Stop Treating Symptoms by Healing the Hidden Cause

Posted by Sandy Newbigging
26 March, 2013

When you fully appreciate the immense and immediate impact that your mind is always having within your body and life, it becomes clear that physical wellness and emotional well-being are intimately connected. Consequently, physical health complaints don’t necessarily have purely physical causes and unhealthy beliefs and emotional unease can be the common hidden causes to many chronic physical conditions and persistent life problems.

Move beyond treating symptoms

Conventional approaches to healing physical conditions, troubling emotions and destructive behaviours can fail to deliver lasting benefits because they often only treat the surface-level symptoms rather than healing the deeper underlying mental and emotional causes.

Ignoring the underlying causes is a bit like attempting to flatten a turbulent river without first removing the jagged rocks sitting below the surface; you can try all you like, but without removing the rocks it’s going to make very little long-term difference!

Your body is a physical mind

Obvious mind–body connection responses include getting a red face when embarrassed, your mouth watering when you think of a food you love and experiencing butterflies in your stomach when you’re feeling nervous or excited. Even sexual arousal requires the mind and body to communicate!

Although we generally take these common physical reactions for granted, if you stop a moment to consider all the physical reactions that happen as a result of what’s happening in your thoughts and emotions, you can’t help but begin to question whether your chronic back pain, skin condition or digestive disorder is the result of a purely physical phenomenon.

The implications of the mind–body connection are massive when it comes to understanding why people end up with challenging physical conditions. This is especially so when you explore the extent to which your beliefs are not only known by the cells of your body but are also constantly actually causing physical changes to occur. More about this soon, but first let’s play a game:

Monitoring the body-mind

Notice what happens within your body when you:

Think about certain memories;

Think about someone you dislike compared to someone you love dearly;

Think about different future scenarios that you are excited about compared to ones you’re worried about;

Find something funny and laugh;

Find something sad and cry;

Criticize someone/something;

Praise and appreciate someone/something;

A vital first step in self-healing

The first step in intentionally self-healing (I say intentionally, because you are unintentionally self-healing all the time!) is to notice first-hand, in your own personal life experience, that your thoughts and emotions are impacting on your body.

Becoming aware of this means you move from being oblivious to the ongoing, behind-the-scenes impact of the mind–body connection to a simple appreciation that it is happening.

Although it may sound like a simple step, believe it or not this is a massive leap towards taking charge of your physical destiny.

When you fully appreciate that your thoughts and emotions impact upon what happens within your body, you naturally find yourself in a far better position to actively influence your physical health and well-being.

Your body-mind isn’t against you

Your body is born to live and will do everything it can to stay alive. In fact, I’d suggest it already is doing so! What you may consider to be a physical problem is in fact your body’s best attempt at adapting in order to survive the physical, mental and emotional conditions that it has been subjected to in daily life.

Similarly, whether you believe it yet or not, your mind is also on your side too. Although it can appear, at times, that you have an inner saboteur messing with your manifesting powers, the reality is your mind is always helping you to manifest a life perfectly in line with your current beliefs. Meaning that if you have limiting beliefs then you can end up creating a limited life.

Here’s the good news. It is the natural tendency of the body to heal itself and the natural law of life to be abundant – so this is your invitation to heal any unhealthy beliefs that may not be currently bringing about the levels of health and wealth you want.

The healing power of peace

Over the past few years, both myself and the Mind Detox Practitioners I’ve trained, have witnessed remarkable remissions from health conditions; including skin conditions clearing up, chronic pain vanishing, and digestion problems disappearing, to name but a few. Along with this, we’ve also observed the healing of many other emotional issues and life problems – all from helping people to heal their unhealthy beliefs by making peace with their past.

The Mind Detox Method finds what I refer to as the Root-Cause Reason (RCR), which is justifying the existence of one or more unhealthy beliefs. It then helps you to heal these unhealthy beliefs by coming to healthier conclusions that, due to the interconnection between your mind, your body and your world, can cause healing to occur naturally in your body, emotions and life.

Having tracked the main beliefs causing imbalances in hundreds of clients, I have discovered and worked with the most common unhealthy beliefs. I share the top 20 of these unhealthy beliefs in HEAL THE HIDDEN CAUSE, so that you can make sure you don’t have any of them – or if you do, so that you can heal them for improved health, wealth and happiness.

The possibilities are infinite!

Big benefits can be gain from stepping beyond treating surface-level-symptoms to discover and heal the hidden mind-based causes of physical, emotional and life problems. By making peace with your past, chronic stress is reduced, allowing the body to heal, and by clearing your unhealthy beliefs, you can use your mind as the incredible tool that it is to create improved levels of wealth and well-being.

© Sandy Newbigging

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