Chat Page: April Issue 2013

Posted by Cygnus Team
26 March, 2013

Dear Friends,

I wish to share an insight with you.

I had a dream, this little girl, whose face I could not see was sitting on my lap, she had lost her brother, little boys kept appearing to us. I could not see their faces and she kept saying no that not him. Then I heard a voice say she’s looking in the wrong place, he’s in her heart.

This experience helped me a lot as I’ve lost my twin sister not long ago and keep thinking I’ll go and see that medium then that one and really theres is no need, as she’s in my heart and all I have to do is to just shut my eyes and look in my heart and I can see and talk to her.

Ms C Russell

Open to Love

Be still
Be silent
For gently whispering
In the depths of yourself
Is the love that you seek
In the soft gusting breeze
In the trees that sway
It awaits you
In the wave that laps the shore
In the breaking of the dawn
In the birds’ sweet chorus
There you will find the echoes
Of the love whose only need
Is the opening of your bruised and fearful heart

With love to all, Julie

Within me

Like a vast open desert
Like a deep endless sea
There are uncharted waters
Lying deep within me
Like a bird on the wing
Like a horse running free
From a tiny acorn
Grows a strong oak tree
Like the phoenix shall rise
To spread colourful wings
And the songbird at daybreak
As it joyfully sings
My spirit has risen
No more to sleep
And into the shadows
The light starts to creep
The darkness is fading
As night turns to day
And fresh rays of hope
Clear the sorrow away
To light the way forward
No more turning back
Down a perilous road
Paved with nothing but lack
A bright new path beckons
Me to my destiny
As it waits to reveal
What lies deep within me

Susie Wilcox


Mountain Mountain
Hear my call.
Eternal shrine,
of love recall.
I hear you in your running streams,
I see you in your trees,
I feel you in your stepping stones,
I taste you in your breeze.
Lifted by your clouds of light,
Your moon protects me through your night,
And when I need more than I know,
Your mists are kisses on my soul.
Mountain Mountain,
Speak in tongues.
Create My world,
in silent sun.
let sweetened rains, release all pain.
For seeds to grow,
In love again.

Rosie Hassal

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