Heart Coherence: How You Can Help Facilitate the Planetary Shift

Posted by Barbara Marx Hubbard
31 October, 2012

This important practice is comprised of three simple steps:


The first step is heart-focus. Shift your attention to the area of your heart, putting your hand over your heart if that helps. Notice if the rhythm of your breathing changes with this shift of attention. You may sense a perceptual shift, as though you’re perceiving through your heart instead of only through your brain.


The next step while maintaining heart-focus is heart-breathing. Imagine your breath flowing in and out through your heart, letting your breath rather than your mind direct the flow. Allow your breathing to be a little longer and a little deeper than normal but still casual and comfortable. Use your breathing to help you let go of any resistance you’re having. As you focus your attention on the heart in this way, your breath and your attention start to resonate in the heart. This can feel relaxing, as if you are moving into a more neutral state. You may feel your concerns begin to melt away. Just keep imagining your breath flowing in and out through the heart. (Again, while this practice can be relaxing, heart coherence is an active state; it should be distinguished from relaxation, which requires only a lowered heart rate and not necessarily a coherent rhythm.)


Next, maintain heart-focus and heart-breathing as we engage the third and most important step, which is heart-feeling. This is not simple cheerfulness; it’s more like an inner smile that evokes feelings of appreciation or love – such as those you may have for a special person, a pet, something in nature, or even for God or humanity. Try not to stay with the thought that evokes the feeling; let ideas or images drop away. Experience the feeling. If you have trouble experiencing such a feeling, simply hold an attitude instead of an idea – of appreciation, care, gratitude, or compassion, or any other sincere positive attitude. Once you’ve shifted to a positive feeling or attitude, sustain it by continuing heart-focus, heart-breathing, and heart-feeling. It’s the sustained sincere feeling or attitude that anchors the physiological changes and creates the dramatic shift into heart coherence.

Heart lock-in

Continue on after the Coherence practice by allowing the sustained feeling to expand through your body, and sending that feeling of love, care, or appreciation to people in your life. Imagine including people you don’t know but who are participating in Birth 2012 with you. Imagine coherent waveforms radiating out into the world; then imagine experiencing the heart coherence transmitted by others. By intentionally radiating coherent heart energy through the heart’s electromagnetic field we may even imagine charging the noosphere, magnifying its coherence.

The Global Birthing Care Room

Coherence and Heart Lock-In can now be practised in a special group setting online. The Global Birthing Care Room, a project of the Institute for HeartMath’s Global Coherence Initiative, provides a digital representation of practitioners, portraying them as points of light across the globe. You may join with others around the globe in synchronous heart coherence sessions in the Global Care Room three times each day – or visit any time. Please see: www.globalcarerooms.org

As we enter this online space in increasing numbers and as our most heart-coherent selves, we can visualize that we are imprinting the noosphere with an increasingly coherent pattern. As microcosms of the Shift ourselves, we can recognize that in every moment we are contributing energetic patterns that either add to or diminish the field of global resonance. In the Hub of the Wheel, as digitally mirrored in the space of the Care Room, we commit to moving beyond feeling the presence of the Field to actually in-forming it with our own coherence. With a critical mass of ‘small islands of coherence,’ we may even facilitate a shift to the next phase of evolution.

Of course, nobody fully knows all the energetic factors that will facilitate the Planetary Shift. But it has been suggested by HeartMath that if approximately three hundred and fifty thousand of us are in a state of heart coherence together, this could provide the baseline of coherence required to significantly advance the birthing process.

Doc Childre, founder of HeartMath says: ‘This increased vibration in the field environment will encourage more people than ever to pursue becoming ‘who they truly are’ (their real self) and to take the necessary steps to actualize it. We are individually responsible for sorting out ‘what’s our old self’ and ‘what’s the new,’ then using our heart’s intuitive guidance to help make the needed upgrade and align with our authentic nature. As we individually change, so does the planetary well-being.’ Thus creating heart coherence is an effective contribution that we can all act on now.

From Birth 2012 and Beyond © 2012 by Barbara Marx Hubbard, published by Shift Books.

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