Surprised by Honey

Posted by Claire Nahmad
27 November, 2012

One of the most surprising discoveries given to us as I was writing the story of the Grail was that concerning what lay within the true Ark of the Covenant (as distinct from the false and highly dangerous rendition of this mystical artefact). We saw, simply, a pot of honey!

A potent symbol

The symbolism of honey is both profoundly simple and simplistically profound. When the thirteenth-century alchemist Michael Scot taught that honey falls from the air into flowers and is then collected by bees, he was not being whimsical and unscientific. He was in fact referring, via potent symbols, to closely guarded secrets regarding the distinction between the true and the false Ark of the Covenant and the vital connection between the human soul, the bee and our planetary life-support systems.

The ‘honey in the air’ is the divine gold of the spirit that enters us through our breath when we attune ourselves to the ‘God-breath’ or the ‘Mother-breath’, which is simply a method where each breath is imaginally drawn through the heart so that we enter the sanctified realm deep within.

Via this gentle ‘God-breathing’, the honey or divine gold falls into the ‘flowers’, which symbolise our chakra system, those points in the body (the ductless glands) where the physical is conjoined to the worlds of the spirit.

An emanation of the Divine Feminine

The most ancient alchemical secret of all is that the mystical honey flows from the Divine Feminine, and that it is necessary for human souls to absorb this substance to be united with God. Its potency was recognised as that of peace, harmony, love and burgeoning life. What was secreted within the false Ark was a counterfeit food – a toxin or drug that inflamed the lower self and fomented war, misery and death.

We need to use the magic of the true Ark of the Covenant in overcoming the forces of our shadow self. It enslaves us by filling our minds – our thoughts, emotions, percipience and attitudes – with fear, intolerance, distaste, harshness, dread, unhappiness, criticism and negativity, from which anger and even violence and desecration arise.

To counteract this dark invasion, we nourish ourselves with the food of the gods. This ‘nectar of supreme excellence’ is, in earthly terms, simply honey, for, as Michael Scot knew, honey has an unsurpassed ethereal counterpart that nourishes the soul, and the magic of the Sacred Feminine (known as the khu) dwells within it. Its essence is gathered from flowers, just as the Scarlet Priestesses of ancient temples were the flowers who fed the khu to the earliest kings when the original human pattern of the androgyne was split. It is indeed a form of natural gold.

Thwarting the darkness

However, although it is very good to take physical honey in balanced quantities, we can use its ethereal qualities with great effect to thwart the intentions of the dark interlopers. We do this by first softening, making gentle, the negative thoughts or feelings that come swirling into our soul-space – our mentality and emotional self. Soften and make gentle the way the inrush of negativity has made you feel.

Now turn the focus of the ayin – the inner eye – to the thought of honey. It is utterly sweet, like the balm of a new day or evening birdsong. It is not cloying or saccharin-sweet, for its sweetness turns the soul to God. Its sweetness is the divine antidote to the burden of degradation and disgust, or the burning sting of distress, that the negative inundation has created within you.

Take the ethereal essence of honey, like an angelic thought, deep inside your mind and soul, into your emotional self, into your suffering nervous self.

It will actually soothe away an acid stomach or a sense of bitterness in the mouth and throat. It gets rid of the deposits of misery and sullenness and general negativity that envelop us from within. It gets rid of the gloop and mire of mind-controlling influences. Take in ethereal honey, take in sweetness, and feed it to your heart and mind. Feed it to the ayin, and look out at the world through softened, gentled eyes, through sweetened vision.

Now let the honey flow from your heart and mind into your language. Dare to use this new language! It takes away the tongue’s need to lash and flail. It transforms the wormwood in our everyday linguistic constructs. It cleanses and purifies. It is the secret of the true Ark of the Covenant.

A healer from the gardens of paradise

You can do the same with pain, sickness and irritation. Pour honey into the site of distress, ethereal honey from the gardens of paradise. It is the kiss of God, the touch of the angels. It will help you. Think of an inundation of honey, mellifluent, cradling you in gentle sweetness. Your very bones will respond.

Physical honey does not destabilize our blood sugar levels because it has been pre-digested in the stomach of the honey bee. It contains every vitamin, every mineral and every trace element in just the right quantities we need to sustain our life-force at its optimum level, ensure protection of the kidneys and avoid overtaxing the liver and bowel. It clarifies brain activity yet is a natural sedative.

Take physical honey in your diet, take ethereal honey in your daily meditations and whenever the need arises, and note how much better you feel! Honey, the essence of correct nourishment, is one of the secrets of the Grail, numbered amongst the Grail Hallows.

The alchemists say that bees originally came from Venus with their gift of honey, and that the bees are its priests. Certainly they seem to hum with Tibetan monkish resonance! When the Grail teachings come to us, they, like honey, will astonish us with their purity, their simplicity, and their power.

© 2012 by Claire Nahmad.

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