The Green Language

Posted by Claire Nahmad
26 March, 2013

There is a new understanding abroad today of nature and our earth, of creation itself. Although this knowledge is very ancient, we have rediscovered it in what is called Cymatic patterning, whereby in loose material such as sand or dust (suggestive of the biblical ‘dust’ from which mystics say everything came into creation), the most beautiful geometric forms appear when resonance is applied to the base on which it rests.

This essence and creational force of music is within all nature. It is within us and it is us in our life as physical form. It arises from the sacred silence within our spiritual depths where God resides, and, via its resonance or vibration, crystallizes in outer manifestation as every form in nature. It is this divine music which is said to be the language of the angels.

The Dragon Essence

The language of the angels, understood to be the creational resonance within nature and within higher consciousness, has been known throughout the ages as the ‘Green language’ or ‘Language of the Birds’, for it was recognised that it sounded throughout nature and was nature, and that its dynamic force was the spirit of ascension. For 160 million years our earth was saturated in serpent or saurian energy as the dragon essence – the great dinosaurs – held sway. Those mighty saurians are with us today in the wonder of birdlife with all its many splendours and its power of mellifluent song, manifesting for our edification the spirit of ascension – where we will follow, it is said, in the not-too-distant future!

A language of the heart

The language of the angels was always a secret language, for it is the language of the heart, residing within the inner sanctum of the mystery of life. In my book I have drawn from this language in its simplest rendition so that it can be used by anyone and everyone. The language of the angels as it is presented here resides in their names, and in the chanting of their names. Within the resonance of each magical name lives the concept of the angel, providing a vessel for its being in the ethereal worlds. It is this that we can call on to summon the angel to our aid and to facilitate the absorption of its benign creative influences into our soul.

Speaking the language of the angels

There are four simple steps to using the language of the angels:

The first is to summon the power of your imagination gently and easily so that you can draw close to the angels.

The second is to hold a very clear idea in your mind of the service you are asking of the particular angel you have decided to call on.

The third is to render that clear idea into a brief and straightforward request for help from the angel, which can be spoken aloud or silently.

The fourth is to chant the name of the angel for a few minutes whilst continuing to retain the clarified request in your mind.

As you speak the language of the angels, let your chanting be resonant and rhythmical so that it moves in an easy, circular flow. It is worth remembering that it is a language of heavenly magic, of secret wonders and sublime mystery. Speak it with reverence, because the earthly mind will try to steal away its enchantment and potency. Yet, as you enter ever more deeply into the presence of angels through regular communion and receive their many blessings, you will find that the materialistic perspective loses its dominion and can no longer imprison you, because you are in the arms of angels.

You might wish to call on the Breakthrough Angel, Uriel, if your desire to achieve something is blocked by indwelling resistance. Och, the Angel of Crystals and Gemstones, is a node point for all the angels associated with crystal work and brings enlightenment and guidance. Hariel, the Angel of Companion and Domestic Animals, will enter your being with his blessing through resonance so that you can heal and commune with your animals.

The Angel of Clear Seeing, Zuriel, eases confusion; the Angel of the Falling Dew, Miriel, brings the touch of magic back into your life and offers replenishment when hopes and dreams have withered away and soul energies and spiritual flow seem parched. The Angel of Creativity, Irel, will light a flame throughout your being so that you catch fire with her impulses. The angel of Benevolent Outcomes, Ach-Sah, will direct the warp and weft of crises or stultifying circumstances so that her gift can be given. And Zeruel, Angel of the Everlasting Arms, will bear you up when you come to the end of your strength.

There are so many angels – the number is limitless – ready to help and to give. We can call on them with their language and allow their resonance to wash through us in floods of spiritual light.

Fireball in the skies

The meteorite that recently struck the Ural Mountains in Russia bore with it as it shattered a deep resonance, many times more profound than the human ear can hear, which was detected by sensors in Antarctica. They showed that the whole planet was bathed in this resonance, which, if we could hear it, would sound something akin to Tibetan priestly chanting. It came, perhaps, to prepare us and our earth for a deluge of spiritual forces, which many predict will arrive very soon. Tuning in to this resonance with inner percipience, I heard the voice of the angels, and it seemed that there had been an upliftment and refinement of conditions on earth so that the vibrations of their language could reach into us ever more strongly and succinctly. This is the time of Eastertide, a time of new beginnings. It is indeed the time to walk and speak with angels, perhaps more vividly than ever before.

© 2013 by Claire Nahmad. Connect with Claire on Facebook.

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