Courting the Future

Posted by Cygnus Team
27 November, 2012

Predictions for 2012, from Armageddon to the rapture, have not come to pass. The ending of the 13th b’ak’tun in the Mayan long count calendar this December has not brought the movie style cataclysms anticipated by many.

Yet there is no doubt that the radical changes we are all experiencing – from extremes in climate, to upheavals in social and economic structures – are symptomatic of a new epoch, a new time, a new stage in human evolution.

Those like yourself, who are already travelling the spiritual journey, appreciate that the influx of new universal forces and powers are bringing real change to human life here in the outer reaches of our vast galaxy, one amongst billions.

On the crest of this wave of change rides the future. Yet many people mistakenly assume that the future will be an extension of the past, where humans integrate with computers and control life by touchscreen. But the technology of the future will not depend on machines external to the human. It will depend on the liberation of the greatest in-built technology on earth – the human mind.

A consciousness upgrade

Such is the upgrade in levels of consciousness which we now feel. Yet this is not to do with self-improvement as a first principle. Self-improvement, self-discovery and self-development form part of the crucial preparation to be ready to enter the new fields of possibility where the future is being seeded. But to progress, we will need to stop being complacent with what we already know, and start falling in love with what we don’t yet know. For it is with such humility that we court the future, with love and respect. We become its partners.

All our faculties of seeing, sensing and listening are projecting forwards to an open future, but when we shrink life down to our own personal experience we become limited by what we already know. The future is mostly beyond our current knowledge and experience, in the same way that the caveman could not envisage composing a symphony or designing aeroplanes.

The human model that we now inhabit, Homo sapiens sapiens, is in the flux of its greatest evolution ever. We can hardly imagine what the new model will be like once the faculties of mind, spirit and soul have been liberated.

Using our higher faculties

To be part of this future, and no longer subject to a modern world in free-fall and collapse, we will need to be much more open, ready and skilled in the use of our higher faculties of response so as to connect to and engage with the future.

We will need to sensitise ourselves to how the mind, the mentality and the spirit feel and sense and connect. We will need to trust and develop our instincts and intuitions. We will need to really listen to the new ideas and intelligence that arises in us and other people. We will need to be free enough to let the future move us to meditate and write and sing and be its instrument of change.

This is courting the future

The following extract from the book Courting the Future lights up the part we each have to play in this:

There is a fine, intricate, amazing theatre of courtship to be wondered at in the planet’s natural worlds, where dragonflies, seahorses, bowerbirds, deer and other creatures do the vibrant dance of attraction. In the case of human beings, we can court danger or hope, trouble or easement, prejudice or love. These are conscious choices that will determine what kind of a future we will attract.

The great adventures, new openings and extraordinary discoveries to be made in these times, come not from fighting or personalising or claiming the future, but by courting it. If we learn to court the future with the same passion and mindfulness with which we court a loved one, then we will embrace this emerging new epoch as partners in the great enterprise of evolution.

With such an approach we can become tomorrow’s people today, no longer shackled by the hurts or triumphs of the past.

If the future is seeking anything from humans, it is seeking volunteers and pioneers who cherish the great value and wonder of living, who are open to what they don’t yet know and are ready to change with the changing times.

And if we want a future beyond our time on earth, then perhaps the idea of courting the future becomes an essential attitude and position to take. For to court means to discover the ways of someone or something else – in this case the future – with the openness and wit to acquiesce and respond to needs greater than our own.

The children, and all those yet to be born into this mysterious and magical part of the universe, potentially carry the pollen of change and the new ways we may not as yet perceive. They ride the crest of evolution.

Will we also catch these incoming waves of change as they bring new intelligence, new power and new worlds of human possibility? Will we dive in without fear, overcoming the inevitable rip tides and undercurrents that come to sweep us off course?

Will we be free enough to reach into generations that lie ahead, when the whole landscape, atmosphere and presence of life on earth will have irrevocably changed?

Such times are onsetting now, and are already testing our awareness, our readiness and our character of response.

Tomorrow’s world is calling

We share the same planet and times, even if we have never met. And we are all experiencing the decay of the industrialised societies we have grown up in. A wildfire of change is now crowning the world and leaving fertile soil for a completely new way of being human. Beyond despair or fantasy a new mindset awaits…

If tomorrow’s world is calling deep into the unique inner life of each of us – into our spiritual feelings and most cherished longings – then can we find a new humankind and freedom within and between us? This is a destinic moment in human evolution. The stakes are so high. The promise is inconceivably brilliant. So let us court the future by our trust and belief and partnership of it. The next generations are counting on it.

Written exclusively for Cygnus Review by Mark Ballabon, featuring extracts from his new book Courting the Future.
World copyright © 2012 Eminent Productions Ltd. EPL. All rights reserved.

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