The Planet Of Dreams

    Posted by Claire Nahmad
    21 August, 2012

    It seems that something mysterious might be heading our way on its journey through the solar system. There is talk of government cover-ups, of a crackdown regarding what information NASA may and may not release regarding its advent. And the Internet is rife with clamour about what is approaching, making dire predictions surrounding its arrival.
    I would like to offer a very different perspective, given to me when I was researching and intuiting The Coming of the Holy Grail.

    The celestial body approaching us is commonly supposed to be the planet Nibiru. The idea of the existence of Nibiru arose when scholars began to translate the wealth of cuneiform texts and cylinder seals unEarthed just over a century ago from the desert sands of Iraq under which ancient Mesopotamia lies buried. They found textual and pictorial references to a giant of our solar system, unheard of by modern astronomers, which ranks as its twelfth and outermost planet. The references confirmed that, unlike the other members of our solar system, this sibling goes riding far off into outer space, pursuing mysterious and heroic paths of its own, before returning for a flying visit and crossing Earth’s orbital path once every 3,600 years. The Sumerians called this planet Nibiru. The scholar and writer Zechariah Sitchin named it ‘planet X’.
    It has indeed been part of my guidance in writing The Coming of the Holy Grail that Nibiru exists and is due to cross Earth’s orbit in the early months of 2013. Before then, perhaps just after mid autumn, we shall begin to note him as clearly visible in the night skies.

    A Baptism of Creative Love

    The revelations concerning Nibiru’s return came to me as a wellspring of sublime wonders. I was shown that Nibiru always brings to Mother Earth a baptism of creative love, for he is her lover from beyond the stars. He is certainly a planet, but yet what we might imagine as a ‘starry’ planet, emitting a pulse of pure light that cannot be observed but which irradiates and quickens the Earth and fires up her subtle systems.
    Nibiru is a giant in that he is considerably bigger than the Earth, but – according to my guidance – he is not a gas giant, like Jupiter. His composition is much like that of the Earth and has landscapes and oceans similar to our own. His cargo of humanity, the Nibiruans, are reptilian and amphibious, yet tall of stature, beautiful and very human, for the human form with its pentagonal design always shines through the animal body whose soul forces we are exploring, be it ape or serpent.
    The Nibiruans are an evolved human race, and have underwater cities created with advanced and exquisite technologies that embrace and flow with nature. They are truly our brethren, and their attitude towards us is one of love and nurture, for they know us although we have forgotten them.

    Disaster Thwarted

    Because Nibiru’s return is set to gift the Earth with a special preparatory enlightenment before the Grail is revealed to us, plans were laid by a certain ill-willed syndicate of advanced humanity and their ordinary human agents on Earth (for the ‘advanced’ group lives a little beyond the physical dimensions of the planet) to reverse the huge impetus for joy and liberation that Nibiru’s return will provide.
    They thought they could manipulate human consciousness into negativity to the point where the devastation they hoped for would take place due to the resultant inharmonious jarring of the physical and subtle forces that interplayed between the Earth and her lover as he crossed her orbit.
    There is no doubt whatsoever that their plans lie in ruins. Human consciousness has not downgraded itself but has come on in leaps and bounds! Nibiru will not cause devastation but just some peculiar weather, for these are Nibiruan storms that have washed over us throughout the summer. They come to calm and cleanse the atmosphere, because it is here, in the magical isle of Britain, that the world will receive the Grail.
    Nibiru rides through the skies for the culmination of his and Mother Earth’s joy. He comes with angel’s wings, for his atmosphere creates them around him, beautifully visible. There will be a glorious lovers’ meeting and reunion, not a tragic lovers’ quarrel. Their exalted song of love will last for seven years, during which Earth’s chakras, so polluted by human ignorance, will be cleansed and blessed. Then Nibiru will be gone again on another outward mission. But not without leaving the Earth a vital token of his love – a planetary ring of protection, softly effulgent, which will brighten our days and bless our nights.
    Nibiru is the planet of dreams. Our highest aspirations, our most magical dreams, as a planetary community and as mystical human souls, will be realised through his embrace. Let us welcome him with joy.
    © 2012 by Claire Nahmad

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