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Posted by Becky Walsh
30 January, 2013

In the many years that I have been teaching intuition I felt something was missing. So I used my intuition to find out what it was. I always thought that there was one form of intuition to tune in to love or fear depending on how you see life, as a glass-half-full or a glass-half-empty person. However, if you understand that we live in a dualistic world of opposites – war/peace, affluence/poverty, etc. – you can see that there are also two polarities of intuition: love is at one end of the sound spectrum and fear is at the other. One form serves the ego and the other serves love. One has a high pitch (love) and one has a low pitch (fear). Ego-based intuition looks to keep you protected; it makes decisions through the filter of the ego, which also means any psychological baggage that you may be carrying will be added into the filter of your intuition. Perhaps this is why many people don’t feel safe trusting their intuition; they are listening to the wrong form of knowing. When you listen to love it has no words, but it knows profoundly. It speaks of joy and resolution; it moves past fear toward love.

Gut versus heart instinct

Ego intuition is also known as a ‘gut instinct.’ Knowing when something feels bad is a good thing, but avoiding situations or people without knowing ‘why’ is limiting. Living a life of self-protection isn’t really living. But this is what we are programmed to do; the ego protects the physical body. The bottom three chakras connect to the body and protect it. The solar plexus reaches out from the body and reads people and/ or situations. It then takes this information to the sacral chakra, which it turns into a feeling. The feeling is taken into the gut brain; yes there is a brain in your gut! Embedded in the line of the intestines is the enteric nervous system, with hundreds of millions of neurons – one-thousandth the number in your brain. This network is termed the second brain and controls the gut function. Gut neurons communicate with the brain through the vagus nerve, which runs from the base of the brain to the chest and the abdomen. The clearest connection between the gut and mind, this is how we experience anxiety and stress. We’ve all experienced those moments of fear or stress when your guts literally feel like they are churning or liquid.

How your chakras affect your intuition

One way of interpreting or understanding this mind-gut connection is through the chakras. Our solar plexus chakra picks up signals from people or situations and looks for them to be dangerous; a repeat of something that hurt us in our past, or simply is not in alignment with what we want. This information is then absorbed by the sacral chakra and turned into emotions. The gut brain then reads these emotions and sends this information for analysis by the brain, which tries to digest it logically by using our words. In this way, you can see how our stomach is our understanding of what we are digesting from the outside world – not just our food and water, but our emotions, too – which also goes some way to explaining why conditions such as celiac disease and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) are often linked to stress and anxiety.

Although gut instinct is very important, as discussed in the previous chapter it can lead to problems if we have a very active solar plexus. What makes the solar plexus active is our psychology; it is our belief in our capacity to feel safe in the world. If we don’t trust ourselves to cope, or trust the world to be a good place, our solar plexus will be overactive and give us the intuitive heads-up on impending doom all the time. This can lead to feelings of anxiety and stress with no sign of a real cause. Often this is the case with empaths; they just become too sensitive. Rather than trying to change your chakras, which know far better than your ego, start to look at your psychology and the underlying cause of your stress, anxiety and fears.

Developing love-based intuition

Resolving them could be as simple as making a list of every amazing thing you have ever done, of all the wonderful acts of human kindness you see. Start to unravel the belief that the word isn’t safe and build upon the positive belief in you. Developing your heart or love based intuition will also change the messages your gut is giving you, too. Unlike gut intuition, love-based intuition doesn’t work on the development of the ego’s belief in its problems and fears. Instead it shines a light into the only real truth there is… love.

When I work with a client I take their belief in their problems seriously, but I don’t consider they have a problem. To me, some are in a holding pattern of unhappiness while they are waiting for more information. I give them that information so that they can move through the thing that is holding them in their ego. This way, between the two of us, we can bring more love into life. During the session, if I am not feeling love for the client I usually conclude the appointment.

You Do Know by Becky Walsh
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Some people are not ready for that kind of love or breakthrough. This in no way means my consultations are fluffy; a kick up the backside can be just as loving as offering a hand to hold. But if I don’t love them I know I had my ego filter on during the appointment. This means, for example, if I’ve had a bad relationship with a rock star ex-boyfriend, I might see bad things about my client’s relationship with her fabulous rock star boyfriend. Ego intuition looks everywhere for information that might be useful. Love intuition simply listens for the sound resonance: is it in alignment or is it not? As the intuitive inquirer, you can then become curious about what you feel and receive more accurate information. The trick is to stay in the higher pitch of a loving resonance. Love expands, fear limits. We want to make decisions in life from the heart, not from the head.

From You Do Know © 2013 by Becky Walsh, published by Hay House.

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