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True-Life Spirituality

God, it’s like I’m writing the script for the entire universe.
You are – that is precisely what I AM telling you.
But why me?
There is only You.
But what about the soul, does it ascend?
Define soul.
I can’t.
Then what difference does it make if it ascends? And to where could it ascend? There is nowhere to go, you are already here. The Kingdom of Heaven is here Now.
What about ascending in frequency to another dimension?
There is only where You are, so trying to get to a higher frequency or ascend to another dimension is resistance to the Now. This is an egoic tactic to keep one seeking more, better and different. Whatever Is, is All There Is, so appreciate What Is and You are everywhere at once.

I AM Good With It All

So what about the crime problem?
The crime itself is not the problem; it is symptomatic of an attempt to survive and receive recognition that the ego believes will bring it attention and energize it. Yet this has failed to bring relief from the real problem: ignorance. By ignorance, I mean to ignore the Truth.
What do we ignore?
This can vary from anything to everything. When one ignores an aspect of life, one withholds love from it. Ignorance is the opposite of love, so humanity, by virtue of becoming unconscious, has become fearful and blind to the world and its beauty.
I noticed that You don’t treat me as inferior even when I sin.
What is this “you” and “I”? I do not treat you as though you are inferior, because I AM You. And why should I care if you’re angry or if you curse? So long as you are passionate, a “curse” word can be a genuine manner by which to convey a message without repressing. How delightful it is to be unrestrained by the conforms of society and not resist your emotions.

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So You’re good with it?
I AM good with It all – I Love It All.
That helps me not feel guilty anymore.
The true sin, as you put it, would be to not express when the impulse arises, which would repress the emotion and generate disease. I AM not saying to make curse words a majority of your vocabulary, yet if one should emerge then don’t hold back, recognizing it is I who AM doing it anyway. Also, be aware of whether it is aimed at others with intent to do harm. If this is the case, conscious restraint may be in order so as to not escalate a situation.
What is all the repression about?
When feelings of guilt and being judged become too painful they are repressed, and the fear of being exposed manifests as rage, which when further repressed becomes depression. This is how depression has recently become pandemic in the world, because most religions have persuaded people that anger is wrong. This suppression has become a disease, and the prescribing of anti-depressants is likewise ignorant and founded in greed.

Live Life

If people felt they were being guided by You, maybe they wouldn’t need to look for guidance elsewhere.
This is the ego’s standard response, yet realize that one only turns to another for advice when one refuses to surrender. For if one surrenders, where is the need for guidance once it is realized there is no other? It is best to forget about scriptures of the past. What I prescribe for you now is on a private basis. True-life spirituality is living life, not congregating like cattle to listen to pontification. So release yourself: play, dance, sing, make love, experience nature, laugh, cry, or even go for naked walks in the park with your dog. Whatsoever, be creative and enthusiastic in all aspects of life. Live passionately – without holding back. Allow for emotional eruptions and sensual expression. Then feel the contrast of a new world untainted by fear or restrictions. Stop learning about morality from your preachers and go experience life.

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