Random Acts of Kindness

Posted by Cygnus Team
13 February, 2013

Thank you, from the core of my heart, for your kind responses to my last email and for the support and healing which I can honestly say was deeply felt. We truly are ‘all for one and one for all’. Now that we are building this Ark of Love together though, we are going to need to gather some tools!

The Cygnus team and I are interested to know what you have found helps you to remember your connection to love. I was originally going to ask what helps you to reconnect to love but I don’t believe that we are ever disconnected from It … we just sometimes forget that we are connected … we’ve only to put the phone back to our ear if we want to continue the conversation with our heart, with each other, with the Divine Love.

When we forget about our connection to love it is easy to blame situations, other people or things that are ‘happening to us’. What tends to throw our focus, however, are our subconscious habits. Wouldn’t it be nice if our moods and our energy were less up and down, like that heart phone up and down to our ear … the fact is we know that there are plenty of things we can do to maintain a longer, richer dialogue with love so what do you say we get more proactive and pick up those tools?

Emotional Freedom Technique

How much do you know about EFT? Have you used it yourself? Louise Hay often recommends the therapy and recently had this to say about Energy EFT by Silvia Hartmann on her Facebook page:

‘Tapping is a powerful tool that can truly heal, allowing forgiveness, love, and acceptance into your life, particularly when used along with affirmations’.

EFT follows the meridian points in specific patterns that help you to defy any negative habitual way of thinking that has clogged up like neurological calcification. You offer yourself alternative, positive ways to do things – overwriting the thought codes that have been harmful or standing in the way of your journey ‘further on, further in’ as (Mike Scott says).

Random acts of kindness

Were you aware that this week is ‘Random Acts of Kindness Week’? Perhaps you’ve already been taking part. With it being Valentine’s Day tomorrow too, we really do have the gates of love and kindness flung open at this moment in time, don’t we? A special alignment maybe … an opportunity definitely!

We know how random acts of kindness make a difference; with them we build each other up in profound measures. Just the idea of passing on these blessings makes us smile from the inside out doesn’t it? Receiving a random act of kindness … wow … what a pick me up!

The Cygnus Books team and I would be so glad if you could let us know what random acts of kindness you’ve given or received. We can use this page here as somewhere to share our experiences, or there is always Cygnus’ Facebook page.

Suggestions and a gift from a fellow Cygnus Member

Claire Edwards, who does the accounts for Cygnus Books, reminded us that it doesn’t have to involve money. She suggests ‘chatting to people at bus stops, in queues etc… and thinking of a nice compliment or giving them a blessing. Phone someone you haven’t seen for a while and tell them how much you love/appreciate/remember them or reminisce about old times and say nice things about why they are such a good friend. Leave messages of love and peace in random places such as library books, on shop shelves, park benches. We could even take photos of our endeavours’.

As an act of kindness, an anonymous Cygnus member has offered to pay for somebody’s order today – to be chosen at random. I am smiling as I type about this; what a lovely gesture!

Cygnus Books’ acts of kindness

Cygnus books will select, at random, 1 in every 100 of their orders to be received completely free of charge!

Also, if you want to use the gift service during this week, just let them know if its for a random act of kindness by quoting RAK as a gift voucher code. For just £1.50 they will wrap your gift and even slip a £2 gift voucher in with a greetings card which will read:

I am sending you this gift because I have a feeling it will help. Random acts of kindness make the world a happier place … please pass it on

Don’t forget you can get your gift delivered directly to the recipient.


Well I don’t know about you but I am ready to celebrate Valentines Day and Random Acts of Kindness … and every day and every blessing. I feel like we’re onto something here. As much as the waters around us may have grown, so too has our understanding and our portal of love … a lot of building tools will come from there and working together we’re unsinkable!

One love,

Louisa and the Cygnus Team

p.s. I’ve been asked to give a special congratulations to the two winners of the Where’s Wally Competition – Marion Perrell and Jenny Dean. They have both won ‘the mystery title’!

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