The Divine Truth of Love

Posted by Louisa Mills
27 February, 2013

I feel privileged to write Cygnus Books’ email newsletters and grateful for the connection I feel building with so many like minded people. I’m noticing more and more the beautiful consequences of honest communication. Sharing experiences openly with each other creates such superlative support. The more we open our hearts without ego, the more we reflect love in each other. With so many embracing a more cooperative way of life – taking it back to community and realising (or remembering) an innate Oneness – this love is strengthening.

Love conquers all

Although I’m not a Christian, there is a passage from the Bible that has been resonating with me recently:

‘Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails’.

I expect that you have experienced, just as I have, Divine Love at a moment of ultimate need. It comes to all, unconditionally, if we open to it as a flower to the sun. Although it can’t stop the painful things that happen in life, it eases our hearts, giving us strength and understanding.

It all starts with you

My belief, however, is that Divine Love doesn’t just ‘come to us’ – Divine Love is always with us as an infrastructure of our very beings. I believe that at our very core we glow with a creation spark that was born of Divine Love. Once we really realise this, with absolute faith, we become portals for that grace to fill our lives and the lives of every soul we encounter. Being open and devoted to this Love, to our true Selves, will ease us through this difficult time or, what many refer to as the passage into a new era.

Living with love can seem like such a huge change of lifestyle. But I’m not talking flower power, angel wings or living without our naughty pleasures. It can be a simple thing, really, to incorporate love into your everyday life.

It’s the simple things that make all the difference and are easy to keep up habitually. It is something that we will come to find kicking in from the moment we wake. I like to do some EFT tapping (see opposite) at night before I sleep – telling my subconscious how I will wake with love, feeling positive and ready for joyful, productive day. When we open the curtains, no matter what the weather, we can spare a moment to appreciate the miracle of life and nature – take in the sky, seek out the beauty, give inner thanks according to our own individual beliefs. Whatever we do through the day we can do it with devotional love, look twice at those we deal with until we see the love in them, embrace community spirit, seek out support from our neighbours and offer the same wherever we can. Share whatever is on your mind because a problem shared is a problem halved – be ready to return the favour. Books like Dare To Care by Louis Bohtlingk (see Louis’ article on ‘The Star of Care First‘) teach us how we can even make money-related choices with love. Give blessings and random acts of kindness. Inject love into our homes with flowers, essential oils, crystals and using devotional house-keeping (as Claire Edwards discussed in the February issue of the Cygnus Review) – open the windows to let the fresh air in, to let the love in!

So many of us have been facing hardships and filling our days with these little things can help us to get proactive and take the power of love back.

The truth will set you free

Wearing my heart on my sleeve, recently, I have noticed some people recoil uncomfortably because we have this premise that we just don’t share private matters. But I’m not ashamed; I don’t feel that difficulties we face are something to be embarrassed or defensive about. As I’ve said before, the face we hold to the great sky, of which we are all a part, is a face that is sometimes beaming with a smile, sometimes creased with frowns and sometimes wet with tears … we share everything and everything is perfect. This is the true, unconditional love of Oneness.

This is why I felt okay sharing with you, in a recent newsletter, a loss of faith that I experienced. Believe it or not, after all I’ve said to this point, I began to doubt love.

During the floods

Like so many others, I’ve been facing one difficulty after the other and I was feeling flooded by it all, to the point that I could no longer keep my head above water. Everything became muffled and blurry and I just wanted to sink deeper and deeper into a numb rest.

My thoughts quickly became filled with cold, logical questions like ‘how can we really know that we are loved by the Divine or that there is anything or anyone ‘watching over us’?’.

Let love open the door

As lost and alone as I felt in this doubt and numb surrender, I managed to start seeing through the blur. As soon as love became an issue, as soon as I began losing my faith, it’s as though a signal was sent out and those who are dear to me responded instinctively – without me having to say a word. I was blessed with gestures of love from friends and family, with songs, messages and conversations that were all serendipitously based on the same theme … love. A hand was reaching down to me, beneath the surface. I recognised and appreciated it but didn’t know how to grasp hold of it, I felt too tired. At this point I became scared – I’ve always lived with love, I was a particularly affectionate child and love has always been as natural as breathing to me. Why could I not let love in now and would I ever be able to again?


Earlier this evening I took a quiet moment to really address this lull that I’ve been feeling. My son was sleeping, my partner was doing his art work and I was compelled to go outside into the crisp February air. A cup of steaming hot tea warmed my hands as I intently surveyed the last smouldering strands of a sleepy sunset … I was desperately looking for some counsel; I prayed from the heart as if it was the first time I’d ever truly prayed.

A familiar feeling of calm warmed my senses. I listened to the voice within which conveyed to me that up until now I had only believed the concept of an unconditional, Divine love. It is true that I have lived with love and given love freely, person to person, and I have felt love reflected. With sincerity of heart I have given myself to a One Love, with healing thoughts and intention to humankind … just as we all have been instinctively doing. It was made clear to me that evening though, by windswept messages from a red horizon, that this is only a fraction of what Love is.

Maybe you are feeling, as I do, that it is time to awaken the deep, innate, devout faith in love that is at the core of who we are. I realise and accept that I had to experience doubt and fear in order to pray hard enough to awaken such faith.

Building an ark!

I have an idea … if like me you’ve been flooded by one thing after another, instead of giving up and drowning in it all, how about we choose to reinforce the faith in love?! We could use this strong faith and the power of love to build an ark! As much as the waters around us may have grown, so too has our understanding and our portal of love … a lot of building tools will come from there and working together we’re unsinkable!

One Love, Louisa © 2013 by Louisa Mills

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