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The Angel Of Good Thought

If there is one angel I’ve been calling on with particular focus of late, it is Vohu Manah, the Angel of Good Thought, among the most powerful of the company of angels whom I like to allude to as the Kick-Ass Angels. These are angels who come to our aid when we’ve had enough and we’re not prepared to take any further flak from the limiting and uncreative forces that try to assert themselves in our life!

A Special Opportunity

However, the chance to work with the Kick Ass (‘Ka’) angels at this time bears an unprecedented promise within its wings: the chance to reach heights unparalleled and the chance to further all creation by our own individual effort. When we think in these terms, the idea of striving only for ourselves and our own personal advantage begins to seem an unworthy, blinkered, poor and mean-spirited aspiration. Our canvas can be wide as the heavens; our efforts can be God-enhanced. This is how we feel true joy.

Before we can understand Vohu Manah, we need to understand the mighty power of thought itself. If indeed there are two great principles at work in life as spiritual masters tell us – good and evil – then the forces of thought in particular work through them to create good or ill in our lives and in the world at large. We can use the power of thought to create either heavenly or hellish conditions. And of course an absolute requisite of the former is to attune to good thought.

We can perhaps misunderstand this principle sometimes. It seems to be unhelpful, for instance, to cling to the idea of good thought in a kind of hysterical denial of the darkness and insist that ‘everything in the garden is lovely’! That is really more an expression of fear and an unwillingness to deal with the darkness we encounter in life, which of course gives it greater power. The trick is rather to transform darkness consciously as it appears.

The attunement to good thought will undoubtedly bring harmony, beauty and delight into our lives. We can deal with the assault of darkness whilst securing ourselves in a protected place of faith and happiness within, peacefully projecting thoughts that bless and thoughts that summon only good and blessed outcomes whilst refraining from in any way mentating what these outcomes should actually be. We ourselves can only be partial judges, so we create a problem when we try to force the flow of reality into a rigid framework of our own limited construction, however well intended the measure. Instead, we allow the dynamics of the spirit, of higher consciousness, to do this work, and play our part by simply contributing the force of good thought to the situation. This is where Vohu Manah waits to serve us.

‘Good Thought’ is God-force

‘Good thought’ is softly generated by the heart poised in peace and radiance that recognises the principle of love as the only master to which it bears allegiance. It rests in the knowledge that all works together to create good and to bring the balm of healing and resolution to the horrors that the world produces. This is no passive stance, however. ‘Good thought’ is part of the God-force in life, and it works actively to bring about the healing, resolution and happiness to which it is attuned. Good thought in itself can bring about a joyful outcome, sometimes almost miraculously. Generating good thought is to charge a situation with magical power: the power of good thought; the power of Vohu Manah.

Of course, it is all very well to say, ‘Don’t have negative thoughts; always throw them out’. Sometimes, an inner state of fear, depression and deep unhappiness seems to spontaneously generate a thought flow that constantly reflects the indwelling condition. Turning off or turning away this thought stream can be like trying to turn off consciousness itself.

Into the Blue

Vohu Manah can come to our aid in such circumstances. This almighty angel enfolds us in great wings of softest blue, like a perfect summer sky. Vohu Manah actually gathers us up into the blue, as though we are taken right into the eternal deeps of the smiling blue sky. The person who coined the current phrase ‘blue sky thinking’ must be in vivid touch with Vohu Manah!

If you suffer from a condition of distress as described above, which seems to generate its own continuous thought-flow of misery or perhaps vexed criticism of life and people, you can move back into inner peace and harmony through Vohu Manah.  This great angel will transfigure inner conditions so that our personal will, becoming re-attuned to our harmonious and peaceful spiritual will, is returned to its proper potency. She will ensure that no frightening area of inward misery is left unprotected, because it will be transformed into an inner strength.

Kick-Ass Angels details the rites of Vohu Manah, but, as is explained in The Language of the Angels, for those who appreciate simplicity it is possible just to chant the name of this shining one to receive her dynamic blessings

Attune to the blue tranquillity of Vohu Manah and feel yourself enfolded in her robes. Her music is the cascading song of the skylark; her perfume is the honey of the date. Hold her power of good thought clearly in your mind and let it be the focus of your heart. Begin to chant her name softly in a circular rhythm – Vo-hu-ma-Nah. Open to the inflow of her angelic consciousness with all the blessing, inspiration and healing of ‘good thought’ that she so lovingly enshrines, nurtures and bestows. It will ignite and foster the beautiful flame of happy, positive and loving thoughts, feelings and impulses in your mind, heart and soul.

Remain in this gentle angel communion for as long as it feels comfortable. Just a minute or two will be of help, but if you continue for longer, the results may surprise you!

© 2013 by Claire Nahmad. Connect with Claire on Facebook.

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