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Posted by Cygnus Team
27 March, 2013

Dear Friend,

Would you like to take a moment, with me, to step back and look again at what really matters and what doesn’t. Love has thankfully become the focus recently, finding it’s way in whatever way it can and rocking our worlds, turning bothersome old habits on their heads. Have you noticed how far you’ve come since last year? I think we are beginning to notice just how much love matters.

Free your heart

Have you begun reading the April issue of the Cygnus Review? It’s available to read online now, just visit this page on the Cygnus website or scroll to the bottom of my email for direct links to the articles. This collection of articles and books really focuses in on what matters; I am completely captivated by how in harmony it is with all I am living right now. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it’s the same for you. Ann’s article really brings home just how much love does matter. Love isn’t some whimsical fancy or puff of smoke… it’s at the root of everything and can be as important as the air we breathe. Ann’s inner quest of the truth of love has kept her proving doctors wrong and kicking cancer’s ass. She may have more yet to discover but I am awestruck by the form love is taking in her life and by Ann’s adept way of molding it into medicine like a song that resonates healing through her body, soul and heart.

A little room to stretch

Pierre Pradervand touched on something in his article that is aligned perfectly with something I’ve recently discovered myself. Talking of a profound experience of sacred love, he describes how he found himself ‘in a mental space completely out of time and geographical space’.

My discovery of this space began when I realised, at somewhere past midnight last night, that most of what has been taking my focus recently doesn’t actually matter. I’d found myself stuck in an echo of thoughts – reading into all that had been said and done during the day, stewing over the fact the dishes hadn’t been done, panicking about an unexpected bill and so many other things. Worry, worry, worry. I noticed that my facial muscles were tight, my eyebrows frowning and I was rigid even beyond the surface of my skin – in my mind. It’s as if my thoughts were scrunched up into a small space at the front of my mind, constricted and pinpointed on all that doesn’t even matter! I likened it to zooming in on a flaw on the most beautiful painting – consumed by it and drawn to it so closely that my nose touches the canvas as I repetitively examine every line of the brush stroke that I deem ‘wrong’. All the while I am scrutinising I am missing the whole picture.

So I stepped back and noticed my ‘mental space completely out of time and geographical space’. It was bliss and my inner being could at last get a good stretch. Just closing my eyes now I am back there, open to what flows through my mind, just as it flows through everything in life – Love. And I don’t mean thoughts of love, nor words or analysis of it … I mean the freedom of love. Pure and simple. With gentle eyes now, I am smiling.

Is it really as simple as making a choice?

Yes, we really can just chose to step back and look at the whole painting, no matter how big the problem may seem to us. Cygnus Books are selling a book called The Happiness Choice by Marilyn Tam which is thoroughly worth making the most of – it’s packed with sound strategies and advice to help us step back from even the most stubborn of worries.

More good news in this respect is Eckhart Tolle’s new Meditation CD! I was hoping for a way to experience the sacred space of an open mind, at any given moment (not just when practicing meditation) and this promises to do just that.

There are even two new exciting fiction titles themed on what really matters. I personally can’t wait to dive into Paulo Coelho’s new book Manuscript Found in Accra and This Flawless Place Between by Bruno Portier which is being likened to classics such as The Alchemist and Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

So many books to choose from, it is almost too difficult… but then the right messages always tend to find their way to us, don’t they? I’m off to enjoy the rest of the magazine; I wish you happy reading!

One love,

If you’d like to share your thoughts on the new issue of the Cygnus Review or your experiences, thoughts and feelings of Divine love, lets discuss at the bottom here.

For the full list of titles in our April issue, click here.

Featured articles from this issue:

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