The Mystical Moment

    Posted by Vicky Hartley
    21 August, 2012

    The mystical moment is always with you. The mystical moment is always present. To find it, we need do nothing but let go, release all thoughts of past and future and sink peacefully into the here and now.

    There is a misconception that a great deal of time and practice are needed to learn how to experience it, but this cannot be true, because the mystical moment is no more than a temporary relinquishment of time.

    Navigate by the star

    You don’t need experience and you don’t have to be a meditation master to commune with the present. The mystical moment is open to everyone because it is where our core self lives.
    Forget trying to make your meditation practice perfect, transcendental and blissful.
    Just let go and connect, even for a fraction of a second. For just a moment, let go of your notions you have about life, all judgements over the past and concerns about the future.
    Think of meditation as rest, a pause, sacred time to step aside from the stress of daily life. Allow yourself to rest and be at peace for a change. Allow yourself to rest in gentleness.
    For just one moment, let go, and focus on just that one moment, on the present, and that
    perfect instant will become a reference point you can rely on, just as a sailor may learn to use the North Star to navigate the world’s seas once he identifies its position in the sky.

    Release your fears

    Your mystical moment is within you. Now is the eternal state, not in the future.
    The future, like the past, easily becomes an obstacle to deep meditation.
    When we fixate on what’s to come in the future, we often become paralysed by anxiety or else thoroughly preoccupied by planning. This is an obvious impediment to peace, and it can become a breeding ground for fear.
    As you release your fears for the future you are letting go of the steering wheel and allowing your future to become part of a much greater cosmic awakening – one so vast that no human could conceive of its design.
    The same intelligence that brought you and all life into being, still resides within you. It gave you this life. Just let go and stop interfering by trying to control everything on your own; and you will see how great, brilliant and joyous your life can become.

    Bless your past

    Always try to look on the future with the awareness that everything will work out in a way that provides you with every opportunity to learn how to live a happier, more joyous life. Understand that you will meet and pass through difficulties safely; and that your ultimate destiny is one of eternal safety.
    Bless your past and bless your future and you will find the key to present happiness.

    Shape your own life

    Our thoughts unite on a collective level to shape the planetary conditions on earth. Most people never even suspect this. Even those who have learned that their thoughts are the master craftsmen of their own lives, often miss this related point.
    As you learn to dive more deeply into your core, you will begin to realise that you don’t exist in a state of isolation from other people.
    Just beyond the appearance of separateness we are all linked together in the body of spirit. Your personal thoughts reach into the collective consciousness and as they do so, they join with other thoughts, shaping our planetary conditions in constructive directions, repairing at the fundamental level of creative thought form.

    Shift towards healing

    As you change the direction of your thoughts and thinking, you join in with the worldwide effort of many teachers of peace, and the mission of sentient beings, to shift the direction of the entire planet towards healing. This is a reason why meditation can create some shift.
    Because giving is receiving, every form of healing must come from my own willingness to extend thoughts of healing to others. What you give away always comes back to you.
    A daily practice, is to extend thoughts of peace and well-being to everyone you meet today. You may extend peace to others at an individual level and in doing, also do so at a collective level, through your actions, words, and thoughts.
    What begins as one thought of peace, one peaceful response from you, one wish for happiness, one call for unity, will grow with love and the amplified thought of meditation, into a mighty force for global shift.
    From Everyday Meditation © 2012, by Tobin Blake, published by New World Library.

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