Olwen and the Angels

Posted by Claire Nahmad
31 October, 2012

The idea for In the Arms of Angels suggested itself when Olwen Ballantyne made contact with me and sent me a photo selection of her angel paintings. Browsing through them, it struck me that these paintings decidedly carried angelic frequencies. I was amazed to find that, invariably, looking at the painted angels would lift an oppressive mood or a heavy atmosphere within minutes (curiously, about the same amount of time that an analgesic takes to work…although the word does contain ‘angels’!).

A true and pure source

Each painting came with a message given to Olwen by the angels as she worked on it. The messages effervesced with angelic joy and encouragement and were simultaneously personal and universal. They were all about living life in communion with angelic consciousness so that we might penetrate the frontiers of a much greater, deeper, happier, more loving and compassionate reality, revealed by this beautiful angelic consciousness.

In a climate where depictions of angels are beginning to be obscured by increasingly sentimental and commercial considerations, these paintings and their joyful messages felt like an oxygenating wind blowing from a true and pure source.

The remarkable story of how the angels made contact with Olwen and requested that she should give them material form through her artwork and convey their essence through her words is a simple and beautiful one.

Direct inspiration from the angels

During the evening of 3 September 2004, whilst Olwen was working on a painting which originally was not intended to depict an angel, a miracle occurred. A few touches on her canvas began to reveal an angel that identified itself as ‘Spirit in the Sky’. Suddenly, the room was alive with angelic presence.

The first message and the first angelic image were given to her from the heart of this vibrancy, and since then, Olwen has painted over seven hundred angels.

Each painting has always been accompanied by an outflow of words, a shining linguistic vessel containing the harmonic frequencies of angelic consciousness, given to us as a gift through Olwen from her angel friends so that we might lift our own perception into attunement with the angels and transform our lives and our world.

The images and the words work together to open channels within us whereby we experience angelic communion and break free of the shackles which imprison us in the mundane sphere of the material world.

The angels sing to us the ancient Song Celestial in silent voices, and we receive it as an ineffable pulse which revives us from beyond the stars, from beneath the configurations of our thoughts. It comes to us from the heart of the Divine, and it is the life-breath, the life-blood, of our higher selves.

Bringing us the messages we need

Having experienced angelic attunement since I was a child, I was particularly drawn to the dynamics of the angel messages existing within the design of Olwen’s paintings. Ever recreating themselves anew by merging with the individual perception of the observer, Olwen’s images seem mystically wired to bring us the revelation our soul needs at any given time.

This is indeed the true angel language, because angels speak to us in colours and symbols. It may be helpful to remember that angels hear colours and see sounds (which take beautiful symbolic form in their world).

The colours Olwen selects are radical and arresting, rich as caskets of jewels. They are sonorous but not loud, abundant but not clamorous.

They are fluid statements conveyed to us from beings of the angelic realms, intimating to us something of their vivid and spiritually fecund worlds and inviting us to join them there, even whilst we live our lives in mortal bodies and mortal conditions here on earth.

We do not have to be bound, oppressed or limited by our bodies and our environment; we can choose instead to rise to celestial heights, lifted on the wings of our loving angel friends, who, as we enter deeper and deeper into communion with them, we will come to know so well.

The Emerald Tablet

I was particularly delighted when Olwen gifted me with her painting of the Angel of the Grail, a magnificent being robed in mystical colours and pulsating with what I can only term a swirling unlimited expanse. The mystery of the Emerald Tablet shines from her heart.

The Emerald Tablet is a sacred crystal which contains supreme light frequencies. This divine light within the emerald’s heart was proclaimed by ancient spiritual masters to contain the secret of the ascension of our Earth and of human consciousness, which will facilitate it. I believe that transcripts from the Emerald Tablet form a book that lies hidden in the grounds of Lincoln cathedral, concealed for two thousand years and, except for a few fragments, never before released to the world.

It is the discovery and understanding of this unsurpassed wonder that, together with the Grail knight, comprise my Grail quest. The blessing of the Grail angel was brought to me in even greater measure by Olwen’s magically endowed painting.

The angels that Olwen both depicts and summons via her paintings are immediate and vital in their reality. They encompass the themes which particularly trouble and confuse people today, bringing short, simple, healing answers which glow with angelic essence.
I believe that it will soon become very obvious to anyone who works with these images that they have been vividly put in touch with angels.

© 2012 by Claire Nahmad.

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