I Mould My Heart

Posted by Gabriella Kapfer
30 January, 2013

Dear Friends,

On the Feast of Epiphany we visited our friends Jehanne and Rob Mehta (see p. 11) and there we met Louis Bohtlingk, author of Dare to Care [220402, £6.99] and his wife Sandra and a very interesting musician and sound healer – Gabriella Kapfer. We sat in a circle around a beautiful open fire, but it seemed to us that an even bigger fire was made by the joining of our hearts. A banquet of soul-food manifested itself in the form of our conversation and Geoff and I went away feeling nourished and deeply warmed by the inner fire. A particularly magical moment was when Gabriella sang to us a song, whose message simply begged for us to share it with you, as a guiding impulse for this new era in which we now stand. Gabriella also forges and moulds singing bowls and teaches others how to do so and in this song you catch such a strong sense of the inner fire moulding your heart so it can be filled with Spirit and sing its purity out into the world. All the while we were listening to it, we could see in our mind’s eye the image of the Ace of Cups from the Rider-Waite Tarot – one of our favourite pictures ever! So we’ve included a picture of that for you as well. And here is Gabriella’s message for you:

With all our love, Ann and Geoff and the Cygnus Team.

I have received many songs from Nature – following an experience of being invited through the dimensional veil and asked whether I would commit to work on a deeper level with Nature and the Earth. Most of the songs seem to be messages from nature for us humans to vibrationally facilitate our remembering and our alignment to the potential of who we can be in our fullness, in harmony and co-operation with all of life as co-creators of this world.  But this particular song I received on the island of  Iona when I first went there and  felt I had ‘come home’ and it was as if the song was singing me.

It feels like now is the time for which it was written as the veil is melting and we are taking our first baby steps in an unknown new vibrational frequency of a new cycle and era inviting us to create and live from the place of heart centred consciousness.

I mould my heart

I mould my heart into a cup to receive your gift of love.
I mould my heart into a cup to hold the holy dove.
The wind speaks of changes that I don’t understand,
Of dying and renewal, that’ll sweep across the land.

I mould my heart into a shell to hear the mermaids sing.
I mould my heart into a shell to feel the ocean’s swing.
The waves speak of changes to wash upon our shore,
Of terrors and of wonders that’ll shake us to our core.

I mould my heart into a spear to pierce the veil of fears
I mould my heart into an ear to listen to your tears.
The Earth speaks of changes that ache inside her bones,
Of birth and liberation vibrating through the stones.

I mould my heart into a harp to join the fairies song,
I mould my heart into a harp to play the tunes of long.
The sun sings of changes, that burn inside his heart,
Expanding and exploding, to melt the veil apart.

I mould my heart into a cup to house the holy dove,
I mould my heart into a cup to share the gift of love.

Gabriella Kapfer, Iona July 2000

To hear a recording of the song sung live a capella in St Oran’s chapel on Iona, go to: http://peace-trails.com/category/sound-samples-mp3s and click on ‘I mould my heart’mp3. or go to http://peace-trails.com/cds and scroll to ‘songs of the dove’ and click on the sound sample below named: ‘I mould my heart’mp3.

© 2013 by Gabriella Kapfer



peace is contained within the limitlessness of love

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