A Message from the Heron: Cygnus Review May Issue Out Now!

Posted by Louisa Mills
24 April, 2013

I’ve been drawn to the mystical bird, the heron, since my early teens and have grown to recognise it as one of my animal guides. With a keen sense of dream and astral exploration, I have always loved it’s¬†otherworldliness¬†and mysterious presence. This is why I was so thrilled to see the cover image of the¬†May issue of the Cygnus Review. Have you seen the magazine yet? Wow!¬†Janet Baxter¬†always has me in awe of her photography and this particular image has really blown me away.

I will always be grateful of the sacred appearances of the heron, during my pregnancy, six years ago.I remember so clearly the time I was in labour; while I held my belly and gazed out of the hospital window, making a special inner connection with my baby, a huge heron flew right by and away into the sunset, heading towards the River Towy I should think. Naturally I had to write a poem about this which you are very welcome to read here, if you like.
If you too have a thing for herons, you’ll enjoy reading the¬†Claire Nahmad feature, from this issue; it’s an excerpt from her book,¬†Angel Messages: The Oracle of the Birds¬†in which she¬†describes all the wonderful things a heron symbolises.

Healing presence

How might it help us to have awareness of our presence, just like the Heron who controls each slow, subtle movement as she stands mild and motionless? How calm every cell of her being must be in order for her to so placidly become a part of the surroundings. To witness a heron standing in serenity, observing in silence is calming and kind on our senses. What if we were to exude the same vibration? William Bloom wrote about gracing those we care about, with this gift, in the opening letter to the Cygnus Review.

Try a little tenderness

I am just being reminded to drink more water and take some cough remedy by my loving partner, Gareth. He is paying very caring attention to me while I mutate with one of the horrible colds that are flying around at the moment. This issue of the magazine addresses more serious illnesses with a good balance of sensitivity and helpful guidance with book recommendations such as All Is Well by Louise Hay, Nourish: the Cancer Care Cookbook and Change Your Brain Change Your Body and the Gift of Alzheimer’s. There are also some really emotionally encouraging and supportive articles Рstarting with the one I mentioned a moment ago, in which William Bloom recounts how he calmed a frightened friend, who was in hospital with lung cancer, by simply providing a presence of a reassuring, relaxed and healing vibration. He takes us through some useful points to remember should a loved one need our care and support РI value this advice as I know too well how difficult it is, in these situations, to know what to do for the best.

Also, Maggie La Tourelle shares a¬†healing¬†perspective¬†of an increasingly common disease, from her book ‘Gift of Alzheimer‚Äôs’ in which we witness how, through love and compassion, a beautiful symbiotic relationship is developed from one that was previously so challenged. And Ann Napier, our friend and editor of the Cygnus Review, is as inspiring as always with the words she so determinedly wrote despite her illness. You can read Ann’s letter to us¬†here,¬†in which she discusses the lesson she has been reminded of, during Cygnus’ recent financial struggles. ‘It has been one of my life lessons to learn to face my deepest fears with equanimity. One of those fears is financial lack.‘ Ann goes on to describe how the gift of gratitude and faith has helped her as she encourages us to ride the waves. You can read her inspirational letter to us¬†here.

Keep going for it

If one of your fears is financial lack also, you could well relate to my article ‘Like a Bird on a Wire’¬†and to the book that had sprung to mind, and off my shelf, while I wrote it –¬†‘The Prosperous Heart‘ by Julia Cameron. I hope it helps!
This issue of the magazine definitely has that repeated theme of maintaining faith and strength – no matter what difficulties you’re going through, be it physical, spiritual or emotional. I’m sure that there is just the right book for everybody, in these pages, to help us to do just that.
I can’t include every book in this email but then that would take the fun out of your browsing anyway now, wouldn’t it?¬†Talking of fun … I’m going to leave you with a video to make you smile! It’s from Timothy Freke who, by the way, is giving an online webinar this Sunday 28th April (click¬†here¬†for more information).

The Mystery Experience from Timothy Freke on Vimeo.

One love,


If you’d like to share your thoughts on the new issue of the Cygnus Review or your experiences, thoughts and feelings of Divine love, just please continue the discussion below.

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