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Posted by Cygnus Team
31 October, 2012

Dear Friends,

Well, again, we must thank you before we say another word! This last month even more of you became or renewed as Cygnus Supporters, and we bless you for it. A few more months like this should see us back on our feet again – but in a completely new way, stronger and more closely in touch not only with our real goals and purposes, but also with you! For we have been amazed to observe how profoundly sharing that idea of ‘Finding Our Tribe’ with you all has changed the energy of Cygnus, and the way we feel about our work. Have you noticed a change? Many Cygnus readers have told us that they have, and for our part, we feel much closer to you somehow, with more of a sense that we are cooperating together, to do our bit towards raising the consciousness of each other and humanity as a whole.

Renewed inspiration

One Cygnus Supporter, Susanne Austin, wrote a full-length article about what she feels about Cygnus and we were so moved by it we’ve printed the whole piece on page 15.

So, it is with all this joy and sense of connection in our hearts that we created this magazine. We can’t remember when we last felt so enthusiastic about the collection of books and CDs we have arrayed before you.

’Heart of Yew’ and ‘Reclaiming Ancient Love’

As promised in our last letter to you, we have produced some absolutely magical treasures for you and your loved ones to enjoy. First of all, there’s Heart of Yew (p. 7), a collection of Jehanne Mehta’s wise and intensely moving poetry about yew trees – all of it showing you how this most mysterious of trees can be your guide, helper and companion as you pass through life’s narrow places on your way to the rebirth of your whole soul and consciousness.

Another lovely gift, which we also helped to produce, is Jerome O’Connell’s Reclaiming Ancient Love(p. 3). Just one look at the CD cover is enough to tell you how very much love and care has gone into this creation and when you listen to it you’ll certainly feel Jerome’s very deep connection with the elemental kingdom.

Creative frenzy

Our creative frenzy didn’t stop there either, and if you had popped in on us at any time during the last few weeks you would probably have seen steam coming out of our ears! We’ve also produced some truly lovely Christmas/Yule Cards (p. 3) with photographs by Janet Baxter reflecting the Spirit of the Land, and a calendar (about which you can read more below).

Anyhow, we hope you will be able to support us by buying these creations, made with such love, to warm the hearts of everyone around you this winter. Now to tell you just a little bit about some of the other wonderful books we have for you this month:
You’ll absolutely love A Century of Wisdom (p. 9). We couldn’t wait to get our hands on this, because it is the biography of Alice Herz-Sommer, the world’s oldest holocaust survivor and concert pianist. She is such an inspiring person. In a few weeks’ time she will be celebrating her 109th birthday and it seems to us that her longevity is no accident, for all her life, despite awful suffering and loss, she has kept alive a great flame of forgiveness and gratitude, and to hear her speak about music (as you can on YouTube) is to be moved to the greatest joy and gratitude yourself.

A Christmas present for you

A few weeks ago Pierre Pradervand came to stay with us and we spent a wonderful weekend together. One mealtime, we told him a very special story that has given us comfort and strength for many years and, inspired by this, Pierre wrote a really helpful article for you called You Are Me and I Am You (p. 8). The story we shared with Pierre was told to us by a very special friend who died recently. In our last conversation with him, we asked if we could publish the story in Cygnus Review as a Christmas present to you all. He said we could, so you can read it on page 14. We hope it provides a light on your path for many years to come, just as it has done for us.

Proof – yes, proof! – of heaven

And now to another book we are absolutely raving about: Proof of Heaven, which describes a unique near-death experience undergone by neurosurgeon Dr Eben Alexander. This book is dynamite for two reasons. Firstly because, being a neurosurgeon, Dr Alexander was able to identify and explain exactly why his experience could not have been a mere product of his brain, and why it must have been real. Secondly because, during his experience, Dr Alexander completely forgot about his identity on earth (this is highly unusual, if not unique, among near-death experiences), and so was able to be lifted right up into what you might call his ‘heavenly identity’ – a destination that normally, it seems, has to be reached in very gradual stages, as the individual sheds more and more of his/her no-longer-needed earthly persona. So he was able to report back to us about what his ‘heavenly identity’ – which we all share – was like. Astounding! And we would like to suggest an idea: how about ‘forgetting’ our earthly persona right now? Or at least allowing it to sit much more lightly on our shoulders? And how about remembering our ‘heavenly identity’ much more than we do at present? Not difficult, because each of us has a heart, and everything we need to know is written in there.

To help you do that, we’ve written our 2013 Calendar (p. 3). Called simply ‘I Am’, it contains phrases to remind you of Who you truly are, as well as an article on the subject, written by Geoff and I, which has never been published elsewhere.

And now we hope that, as you read this magazine, you will feel some of our enthusiasm for the information it contains, and that your heart will be warmed by it. And may we thank you in advance for your purchases, which enable us to continue our work, and for becoming a Cygnus Supporter – if that is what you feel moved to do.

With our most heartfelt love and blessings, Ann & Geoff

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