Keys to the Universe

Posted by Diana Cooper
26 March, 2013

2012 marked the end of a 260,000-year cosmic era on Earth. The symbol for that age was a six-pointed star and there were thirty-three spiritual laws for that period. Now we are birthing a new fifth dimensional Golden Age during which 48 Keys and 2 golden cosmic keys hold the energies that guide us. An understanding of these holds you in the fifth dimension. The symbol for the forthcoming civilization is the Metatron Cube, which is an advanced six-pointed star.

The Metatron Cube

As the symbol of the New Golden Age, the Metatron Cube contains every aspect of sacred geometry; throughout all aspects of nature sacred geometry brings the masculine and feminine energies into perfect balance and harmony. The ancients did not analyse the shapes. Rather they experienced and felt the flow that the shapes created and everything was built using sacred geometry, so that people felt in harmony and balance when they were in buildings or gardens.

You may like to link to your monad or original divine spark and align your chakras to the sacred shapes held in each one. Breathe in the fifth dimensional colour of each chakra and invoke the archangels to bring your cells to perfect balance.

The colour of Sirius is blue green, so in order to tune into that Golden Cosmic Key of Sirius with its new advanced concepts as well as the spiritual technology of telepathy and levitation, this is a simple exercise you can do.

Surround yourself in blue green light. When you have breathed it in ask Archangel Metatron to take you to every aspect of the Cube, to allow you to gain a higher perspective of its importance and impact.

The Cube represents the love energy of the universe and the beings of Mu, the Golden Age before Lemuria, look after the divine blueprint of all stars within the cosmic Metatron Cube.

Just by looking at it something changes in your consciousness. It is a very powerful symbol.

When I was asked to write this article, I picked a Key card for Cygnus and was not really surprised when I drew Sonic Sounds, for Sonics are angelic harmonies and when the angels sing these over you, miracles can happen. There are certain qualities that call in the angels to sing and I feel these qualities are an inherent part of Cygnus’ work and message – selfless love, pure intentions and divine peace. Sacred geometry also attracts angel Sonics.

Here are simple ways you can help yourself, others and the planet.

1.Focus on the divine perfection of plants, trees, animals, the people around you or the planet. Hold the intention that whatever you chose to energise is whole and happy, then visualise a cascade of glorious harmonics flowing over them from the angels. This is a wonderful way to offer healing to nature, people or animals.

2.Listen to beautiful music and be aware of the angels singing over you.

3.You can nurture yourself by breathing in a beautiful pale yellow gold colour and imagine, sense or hear the angels singing over you.

4.Set a pure intention for the day and carry it out.

5.Expect miracles.

The Ancient Tribes from Atlantis

At the fall of Atlantis the twelve High Priests and Priestesses each took their tribe to a location that was specially prepared for them. When I pick a card for any purpose I know and trust that the angels are guiding the perfect card to come forward to help the readers. I picked the Key Card, the Babylonians as I was writing this section.

The Babylonians

At the end of Atlantis the High Priest Horus led his tribe to Babylon. They carried a vast knowledge of the seasons, the sun and the cosmic properties of water. And they worked symbiotically with the elementals, tending the land together and keeping it green and beautiful. This enabled them to create the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. They taught the locals about irrigation, to design creative buildings, fashion beautiful crafts and to trade with honour in accordance with the Spiritual Laws.

They knew that when you bless water you bring the energy up to the fifth dimension. If you are drinking pure cold water, showering or bathing, bless the water so that it uplifts your energy. If you bath children in blessed water or bless water in the swimming pool or ocean, everyone in it will benefit. The blessed water is purifying you at a cellular level.

So link into their energy and work with what nature provides for the greater good. They also help you to understand and apply the spiritual laws.

© Diana Cooper, Spiritual Author of many books and Founder of the Diana Cooper School.

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