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Posted by Rosemary Kessick
26 December, 2012

On 2nd December 2012 we had an email competition for you all to submit your answers to the question above. The first two letters are the winning ones (the prizes were free tickets to the European Premiere of the film 3 Magic Words in London on 21.12.2012). Every single idea we received was brilliant and very much appreciated by us all! We’ve tried to fit in as many of your responses as possible on this page.  And throughout 2013 we’ll be working on making them a reality.

Use other senses to connect

Connecting is not only about sight (the written word) but also about sound and touch. Whilst we have yet to discover “feelmail” your emails could contain a voice message or podcast to download that will help you connect with your Tribe at chakra level so that we will hear the human being and feel the vibration.  Wow!  I can’t wait!

Sue Kenworthy

Use technology, crowd–source

Posing the question suggests that on an unconscious level Cygnus feels a little distant from the wider Cygnus Tribe, this would be natural on one level seeing as much of the wonderful work you do does not involve one on one contact, so to speak, directly with the tribe – so the % of that aspect sounds like it needs to be increased – I think that could perhaps be achieved by looking at how technology could help free up more of your time for relationship development –  its wonderful what computers can help us achieve – see the article on angel channelling in today’s (1st Dec 2012) Observer for a great example of this. Involving volunteers might be a good way forward, you pay their expenses (travel, lunch etc) and they get valuable work experience and the feel good factor of spreading the word. Some work could possibly also be automated – have another fresh look at how similar businesses do more with less – Cygnus’s founding and continuing focus on core values will guide the process.

Good luck, I’m sure lots of useful, practical and most importantly realistic suggestions will arrive, in a variety of forms!

At this particular point in time feeling quite connected to Cygnus – relax into it, you have handed it over and it will happen.

Richard Lohman

The Cygnus Roadshow

The Cygnus Roadshow – visiting different parts of the country, possibly on New Moons/Full Moons taking themes from those cycles ie Scorpio –Transformation, Capricorn – Responsibilty etc.

Local libraries could be invited to host you.

Janice Cooley

Distribute more leaflets, hold events

For Cygnus to develop, create leaflets and ask members to distribute them using their personal connections in the UK and worldwide. To form closer relationships with the Cygnus tribe, host different events such as Cygnus book fairs, gatherings for special spiritual moments, and Cygnus retreats which could include guest speakers (authors, poets), spiritual workshops, music performances, art exhibitions and healthy food.

Good luck, sending you all love,
Anita and Jose

Tell the world, sell e–books and create a proper mission statement

What steps could be taken in 2013 for the WORLD to know that Cygnus Books is by far the BEST book–selling and information service like no other? The first idea that came to me, and maybe you are already thinking of it too with the advance of IT technology, is to start offering electronic books. Also, is it now time for the CYGNUS TRIBE to meet and share with other like–minded tribes? Would it be possible to turn up at events (e.g., garden shows, bringing relevant garden books; wedding shows, bringing relationship books; Trade shows (e.g., Taste of Christmas in Excel Center London and bring all that is relevant for Christmas). Or how about offering to talk at Associations (Professional Women Associations, Men, Teenagers) or going into schools and talking about the richness found in reading wonderful, inspiring books. Would CYGNUS be willing to travel out of England and spread the word to English speaking associations in Europe? Finally, think about updating CYGNUS business philosophy and make it your Mission Statement :

CYGNUS – we are the premier, global provider of inspirational books that will help to enlighten the mind, heal the body and nourish the soul. We are the upward positive spiral by being the business beacon of generosity, love and trust in all that we do. We offer our services with passion, intelligence and dedication always.

YOU are more than a book–selling and information service! YOU are the Hand that lights our Candle. YOU are the first glimmer in the sun–rise. YOU are the scent from the flower. KEEP UP YOUR GREAT WORK.

With my very best wishes for a wonderful New Year to you all and for your continued success for the next 100 years and more.

Marette O’Rourke

Catch the Approaching Wave

I will begin with an image of soft clay. The source of all is a large ball of clay and all living beings are small pieces in a myriad of shapes and sizes. The illusion is the feeling of separateness, we need the understanding that all is one (unity consciousness). If a child squashed all the clay together, each piece would rejoin source blending instantly, because all consists of the same substance.

With each piece of clay, consciously formed and experienced, more is learnt about the nature of the substance, knowledge is gained. Physical life is a form of play, intended to be joyful. In an instant it can be realised that all negativity, in all its forms, is just illusory, just resisting our innate flexibility and becoming inflexible, set in our ways, like dried out clay. But the addition of a little water (light in motion) and some manipulations/adjustments and time, the flexibility can and will, sooner or later return. The Cygnus review has acted and can continue to act as ‘a little water’ reachable when a person realises they are dry, thirsty.

But the Cygnus review must itself remain truly flexible into 2013, as new understandings and new technologies filter ever faster into our society, it must move with the times that are about to move as they have never moved before. Soon words of truth will at last be able to be spoken freely within mainstream media, the Cygnus review would be a wonderful television program at this time, viewers being hungry for knowledge and to learn of sources of information on many different subjects.

Perhaps a Cygnus review team could go on tour around the country with a selection of authors giving talks and displaying their books/e–books.

Imagine the availability of ‘The Jetsons’ type technology, freely available clean energy, new modes of transport and audio visual technologies. The sky is not the limit! Cygnus will need to embrace limitlessness, to soar, keeping abreast of the rapid changes, always looking for the positive possibilities of each societal advance.

Thank you Cygnus for all you have done and all you will do in the future.

Michelle Smith

Get to know each other

My suggestion is to randomly pick a Cygnus supporter to be your ‘cygnet’ for the monthly magazine. Find out a little about them, their viewpoint on life, what book they would recommend as being influential in their life and ‘jewel offering’ they would give to other readers. it would give a more ‘common’ universal aspect to the magazine which is becoming full of ‘unknown’ illuminaries.

Jenny Dean

A Cygnus Blessing Tree

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to send out a beautiful piece of ribbon with every Cygnus order and invite everyone to send it back to you with their hopes and blessings for 2013 written on it?  Your authors too, could be invited to send  their love, wisdom and thoughts so encircling everyone in the Cygnus family. A tree could be consecrated as the Cygnus Blessing Tree of Wishes, and if it gets too laden, then another then another, maybe it would eventually be a wood, an orchard or even a forest! Perhaps at the end of 2013 the ribbons could be gathered up and all the thoughts transcribed into a Cygnus book of love. Knowing that a part of us was forever with Cygnus would surely strengthen the bonds between us all. Maybe it could be started off with the guests at the 3 Magic Words event?

Rosemary Kessick

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