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Healing Victim Consciousness and Judgment

A great shift in consciousness is now occurring on our planet. This shift depends completely upon those of us who are in body to raise our vibration, which means, quite simply, being the most loving people we can be. As we raise our vibration, Earth rises in vibration as well. Spirit guides, angels, loved ones, and others in the nonphysical realm can send love, wisdom, light, and inspiration to us, but we must receive and embody these gifts. The non-physical beings who love and guide us cannot create a shift in human consciousness for us.

A way to raise your vibration

Victim consciousness – the belief that you have been victimized by a person, experience, or life in general – vibrates at a very low frequency. When we understand that we are the powerful creators of all we experience – even if we may not know how or why we created something – we move out of victim consciousness, raise our vibration, and, in turn, raise the vibration of Earth. If your intention is to contribute to the shift in human consciousness, know that moving out of victim mentality is a powerful and magnificent way to do so.

Victim consciousness is a false belief, one that has become part of our limited, habitual way of thinking. It has tempting secondary benefits: it’s a way to obtain sympathy from others and a means of bonding with others who also believe themselves to be victims. Victim consciousness and its secondary benefits are not to be judged, though. After all, it’s easy to believe what we have been taught, and natural to want support from, and bonding with, others. My intent is not to judge the choice to perceive ourselves as victims, but rather to clarify that it is a choice. The alternate choice is to come into remembrance of our identity and power as expressions of the eternal souls that planned the lives we now live, to know ourselves as the creators, not the victims, of our experiences. This awareness uplifts the entire world.

Breaking the cycle

Victim consciousness tends to be self-perpetuating. If you believe yourself to be a victim, you vibrate at the frequency of victim and energetically draw to yourself experiences that will confirm in your mind that you are a victim. One key to breaking this cycle is to release blame, for blame places you vibrationally at the frequency of victim consciousness. We may more easily release blame when we take responsibility for having agreed to our life plans, and the personal stories of pre-birth planning in Your Soul’s Gift are intended to help you do just that. Such self-responsibility is the fertile ground in which expanded consciousness and self-knowledge blossom.

2306-past-livesJudge not

Like victim consciousness, judgement resonates at a very low frequency. Judgement creates separation, separation creates fear, and fear creates most of the problems in our world. The current shift in human consciousness is in part a return to Oneness or unity consciousness, which is our natural state of being in our nonphysical Home. We cannot return to this state of Oneness consciousness if we are in judgement of, and therefore separate from, one another. An awareness of pre-birth planning makes it easier to release judgement of others, for then we come to realize that every life plan is birthed in love and founded on wisdom.

Society reserves particularly harsh judgements for people who have certain experiences such as homelessness, alcoholism, drug addiction, and AIDS: ‘She needs to get her act together,’ ‘He isn’t really trying,’ ‘She’s weak,’ and ‘He needs to pull himself up by his bootstraps.’ The judgements of people who have AIDS are particularly harsh: ‘He must have been promiscuous,’ ‘She deserves it,’ and ‘AIDS is God’s way of punishing homosexuals for being homosexuals.’ Yet, in truth these experiences are planned before birth, and they are plans of boldness, plans many would not dare to undertake. When we understand pre-birth planning, our judgements evaporate and are replaced by an abiding respect and admiration for the courageous souls who face such challenges.

Judgement may, however, be a useful tool for gaining insight into your life plan. Ask yourself, ‘What trait do I judge most harshly in the people who are in my life?’ Then ask, ‘What is the opposite of that trait?’ In all likelihood, before you were born you wanted to develop and express that opposite quality. In regard to the trait you have judged in someone else, it is likely you had that trait in a past life, and it is certain you have that trait (to some degree) now. All judgement of others is cloaked self-judgement. If you did not have the trait you judge, you would either be unable to recognize it in another or you would not judge it if you did see it.

Not judging ourselves

Because what we experience outside ourselves is always a projection of our inner reality, it is not possible for us to be in non-judgement of another until we are wholly in non-judgement of ourselves. Speaking non-judgemental words and engaging in non-judgemental actions are not indicators of being in non-judgement. The one true indicator of non-judgement is how we experience ourselves, for that is how we truly experience others.

Care must be taken here not to go into judgement of judgement. Although none of us enjoys being judged, we chose for good reason to incarnate in a time in human evolution in which judgement is commonplace. Simply put, judgement is a powerful teacher for us, and some of us learn best through the experience of being judged. That experience is an effective means by which to develop empathy, compassion, and many other divine virtues. The lives we plan before we are born are opportunities to develop and express such virtues.

© 2013 by Robert Schwartz.

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