Stepping into a new world

Posted by Cygnus Team
2 January, 2013

Well 2013, here we are! As we stand facing this new year we are each holding a key. In 2012 we journeyed under the surface, to the truth of our Selves. It was not an easy journey but, there in the dark, dank soils we found bright, healing crystals and the riches of truth. Through blood, sweat and tears we found our way to the womb of our Mother Goddess and she gave, to each of us, a key. This key is our true Selves. The door this key unlocks leads out into a New World. Many of us call it the New World, or a New Age, but I feel it is the same beautiful, divine world – merely from a new perspective, viewed with eyes of truth and experience. To turn the key one must merely act with compassion.

Is that enough?

How do we know that we have enough compassion to turn the key? Simple – the very fact we have they key means that we do! The journey to the dark womb leads every soul through empathy, acceptance, love and, ultimately, compassion

In the light of the new dawn we reflect upon all we’ve learned. I learned to deeply and completely love and accept my whole self and those around me. Being able to do this frees me to play my part, which I will do with active compassion. Together we will all play our parts and I for one am excited to see what this will bring in 2013 and beyond!

What’s next?

Who can tell what experiences are in store for us as a society or as individuals? But one thing I do know is that, with compassion as the core fundament of our way forward, everything that is to come is a step in the right direction!

I have to admit, though, to a little trepidation with the beginning of 2013. I’ve been working myself up to this moment! I’ve made pretty big claims and promises regarding my direction in life and devotion to the ‘new world’. Every now and then I question ‘what if I’m not enough? Am I ready? What if I can’t make the difference I hope to make?’. What I remind myself, to ease the pressure, is that this is a journey to be taken one step at a time. Applying compassion to my Self means I can trust that the outcome, and the next step, will follow suit just in the way that they are meant to.

I’m realising (actually as I type these words) that although we may have an aim in our sights, or some result we hope to achieve … the outcome isn’t what it’s all about. Our part to play and our unique attribute we each have to offer is our active compassion – as soon as we’ve turned that key we’ve begun fulfilling our role! With each step we continue fulfilling that role so, you see, there is no pressure.

I think it was Billy Connolly who said, in the Waterboys song ‘Spiritual City’:

‘Everybody’s born to do a certain thing and if you’re dead jammy you find it. If you’re good at it just keep doing it … until you’re fed up and then do something else.’

I love how this simplifies things. It makes me feel less overwhelmed when I remember that things needn’t be more complicated than living with compassion.

To help us on our way

It is so perfect that compassion came to the fore in the January issue of the Cygnus Review. Ann told me how it did so ‘all by itself as always’. She had already planned to write about it, in the opening letter, because of a ‘wonderful conversation’ that she’d had with Hans Andrea in Bradford-upon-Avon (having talked about it in interview). William Bloom wrote about action being as important as all the mental and emotional work we do, in his piece Humanity’s Miracles and Peak Experiences , and Pierre wrote, in Singing Their Way to Freedom!, about work he is involved in that helps the dispossessed of the poor on the planet. So Ann chose books about compassion to go on both of their pages: Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life and The Compassionate Samurai.

A Cygnus Reader, Georgie Fox, having read through the magazine, realised that we would very much enjoy this beautiful video about a compassionate way forward:

One love,
Louisa and the Cygnus Team

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