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A Gift from the Elemental Kingdom


In the following recollection, I give an example of a powerful message from the angelic realm, conveyed through the nature spirit of a great oak tree.

Recently, I attended a gathering of like-minded souls at the beautiful location of Hawkwood College in Gloucestershire. I had come to learn the techniques of seership, presented by the anthroposophist Dorian Schmidt. Over the last twelve years, Dorian has developed his own unique methodology of research into the life forces working behind physical matter, and he has inspired many people to make their own explorations into the world of formative forces.

Sensing the tree

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On the second day of the seminar, we gathered in a field. In the middle of this field was a large, four-hundred-year-old oak tree. Our task was to walk from the edge of the field towards the tree and to sense where the aura of the tree began. After sensing the aura, we were asked to slowly walk towards the tree and to gather as much supersensible information as we could from the nature spirit of the tree. As the group walked towards the tree, we all seemed to sense the aura at the same distance from the tree. After I had felt the aura, I was unable to face the tree for a while. Why? Because I sensed that whatever the tree was about to convey to me was so powerful I would need some sort of preparation before receiving its message. I kept my eyes upon the ground, cleared my head of all untidy `thought-junk’ and began to breath deeply. After about a minute I raised my eyes to the tree… and received one of the most powerful downloads from the elemental kingdom I have yet experienced. The gift was instantaneous, its wisdom universal, its application essential – the message entered the very core of my being and resounded with the words:


The great wisdom in these three words exhorts us to find and recognize our worthiness and holiness, and it points to the root of most of humanity’s problems. When we truly grasp the mystery of who we are – divine-spiritual beings having an earthly experience in a biological life form – there is no choice but to reverence all life, and the fastest route to that essential knowingness is to first ‘reverence thyself’. The seemingly ceaseless war created by our inner voices and the relentless loop of self-judgement and recrimination that so many of us find ourselves locked into simply cannot withstand the holy light and resonance of a declaration like ‘Human, reverence thyself!’ Declare these words to yourself and see what happens to your inner life.

A declaration from the archangelic realm

I believe this declaration came from the archangelic realm. The great beings of this realm use the more robust nature spirits of the earthly realm to be their emissaries. One only has to look into an ancient text like the Old Testament to see how angelic encounters were received with the utmost dread – a far cry from the rather sentimental expression of the angels favoured by the retail markets of today. These great beings are increasingly exhorting us to wake up at this perilous time in our history, and they are using the nature spirits to convey their essential and timely wisdom into the human kingdom.

This message of reverence continues to bring me waves of wisdom and realization in its wake, and I believe it will continue to do so for many years to come. I am profoundly grateful and deeply appreciative of this auspicious gift.


After I had received this gracious message, I walked towards the tree and found myself crossing a threshold into the shimmering, mobile, etheric world of the oak. I could clearly see how the earth spirits, or gnomes, were holding the trunk of this mighty tree in place. They were tucked in tightly together like little brown birds within the bark, and they were constantly receiving and upholding the song of creation filtering through the overarching Spirit of Oak.

The poignancy of their love and sacrifice was shattering.

The bitter must be experienced as well as the sweet. And after a heightened experience such as this there is nearly always a period of solemnity. A sensation of the stress endured by the elemental kingdom, due to humanity’s relentless vandalism of the environment, resonated through me at an almost intolerable volume for a while. However, this poignant revelation only served to underline more deeply the profound wisdom of the directive to ‘Reverence thyself’.

A precious gift we can give to the Earth

By reverencing the self, the holy path from ignorance to wisdom, and thoughtlessness to mindfulness, shines ever more brightly before the mind’s eye.

Unconditionally reverencing the self may seem an impossible task at times, and yet it is a precious gift we can give to the Earth. When we learn to reverence the self, everything begins to flow in our external world. It is the responsibility of every human being to come home to their divine essence and greatness and, in turn, emanate that greatness into the community around them.

From Nature Spirits: the Remembrance, © 2012 by Susan Raven, published by Clairview Books.

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