Seven no-cost ways we can help Cygnus to help us

Posted by Louisa Mills
30 May, 2013

We can likely each recall a serendipitous moment when the great swan spirit of Cygnus Books glided into our lives. I remember the moment I discovered Cygnus Books, fifteen years ago at the tender age of eighteen. I lived just across a stretch of delightful Welsh common from them, where sheep are tame enough to approach their human neighbours and tiny moths flutter lazily through the grass with their wings of antique silk. I didn’t realise who my neighbours were and what a special place they would go on to have in my life and in my heart until one day, on conducting an online search for Judy Hall books, I discovered that the welcoming old farmhouse that I passed so often on my daily walks was in fact an exciting mind, body, spirit book club called Cygnus Books. I became magnetised. The deeper, important presence that Cygnus stands for has become ever clearer to me from the moment I showed up on their doorstep, wide eyed with awe and fascination, asking for a book and a job.

Here is a compelling radio interview that Ann gave, explaining in depth how Cygnus Books was conceived and what it means to her.
For me Cygnus is a way for us to come together in loving solidarity to share in growth, enlightenment and healing. For over twenty years, the energy of Cygnus has maintained a humble grace, evolving and learning with us. I for one want to see this family run business, this friendship and this source of such finely selected books, keep going strong. If you’ve read Ann and Geoff’s opening letter of this issue of the Cygnus Review, you’ll know that they could use a little help to do that.

Seven simple ways we can help Cygnus continue to help us, without us having to spend a penny.

1. Like them on Facebook. Here’s the Cygnus Facebook page.

2. Follow them on Twitter. They’re about to step up their ‘tweeting’ presence which will mean a whole lot more inspiration not to be missed! Here’s Cygnus’ Twitter page.

3. Tell all your friends about them (if you haven’t already!). I’ve no doubt we all know people who would benefit from the Cygnus Review … at least five people! If we were to let them know about the free magazine, maybe give them a copy or encourage them to get online to subscribe, as Ann says, we would ‘help more than you could possibly imagine‘. And don’t forget that, if your friends mention your membership number, when they place their first order, you will receive a £2 Cygnus voucher as a ‘thank you’.

4. Those of us who know or use complementary therapists, clairvoyants, life coaches or anyone aligned to the same sort of energies and principles as Cygnus Books, could maybe drop them off a copy of the Cygnus Review and suggest that they place an advert with them. We’d be helping so many others by doing this!

5. Let others know about the books you’ve bought from Cygnus Books that have really struck a chord. You can let other Cygnus readers know all about it on the Cygnus Facebook page or your own Facebook friends on your own wall. Don’t forget to let people know where you got the book! If you can find the book on their website, you could even share a link to it by copying the URL address / webpage address (at the top of the screen) and pasting into your Facebook comment. Sam and John are working hard on a new website so I’m sure a simple one click ‘share’ option will soon be available for us … I’m keeping my eye out for that!

6. Share articles. As you probably already know, all Cygnus articles are available from their online magazine pages. So if there’s an article from the magazine, or even one of these emails, that you’d like to share, simply go to it on their website, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the green ‘ShareThis’ icon. This will give you the option of emailing it directly to a friend or sharing it on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.
7. Help them write a fundraising book. Yes, it’s true! Cygnus are publishing a book of our affirmations! It’s such an exciting idea that stems from a conversation that happened on Cygnus’ Facebook page (see, a lot of cool stuff happens on their Facebook page!). You can read all about this idea and how to get involved, here.

I’ve had many moving conversations with Ann, Geoff and the rest of the team at Cygnus about how sincerely grateful they are for your friendship and support, as am I.

One love,

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