Ride out the storms and trust your heart

Posted by Louisa Mills
1 May, 2013

Dear Cygnus readers,

These are indeed strange times. However the more we understand what is happening on the planet the more easily we can get through the mire. Hopefully some of the following will bring you some enlightenment.

We have gone through a major planetary shift, as predicted, a critical mass having been reached a few months ago. This means that all that we have been striving for, since a previous shift at the time of the so called Adam and Eve period, is now within our grasp.

At the time of Adam and Eve, or the Fall, the planetary shift that took place plunged us into consciousness of self. The ‘I’ or ‘ego’ was born. We knew ourselves as individuals for the very first time. We allowed the sudden realisation of self to consume us and we thought we had lost our connection to source. Thus we entered the dark days, so aptly described in Genesis, the first book of the bible.

Ever since the Fall incarnate existence has been striving to remember its full connection. The souls on the non physical plane have always understood the situation clearly but have forgotten it again every time they have reincarnated. Several enlightened teachers have helped us through the ages, the first being Noah and his entourage, who was the first incarnate being to bring the enlightened state back on the planet.

So here we are today, the wise ones, pioneers in our field, bringing about a further shift, bringing self enlightenment and oneness back and into a conscious state. The darkness no longer holds the reins, but by golly it is fighting us! It is hitting out at us from every direction, turning our lives upside down, making us negative one minute and positive the next,  making some of us suicidal and then ecstatic and we find ourselves coping one minute and not the next. Life seems topsy turvey, countries are topsy turvey, governments are topsy turvey, the weather is topsy turvey! Everything is reflecting the deep battle between the light and the dark energies.

So what is dark energy?

Before the Fall we were not aware of dark energy. Dark is simply the word we use to describe the unenlightened. It is a convenient opposite. And now we are remembering – the only thing that changed at the time of the Fall was our conscious state. We didn’t lose our connection. There is no dark energy. There is only perceived dark energy, that which is unenlightened. We are all one, we always have been and we always will be.

Ann and Geoff are fulfilling their purpose under the most extreme circumstances. But despite their difficulties, they are keeping faith and slowly connecting the family of wise souls that have chosen to incarnate in Great Britain at this time. The Cygnus family are indeed wise ones, and will do their part in leading the planet into conscious oneness.

Do not despair at this time. Ride out the storms, trust the process, trust the truth that resides within your hearts, and the storms will subside, the light in you will grow ever more strong, and we will achieve our aim.

With love,


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