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Reviewing Cygnus Review

Support the Cygnus ReviewI was recently with a large group of people at a gathering at Hillhouse Retreat in Gloucestershire, when, in response to your requests for assistance, we started discussing how we could help support Cygnus Review and I vowed, then and there, to write a review on Cygnus Review – one that I would like to share:

How would it feel to be a creator of Cygnus Review?

Just for a moment, let us put ourselves into the role of being the creators, the inspiration, heart and soul behind Cygnus Review. When publishing our monthly publication how do we begin to convey how much the sourcing of books, writing of articles, co-creating and collaborating with contributors – ‘who are not simply contributors to us but soul family members that we highly regard’ – means to us? How would we begin to put a value on this? How would we share the sense of responsibility that is felt in relation to providing heart-warming, sensitive and, at times, hard hitting and up to date information for our readers? Where would we begin in setting out our stall as to the deep-felt importance of providing an environment in which a selection of talented souls can truly live their vocation rather than simply going to work?

These are matters that I have pondered today as I place all the Cygnus Reviews that I have received over the years into a special folder. I pondered this because, since joining in 2007, I have paid for my membership three times – that’s £36.00 for six years worth of magazines full to brimming with the most amazing articles, features, book recommendations, poems, self care and self development related material and advertisements.

The joy I got today from simply looking at the front covers alone was priceless – palpable – (capable of being touched, or felt; tangible: – easily perceived; obvious). The care, love, concern, compassion, purpose, joy, inspiration and a myriad of other offerings are conveyed in each and every cover, and as I delved further, I embraced the full essence of what Cygnus Review means to me and so many others.

Co-creating a New Era

We do not simply move into a New Era, we to actively co-create it.

It is said that ‘givers gain’ and never has a truer word been spoken as I am guided to convey a sense that it truly is time for Cygnus Review, and those at her helm, ‘ to gain’. How hard it must have been to write to us all in recent times and ask for our help! As a giver, I know this so very well myself, as I am sure will many other readers. To reach out and whisper the words – ‘we need your help’; we need you to co-create with us if we are to move into the New Era of which we speak. I say whispered, as I felt them offered so very carefully without wishing to upset, offend – give the wrong impression. As a member of the tribe, I would like to take that whisper further and shout from the tree tops about how amazing Ann, Geoff and the team at Cygnus Review are – how much I have valued reading my monthly copy of Cygnus Review – and express how I believe the content alone to be worth £2.50 per issue, which any one of us pay for a coffee, sandwich or similar daily purchase.

We are all aware that behind the scenes there has been a health issue to deal with, which Ann has shared so selflessly, showing the true nature of those responsible for this totally magical and soul ‘full’ concern. They are givers to the core – they ask for an annual membership and then offer us free postage. They give us 10% off vouchers as a thank you for joining and again each time we renew our membership. I even received a £5.00 voucher for a piece I wrote that featured in one of the magazines – testament as to how they valued my contribution, which is how they value us as a family – as their TRIBE.

I would ask that the Cygnus team print my review because I can say things that they would not dream of saying – I can ask others to pause for a moment and look at their copies of Cygnus Review, not one at a time, but as I did – ‘in one whole magical pile’ – and engage with the essence of just how much we all receive as a part of this Tribe. That we all ponder for a moment with respect to what we receive and what we give back.

There are so many contenders for our custom today, many who do not know our name and undercut to make that sale, not all, but many. We are members of a Tribe that looks after its community – they deserve the same in return.

I have vowed today, that just as soon as the funds are available, I will write a cheque for the year’s membership that I missed. There was no intention of taking advantage, taking for granted or the like, I simply didn’t renew because it wasn’t on my radar at the time. There is also the fact that I haven’t always had the spare funds, which will be the case for many others. Yet, even though I hadn’t renewed, Cygnus Review kept on coming – no judgement – it simply kept on coming, something that moves me at a very deep level!

From surviving to thriving

Become a Cygnus Supporter
When you become a Cygnus Supporter your extra financial support really helps to sustain our business integrity and core values. We are very grateful. Thank you.

We are co-creators of the New Era and by showing our collective support to Cygnus in small ways like paying our membership, ordering books, maybe offering to pay the postage, recommending a friend, or with Christmas around the corner, perhaps gifting a membership – acts that we can be assured would double the membership and fill the coffers.

Rather than bringing this review to an end let us unite in holding up an intention to begin anew and unite in sharing the following: Ann, Geoff and the entire Cygnus Team – know how loved, appreciated; respected and thanked you are for all you do on our behalf. It is hoped that this review has imparted this to one and all, and as your Tribe, we applaud you and understand that by helping you we are helping each other to co-create the New Era of which we speak – that it is as a ‘United Force’ that ‘We’ take Cygnus Review from a place of surviving into that New Era as a THRIVING publication whose tribe is bound in love and common-unity.

© 2012 by Susanne Austin: Guide, Writer, Speaker and Workshop Host, (who recently advertised with Cygnus under) – True Life Conversations with Susanne Austin: Susanne guides, enlightens, supports, inspires and empowers. You can book a one-to-one support/guidance session with her on 07770 766538 or

Survival energy and poverty consciousness

Survival energy is connected to poverty consciousness. It has come into my awareness this past week that many lightworkers, myself included, have for aeons of time had their energy held in poverty consciousness from past life experiences, vows and blocks of many types placed on us by others. It is at this point ‘in this lifetime’ that the link to this energy is to be severed, ended, transmuted.

Those living with fear, lack, and the like, all based on Poverty Consciousness can choose for this to go through a transformation and purification through God’s Alchemy of love and light.

I am guided to urge you ‘all’ to truly embody your own worth and the value in the role you have in this world and set an intention to let go of the old energy, perhaps by doing a ritual of some kind to let go of the old energy and welcome in the new.

Ann and Geoff have chosen The Butterfly Experience to help you, too, to clear these old energies of limitation and lack, and enter into the new, thriving energy that creates an abundance of all good things, in all good ways – every day in every way.

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