The Evidence In Your Life That You Have A Guardian Angel

Posted by Lorna Byrne
24 April, 2013

You have a guardian angel – whether you believe it or not – and it has been there with you in every moment since you were born.

Just look for the signs

Each and every one of us has been given evidence during our life that we have a guardian angel, proof that was given to us to help us to believe. Unfortunately, many people fail to notice these signs and ignore them or dismiss them as mere coincidence.

People say it’s easy for me to believe in angels. I see angels physically and I have seen them since I was a baby; I see a guardian angel with each and every person I see, regardless of religion. Each day, I see with my own eyes the great lengths that guardian angels go to, to attract the attention of the person they are guarding – sometimes pulling their clothes or making them drop things, but many people continue to doubt the help that is offered.

A meditation to help you

I recorded a meditation to help people to review their own lives with the help of their own guardian angel so that they could remember times and places where their guardian angel gave them help or signs. Recording it, I went into a very deep meditation myself and let my own guardian angel guide the words I used.

I know listening to a meditation is powerful but I want to give you the essence of it here so you can start to see the evidence of your guardian angel at work in your own life.

Give yourself the gift of this few minutes

Wherever you are – sitting at home, on the bus, at a computer, even if you are in a crowded place – allow yourself to become still and at peace. Imagine the presence of your guardian angel standing right behind you – suspend any doubts you have for a moment that it is there – and allow yourself to feel its presence.

Think back to when you were a little child and saw all the joy and wonder in life, to a time before you had any worries. Ask your guardian angel to help you to remember the occasions when it helped you.

Be aware of the thoughts that come into your mind as you do this. They may only be glimpses of images, or fragments of memories. It may be later on, this evening or tomorrow perhaps, when you fully realise what you were being shown.

Remember your guardian angel isn’t only with you when good things happen – it’s also with you through tough and painful times. It may be that you find yourself remembering how your guardian angel helped you through the sadness of losing a loved grandparent.

Your guardian angel may have given you signs through other people, perhaps through what someone said to give you encouragement. It’s often the little things; it might have been your mother unexpectedly making your favourite cake, perhaps she had listened to her guardian angel?

Every child has felt the touch of their guardian angel’s hand comforting and reassuring them. Ask your guardian angel now to help you to remember the feel of this touch – to recognise it. It may have touched you on the hand, on the face, on the shoulders; my guardian angel has always messed with my hair. You may have felt its arms around you, embracing you. When your guardian angel touches you, you feel safe and loved.

Signs in the here and now

Ask your guardian angel to let you feel this touch again as you sit here. Be open to the possibility that you can feel your guardian angel’s touch. Don’t dismiss a little tingling, a feeling of warmth, or a little breeze as nothing. Many people block themselves from experiences by having too high expectations. It reminds me of the woman I met who wouldn’t believe the signs the angels were giving – although she was given lots – as she had an expectation that her guardian angel would appear to her. Too often as adults, we believe we know exactly what a sign should look like, and then we miss the actual signs we are given.

In these last two minutes of reflection, you may have remembered moments when your guardian angel helped you as a child. If so, hold on to these memories, they are very precious, and watch out for signs of your guardian angel helping you again in your everyday life.

If you didn’t remember a moment where your guardian angel gave you proof it was there – don’t think you don’t have a guardian angel, or that it doesn’t love you – I assure you, you do and it loves you unconditionally, just as you are. Over the next few days be aware of any memories from your childhood that come up and watch for signs of your guardian angel helping within them. The angels are telling me to tell you that they give signs all the time – but so often we fail to see them. The angels tell me that children are more likely to see and recognise signs, which is why I am focusing here on childhood.

I am asking that anyone who reads this article is helped to see the signs that their guardian angel is giving them within their own life.

© Lorna Byrne

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