

    Yours in love and comradeship,
    Louisa and The Cygnus Team xxx

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