Reflections on light (January 2010)

    Posted by Cygnus Team
    7 November, 2012

    “Light is born in darkness, in the deepest within-ness of all creation, and therefore can never be further away than a simple thought – however it may seem.”

    Dear Friends, In The Vitamin D Revolution, Soram Khalsa writes that ‘the incidence of many illnesses and diseases escalates with the increase in latitude’. This fact, which is supported by scientific research, is most likely to be because, of course, the higher the latitude at which you live, the less sunlight you are likely to get.

    Combine this with the fact that many of us spend all day indoors, away from the sun (even if it is shining!), staring at the artificial light from computer screens, and then spend all evening gazing at more artificial light from the television, and you can see yet another important reason why the modern lifestyle puts our health at risk.

    But – as many of the books in this Review explain – we are actually putting much more at risk than our health, when we don’t allow enough natural light to reach our bodies and, in particular, our eyes, and we need light for far more than just manufacturing vitamin D. As you’ll see in the DVD everyone’s talking about at the moment – The Living Matrix – there is a growing understanding among some scientists that the body is organized by information fields, and not just by genes as previously thought. And these information fields take the form of light.

    Light from the universe Now this light doesn’t just come from nowhere. In Cellular Awakening, Barbara Wren explains that, within the body, light is produced by free radicals coming together at great speed. This internallyproduced light is referred to as bio-photons. However, she explains that the body also needs to receive light from the universe as a whole – not just from the sun and moon, but from all the heavenly bodies – and that this light, too, carries information that our bodies need, if they are to serve as vehicles for our full consciousness. Therefore, if we are to achieve our full potential as human beings, as all of us are seeking to do, it is crucial that our cells are able to receive, store and transmit light freely and fully. And…. if they don’t receive the right nutrients, as well as sufficient natural light, our cells cannot do that.

    Attracting light into ourselves The idea that light is a bearer of information has been known to initiates down the ages – the sacred scriptures of India, for instance, have much to say about the great importance of the sun, and the spiritual Master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov gave some wonderful teachings on the subject. In Light is a Living Spirit he describes a simple exercise you can do which – he says – helps to attract light into our ourselves so that all the worn-out particles of our bodies are ‘gradually replaced by pure particles of light’.

    Geoff and I have been enjoying trying this exercise, particularly as – at this time of the year in West Wales – there’s not a great deal of sunlight to be had, so we thought a daily visualization might help. Here it is, in case you’d like to try it as well:

    ‘You can do this exercise with light in rhythm with your respiration. As you breathe in, imagine that you are drawing in light and, as you breathe out, that you are radiating it into your whole being, into every cell and every organ. Then, once more, you breathe in… and breathe out. In… out, and so on. You will very quickly feel the beneficial effects of this exercise; you will feel yourself relaxed and in peace… brimming over with light.’

    The light and love of Mother Earth Now we’ve talked about light being generated by living cells, and light from the sun and other heavenly bodies feeding those cells. But has it ever occurred to you that a kind of ‘light’ must come from the Earth, too, even though we may not be able to see it with our physical eyes? On one of our favourite beaches, there is a cave which is only accessible at low tide. Besides being very beautiful, with a huge vein of golden quartz running through the rock, it has a magical atmosphere, and we love just to go and stand inside it for a while, soaking up the ‘inner light’ which seems to come from the rock. We’ve noticed such a light in other caves, too, and we tend to think it is the love of our Mother Earth, made much more clearly perceptible when – in a pure place underneath the ground – we are insulated from other energies.

    When we stand there, absorbed in the atmosphere, we reflect on a mystery – that this light from the heart of the Earth – this energy that makes us feel loved, connected, known and whole – is held within the deepest darkness, and emerges from it as if from a womb. And that therefore, even in the deepest darkness, we are safe and held, and cannot be separated from light.

    So that is our ultimate message for you – and for ourselves – in this Review, that light is born in darkness, in the deepest within-ness of all creation, and therefore can never be further away than a simple thought – however it may seem. And that this light contains all the information, all the nourishment, all the vitality we could possibly need to flower into our truest, highest selves.
    We wish you a light-filled 2010. With our love, Ann, Geoff, Sarah and the Cygnus Team
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