Blue Apples

    Posted by Claire Nahmad
    26 September, 2012

    A century-old mystery surrounds the little Pyrenean mountain village of Rennes-Le-Chateau. Many will have heard something of it, for in spite of the effort of a range of debunkers, it persists. The village church, dedicated to Mary Magdalene, lies at the heart of the enigma. Fairy presence has been reported there, sightings of angels, of strange lights in the sky – and an intimation of something darker. Yet those who have visited it all agree that it is a magical place.

    The village priest at the turn of the nineteenth century was Bérenger Saunière, and the renown and intrigue of Rennes-Le-Chateau centres on him. He became unaccountably wealthy and celebrated because, it was rumoured, he had unearthed an incomparable treasure, although exactly what he had found remained a secret. The whispers of conjecture spoke of a spiritual mystery, an esoteric treasure that could change the world.

    Yet the remote mountain village was well known to history many centuries before Saunière arrived there.

    It was once an important hilltop retreat of King Dagobert II, officially considered to be the last of the significant Merovingian dynasty which was said to be spiritually enlightened. Officials from the Vatican conspired with Pepin the Fat, of a mayoral line of authority which held sway in the king’s absence when he was kidnapped and abducted to Ireland in his childhood, to have Dagobert killed so that he could again supplant him. Dagobert died in a forest, impaled by Pepin’s henchmen to a tree.

    It was spoken of as a sacred death, a travesty reflecting that of Christ, for Dagobert was lanced through the eye in a successful attempt by the worldly and materialistic mayor to put out the spiritual vision of the nations.

    If Dagobert had lived, legend says, France, Britain, Europe, indeed all the world, would have been very different – free, infused with the dynamics of the spirit, ablaze with truth. For Dagobert, not in his own time but via his bloodline and when the world was ready – perhaps about the turn of the first millennium – would have delivered to the world the secret of the Grail.

    The journey of the Grail
    According to my guidance, Dagobert was among the chief guardians of the Grail, having brought it secretly from Ireland. On his death it was buried at Rennes-Le-Chateau in the crypt of the existing church which, in Dagobert’s time, was his private chapel. It was buried with his heart, for his sacred trust as guardian continued even after his death.

    During the time of the Crusades, the Grail was transported in haste, in secrecy, and in the nick of time, to faraway Lincoln because its whereabouts had been discovered by those of ill-will. A hiding-place had been prepared for it in the grounds of Lincoln cathedral, which stood on the site of a little wattle and daub church that had been erected in A.D.60 and dedicated to Mary Magdalene. My guidance has always cited Mary as the feminine Christ and the keeper of the secrets of the Grail, for the Grail is a wholly feminine energy.

    The danger to the Grail was so acute that no trace of where it had gone could be left behind. Yet of course there was always a small, secret contingency who knew. And when the time was right, Saunière found within his little parish church a cache of documents, which seemed to be a conundrum whose solution would lead to the site of buried treasure.

    Saunière probably never knew where or to what the clues pointed. However, he received detailed directions to create a perfect mirror reflection of the site at Lincoln in his decoration of the interior of the church and his building of the famous Magdalene library nearby, which was housed in a tower dedicated to her and which is a replica of the castle tower in Lincoln that stands near the cathedral. Its name is the Lucy Tower – ‘the tower of light’, an identity it shares with the Magdalene. It was here in Lincoln that members of the Knights Templar were imprisoned at the time of their extermination, and here that they scrawled mysterious graffiti on its rounded interior walls. Saunière was paid for his work, and became rich, and made the church a centre of lasting controversy and speculation, just as he was meant to.

    Clues in the light
    It was not until Callum Jensen arrived at the village in the 1970’s that the clues were at last understood. He perceived with true ingenuity that he was looking into a mirror at the creation of an imaginal chessboard. Perhaps the most evocative among the clues is the very last one to be cited on the cryptic documents, which reads ‘At midday blue apples’.

    Callum realised what it meant in a thrilling discovery when he found that, at midday on 22nd July, Mary Magdalene’s feast day, the sun’s rays struck down through a blue segment of a window in the cathedral and created what he describes as a ‘dazzling and dappling effect’ which gives the impression of blue apples twinkling across the floor!

    Moreover, this window is directly next to the elevated exterior statues of King Edward and Queen Eleanor, which gave Callum his ‘key’ chess pieces in his discovery of the location of the Grail.

    The King and Queen
    Who are the king and queen, in truth? To me, simply, they are Jesus and Mary Magdalene. When I first saw the dancing blue ‘apples’ or dapples, I saw them as a symbol of grapes of the ‘true vine’ referred to in the Song of Solomon. They dance in the formation of the Sacred Ring – such a stroke of genius on the part of the clue makers, as the dancing ring shows which way to move round the ‘chess board’ outside the window and get to the Grail. They form a truly exquisite pattern on the cathedral floor. Yet there are not only blue apples in evidence, but rose-coloured apples too. Together, as they dance and weave and intermingle, they create the purple of exalted royalty. They depict Mary and Jesus dancing, Mary being the rosy apples ( from the sacred tree, for roses and apples belong to the same genetic family) that glance across the floor in the form of reflected lights from the window, and Jesus the blue apples. Together they create the true vine – the sparkling wine of the spirit that they are pouring even now into new wineskins, and which will have its culmination in the secrets ready to be imparted to us via the Grail. Its secrets are those never given to the earth before in their totality – secrets that quietly wait beneath the shadow of the oldest cathedral in Britain. And when we at last move to claim them – as we will – the truth shall set us free.

    © 2012 by Claire Nahmad.

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