The Stone Cracked Open and a Jewel Blazed Inside

Posted by Cygnus Team
8 January, 2013
Dear Friends,

Each recent issue of Cygnus seems to mention ‘We Are One’ more and more often. and I now feel I HAVE to send you the words below which are from emails I was sending to friends to update what was happening at the time of my husband Paul’s final journey. I trust you will not be upset or embarrassed by these, but see WHY I HAVE to share them.

The 2nd Anniversary of Paul’s Passing on the 19th December proved to be SO FULL of LOVE, spent with old and new friends and sharing ‘We Are One, Just One Breath’; and then three INCREDIBLE gatherings on 21st/22nd, with three very different groups and these groups joining with others worldwide, and sharing in effect ‘We Are One, Just One Breath’

This message which is SO personal to me, but also SO Global, it is just WONDERFUL and gives me such Comfort and HOPE, that one day we WILL all ‘BE AS ONE’. My beloved Bridge Engineer husband, who, through his illness and death became a ‘Bridge Builder’ bringing together friends of different beliefs/religions in LOVE.

I feel we are now in a phase of openness and honesty as never before, and I am promoting this in the little Meditation Group that I run.
By sharing our PAIN, our suffering, our LOSS, our negative feelings, alienation, Abandonment……………we can support and help one another.
I have been astounded to find, because of my raw grief, and NO family to turn to, that I have to be open and honest to receive help; normally families would share these emotions behind closed doors, but I can’t do that, and as a result many folk have ‘opened up’ and shared how they also have these feelings, although their situations are completely different.
On this level also we have come together, sharing PAIN etc………. ‘We Are One, Just One Breath’…………I’ve only just realised this, as I sit and type this to you, these words are applicable in an area I hadn’t considered previously….it’s just blown me away! CRIKEY!!!!!

We have all travelled many painful miles, and have learnt much as a result, and as we use our experiences to help others, and they use theirs to help us; we will all build on these and move forward together in PEACE, LOVE and HARMONY.

The Journey

Paul’s wonderful experiences and miracles have continued this week and on Tuesday we once more were able to get him out for a ride to The Ferry and then by the sea at Fludyers where we watched a beautiful sunset whilst I played my flute.

Tuesday evening he was tired and a friend and I just sat very quietly ‘being’ with him, then he ‘perked up’ and they played the little drum together and I played my flute.

On Wednesday he was very, very tired and friends did reflexology on him and we all sat in a healing circle, holding his hands and feet, just ‘being’. He was ‘alert’ for a friend who visited in the evening.

On Thursday he was bright enough for a friend to trim his nails and for me to cut his hair, then we all sat together eating cake and watching the birds. The Macmillan Nurse came and was told she’d find us having a tea party! That evening we spent just quietly together.

Friday we sat and birdwatched again having another tea party with cake! In the evening he was ‘bright’ and made an incredible ‘connection’ with me as he lent forward and put his forehead (3rd eye) to mine, where we sat ‘linked’ for a considerable time. WOW – such ‘togetherness’. For some time P has been ‘making contact’ with his eyes to compensate for his inability to communicate, and sometimes we will be linked ‘soul to soul’ with the intense depth with which he ‘links in’, this was like an incredibly powerful extension of that.

Saturday, with Bernie and Kathryn we once more went for a ride, this time to the ‘last’ of our very Special local spots, Loompit Lakes/R Orwell, where we saw avocet and Brent geese. I sent K&B home as was concerned at the falling snow, and P and I then had 21/2hrs that were to be the MOST INCREDIBLE of our Blessings.

We played the flute and drum together, we had an AMAZING ‘intimacy/link/connection’ .I stroked his hands and he massaged my thighs, and leaned forward and made the 3rd eye connection and there we sat, 20mins? 1/2hr? It was timeless, of another dimension, such depth. I was talking to him and telling him we were both on a journey, we were both being LOVED and Protected, and travelling to the LIGHT. I was being looked after by wonderful friends, I was strong, I would be OK, we would ALWAYS be together. I told him how much I loved him, over and over. He did ‘eskimo nose rubs’. We shared something SO AMAZING words cannot begin to describe it, I guess the nearest is PURE TOTAL UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.
I felt such Peace as I left him, he was surrounded by LOVE and there was such PEACE in his room. We were undoubtedly ‘joined by many’.

I had a phone call early Sunday morning from the hospital, Paul had had a fall, they suspected a slight stroke. He was in bed and I sat and held his hand, talked to him, played my flute, read from a book of short stories a dear friend had written. Paul became ‘agitated’ and the nurse sedated him, and he was peaceful, the doctor saw him and admitted he was unfamiliar with Paul’s condition and thought he would ‘rally’ and be with us for days/weeks.

A nurse suggested I needed to have friends with me, rather insistent in fact. I phoned B&K and they came. Another nurse asked if we were staying the night, I asked ‘why’ and was told that when someone is as bright as Paul had been on Saturday, then ‘plummets’ the following day it is often nearing ‘the time’. We therefore stayed.

We read to Paul, we played a drum, a flute, a singing bowl, massaged his feet. We talked together of our sailing/canoeing/walking/New Years/holidays/meals/theatre/music……
many happy, happy times, the room was filled with ‘happiness’

The nurses turned Paul onto his side and he was SO peaceful and rested, I stroked his head and held his hand and talked of all the wonderful times we’ve had together, ‘Lizi’, m/bike/sailing/canoeing/walking etc
He opened his eyes and we made a ‘connection’, I told him how much I loved him, how Special he was to me, how we would ALWAYS be together……………..then I saw his colour change and I knew he had ‘gone’. TOTAL COMPLETE PEACE, NO SUFFERING, NO PAIN, SURROUNDED BY LOVE.

What an AMAZING MIRACLE, we have been so so blessed on this journey, with angels and miracles all along the way. Our darling, darling Paul, who we so wanted to stay with us, but if that was not to be, then we all prayed/chanted/sent LOVE and Healing that his journey would be pain free and without distress and this has happened. He has remained quiet, calm, kind, caring, loving, the Paul we all so loved, and always will.

His final ‘gift’ to me, at 3,00am I looked out at the garden to see it bathed in moonlight – I went to the front, opened the blinds and there was a full moon with Orion close by, our favourite. The hours we’ve spent stargazing and moonwatching together. I moved my Candle and photo of Paul to the table into the moonlight, with all the ‘deieties/poems/prayers’ from my altar, and gave THANKS for all that we have had, for Paul’s wonderful final moments on his JOURNEY to the LIGHT.
I thanked your Gods, and YOU, our dear, dear friends, for making this such an INCREDIBLE JOURNEY full of CONSTANT LOVE and Support.

May Paul’s legacy be of Open Hearts and Open Minds, acceptance of one another, and others’ beliefs. We have worked together for many years for PEACE and LOVE, and this is what I will continue to do knowing my (our) Paul will ALWAYS BE THERE.

OUR LOVE and THANKS to you all
Jude and Paul


During my INCREDIBLE 3rd eye connection with Paul, I ‘heard’ ‘WE ARE ONE’ ‘JUST ONE BREATH’ – I treasured this and have ‘kept it’ as something for ‘us’, from our Special LOVE and Connection of 41 years. This was something so Special to ‘me’. I also ‘saw’ 2 ‘views’.

In the early hours of this Winter Solstice/Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon (nice one Paul!) I realised that these were not for ‘me’. These are for ALL OF US.

Isn’t this what Paul’s Journey has been all about? He has proven to us that ‘WE ARE ONE’ in our LOVE for him, we have all been ‘working together’ with Prayer/Chanting/Healing/LOVE, and now remain united by our Grief.

Truly ‘WE ARE ONE’ – we are ‘JUST ONE BREATH’. He has brought us ALL together as Christians/Pagans/Hindu/Buddist/Taoist/Agnostic/Aetheist…….. ALL UNITED BY LOVE.
THIS is what this is all about
THIS is ‘Why’ we have ‘lost’ our Paul, but we haven’t ‘lost’ him, because he will ALWAYS be with us.

I also ‘saw’ 2 things during our ‘connection’, which again I considered ‘personal’ to me.
One was ‘Seahenge’, a truly Special Place where we spent my 50th b/d, where we had the most incredible ‘mystical’ experience.
The other was Paul standing on a little bridge in Spain when we did our m/bike tour many years ago – I couldn’t understand this at the time, as it wasn’t ‘significant’ in our holiday. However, this is now ‘clear’ in my mind.

‘Seahenge’ is a Sacred Site, a Special Place (like our Paul is so very, very Special). It was ‘torn’ from where it belonged, as we perceive has happened with our dear man. However, the ‘presence’ of Seahenge STILL remains powerful and wonderful (as does our Paul’s presence) and will always be so, NOTHING can take that away.

The bridge in Spain – Paul standing in the middle of it, this is our Paul, standing between friends of different beliefs, he is the ‘link’, He is ‘on both sides’, he has brought everyone together. THIS is what we have been working towards for so many years, and Paul, by his remarkable journey, has achieved this amongst those who knew and loved him.

This now has to be continued as Paul’s legacy, and the ripple effect can be SO immense as you embrace others with Open Hearts and Open Minds and extend that LOVE to ALL you meet of whatever race/religion.

Winter Solstice is a time of REBIRTH, a time of saying ‘Farewell to the Dark’, and ‘Welcoming the ‘LIGHT’ – WHAT a time for our Paul’s Rebirth!. For us all to bid farewell to the Darkness as we anticipate the LIGHT that will come.

Our darling Paul has gone to the LIGHT and as we think of him remember:


Our deepest LOVE to you all at this Special Time of Year

Jude and Paul The BRIDGE Man

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