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Ann Goes Audible

In last Friday’s email I shared with you all my special healing playlist. It’s some songs I’ve put together that help me to remember,when I’m feeling overwhelmed with pain, fear or other symptoms, who I am and where I am and that none of the lies I am telling myself are real. Afterwards, I thought about how very important and helpful this playlist is to me, and how much I’d like to share it with more of you.

Besides getting my feet tapping, it reminds me how I am made of stars (as Moby says), how I need to let my soul be my pilot (as Sting says), how ‘we are unified’, (as Primal Scream tell us), how I am floating in a sea of love (as Cat Power sings), how I am filled with a death-defying love for you all and my family and Life with a capital L (as Gabrielle Aplin sings), and that this love is unbreakable (Julienne Taylor), and about how 1+1=1 as per New Age mathematics (as Robert Miles sings), as well as so many more beautiful thoughts and tunes that I am lifted right out of my physical condition, and filled with confidence about how I can bring this (cancer) trial I have been going through (for 5 years now) to a Good Ending. I would like to give those treasures to you for this special winter solstice,so here’s the link:!/playlist/Remembering+Who+We+Are/80384581 and I hope it’s useful to you during your Christmas/solstice celebrations.


I also mentioned in last Friday’s email that I did an interview for Spirit Guides Radio with Mark Chatterton (listen below). Afterwards I thought I should have told you a bit more about it. So here’s some more information. I mostly ended up talking about guidance we had received: guidance about starting Cygnus, about moving Cygnus to Wales, and about what has been guiding me throughout my journey with cancer. Lastly, Mark asked me about how I saw the future of Cygnus developing. Well, really that…all depends on you.

And by the way, I’ve just spotted that Mark Chatterton has done very interesting interview with Dr Eben Alexander, author of our this year’s bestselling book: Proof of Heaven

With much love,
Ann Napier


Audio Clip: Interview with Ann Napier by Mark Chatterton

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