Every Sweet Passing Moment

Posted by Cygnus Team
20 February, 2013

Dear Friend,

Louisa is having a well-deserved week off this week from writing those wonderfully inspiring emails she has been creating for us all recently. However, she has a wonderful blog called My Journey So Far. We visited it over the weekend and found it a wonderful haven of peace and wisdom. Just right for quiet reflection after a busy day. Perhaps you have a blog too? In which case we’d love to hear about it and share it with other Cygnus members.

On Louisa’s blog she has a beautiful post in which she reflects on the passing of her father two years ago and the sort of life he is having now. She still has a great connection with him and she wrote the words below with his help and inspiration. If you have lost a loved one, we hope you find this comforting and can pick up the great sense of peace that the words convey.

Every Sweet Passing Moment

I was thinking of my father, this evening. It will be two years tomorrow since he passed onto the other side of life. I was compelled to write the following which I want to share with you.

The stream of days go by as if nothing has changed and yet everything has changed. My body has become but a vesper in the ocean breeze, singing the white horses home with the hush of the waves. Am I really so different as I watch my family from the silence of heaven? I love, I feel, I succumb to every human emotion and I wear it as if I still wore flesh … and yet peace … I know such peace. Try though I might to transmit this somehow to my loved ones, they do not feel this same peace. If only they would pick up their heart phone instead of filling their minds with regret and their days with distractions. Live and learn for themselves they must, and so I simply watch … as a ghost I suppose and yet as a father. One day they will know nothing is lost but everything gained from every passing moment. Every sweet passing moment is not to be retained or owned but embraced in passing like this sweeping salty wind that entwines with our senses as it journeys ever onwards – alive and pure; never standing still to the command of pressure, expectation or will. Simply drifting. Accept my dear ones that we own nothing but have the pleasure of borrowing everything and everything can be experienced, and I mean really experienced, from the moment we let go and refrain from this rigid aim of ownership. Even life is not owned. It is borrowed. Every white horse to grace the sands with its opalescent spill of ethereal light is in the blink of an eye away again to the ocean, and over again, never stopping. Let this be. Watch with soft minds and light hearts the living picture in motion, quiet your thoughts and enliven your senses and listen … you will hear me, you will feel my love for but a moment, maybe, or every sweet passing moment.


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With love, peace and blessings from Louisa, Geoff, Ann and the Cygnus Team

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